20 Best iPad Apps for Downloading Free Music

Entertainment is the strongest forte of iPad and every iPad owner will agree on the fact that this tablet is the top of the range for handling all digital entertainment. You can for example listen to music or edit it; you can see photos and edit them; you can watch videos and edit them; you can go online and access social hubs and interact with your friends.

There are so many ways to use this tablet to extract the most of the entertaining possibilities out of it. Some users for example give up their classic cameras and take the pictures or record the videos only with the iPad without any compromise concerning the quality.

iPad Music Apps

Perhaps the most accessible and best means of entertainment though is the music. Playing music on your iPad is so simple, but first of all you need to get that music on your device. There are so many songs and user interests for every music genre and it will sure break the bank if one goes on downloading every piece of favorite music. To such people finding an free music iPad downloading app is more than necessary and since there are a lot of legal as well as illegal ways we have only collected 20 Best iPad Apps for Downloading Free Music

Free Music Download by Limit Point Software- LINK

This is a very small app (just 1.6 MB) compatible with your iPad or even iPhone and iPod touch. You must be running a iOS 4.3 or later version to enjoy full features of this app. It is very easy to use and to our satisfaction it was also updated recently. With this app you can download thousands of songs free and listen to them later on as you please. It does have an integrated music player to play your songs and a background download option to keep everything clean.


Free Music Downloads & Cool music Player By kcwealth- LINK

Updated on 23rd of February last year (2012) this app is a very simple to use music player that can go online and provide you with free song downloads. It can be installed in English or other languages such as French, German or even Chinese or Japanese. Fully compatible with iPad, iPhone or iPod touch this app will run on IOS 4.0 or later only. It is of 17.6 MB in size and once installed will give you really nice features too, for example pause the song or view different visual themes while playing the songs.


Free Download Music HD By WayDC- LINK

Cool app to let you download free music legally. Updated in 2011 to version 2.0 means this app is stable and very popular. It comes in a pack of 14.6 MB and it is available in English only. It features a progress bar on top where you can clearly see the time you must wait until the song you have chosen is ready to be played on the device. The app is very nice overall and requires running iOS 4.2 or later operating system. It can be installed either on iPhone or iPod or of course on iPad. It supports multiple downloads at one time, tab browsing, repeat and shuffle, play music in background and shows progress download bar on top, can move multiple files can play mp3, mp4 and m4v file extension format files.

Music Collector By Splash Gene- LINK

In April 2013 this app got its new update and  is very easy to install as you only have to download 4 MB. After install you can enjoy free music download either on your iPad or on your iPhone or even on your iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or later as a supportive operating system. Really nice app that even has the feature to pause and resume your download.


Download Music Pro By Dmytro Hirsch- LINK

This is a very complex app that will give you the freedom to download and listen to many music files right on your iPad. It is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. With this app you can make playlists, switch songs plus mix them and do a lot more. The only quibble is the size, which is around 50 MB. Available only in English this app reached its 2.3 version in late 2012. Must be installed only on iOS 4.3 of latter versions otherwise it will not run.


Free Music Downloader Lite + By 24/7 apps- LINK

If you are looking for the lightest app then this is your best bet. With the size of 2.3 MB this app will give you access to online music. In comes in English language only and it was released in 2011. It does have an integrated file manager that can play audio and video files plus a small but clever web browser.



App for Google Music Free By MinhMobileDev- LINK

We do now have a new app available to help us manage our music. It is called App for Google Music Free and it is available in App Store. It comes in a 25.6 MB size and it is available in English only. The last available version is 3.0. The great thing about this app is that it uses Google Music which is a new cloud service for music from the well-known Google search engine. Overall this app is really nice and intuitive.


gMusic: A Google Music player By IIS- LINK

Now, if you need to download your free music this is the application you need, because the way it works, you can take up to 20000 music files in a virtual server called “Cloud”. On top of it, you get 10 band equalizer, Airplay support, fast loading times and metadata editing to name just a few. This cool app runs on iOS 5.0 or latter only and it is supported by iPad, iPhone (up to iPhone 5), iPod touch.


GoMusic for Google Music By Sokolware LLC- LINK

It is the perfect app to have immediate and direct syncing with Google Music service and get access to huge collection music online. You can use this app to manage your files by creating or deleting playlists or adding or eliminating music from the playlist itself. Other feature includes: offline music cache, shuffle, HD artwork, global search and FM integration (very few apps van do all this). Quite big, this app comes in 46.1 MB package and was updated to version 3.2 this year in March. It requires at least iOS 5.0 on later version to be installed on your iPad device (although compatible also with iPhone – all the way to latest iPhone 5 and iPad touch)

Music Top Hits By Zugakousaku Inc.- LINK

Really cool app for downloading and listening to free music online. You can even preview the songs. It does integrate a powerful search engine to find your songs classified by the country, by the artist or even by the music title. In order not to lose your favorite songs this apps gives you the chance to bookmark your any favorite songs. Another cool feature is integration with social hubs such as Twiter, Facebook or Gmail. In the late 2012 they released the last stable version (3.0). In order to run this app you will need iPad, iPhone or IPod touch installed with atleast operating system iOS 4.0+.

Pop top 100 By Sixpack mobile applications BV- LINK

Listen to free best selling pop songs across the world with this app. Packed in a 12.0 MB size it was updated later this year in April to Version 4.4. It will browse the best-selling pop songs throughoout USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, Canada and Japan and almost every country across the globe. If you fancy one particular song you do have the opportunity to add that specific file to your favorites and perhaps later on to go back to it and play it again or even download to your tablet. Furthermore this app has integration with all the social hubs such as Facebook, Twitter and links to your personalized email account.

Dance top 100 By Sixpack mobile applications BV- LINK

This is yet another app that will allow you to freely preview music from all around the world and later-on even download it to your device. You can access dance music straight from the tops of the countries in Europe, America, Canada, Central America, Asia and even Australia. It does have a very cool button that once pressed will download your songs from iTunes. Perfectly integrated, this app has Airplay support, comes in English language, and has the last version 4.4.1 in a bunch of 10.4 MB.


Xmas Top 100 Hits By Sixpack mobile applications BV- LINK

When it come the holidays you need some proper music to get into the spirit and really create the magic atmosphere. And of course the biggest holiday of all is Christmas. And why not get yourself a nice gift in the form of free holiday Christmas music? This app will allow you to listen free a huge number of songs from all around the world. It comes in 21.6 MB and it is available only in English language.


Rock Top 100 By Sixpack mobile applications BV- LINK

For the entire rockers out there we have a nice app that will let you preview, listen and then download songs. You can select any country you like and listen free to the best songs ever. For future reference you can even put bookmarks using this app. To make things even more fun you can share your favorite songs on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others.


Free Music Download Pro-Downloader and Player By Alfadevs- LINK

For the people who want to download free, legal music and other files Alfadev has a perfect solution. This app has even its own web browser. Just go online and with a simple tap you download your favorite music. If for any reason you choose to go back later you can leave you can immediate put a bookmark there for future reference. After finding the right song you can make use of the integrated download manager to take up to 10 downloads at the same time. If you want to pause and resume later this app does support this feature as well. After you finally have your song on the iPad use this app to play with its inbuilt music player and a file manager to make everything in order and have a complete package in your hands.

Free Music Download Pro – Downloader and Player by Alfadevs- LINK

In order to get yourself legally some free music and other stuff from the Internet you can use this premium app. This app is a complete package as it does integrates a web browser, a download manager, a media player and even a file manager. This is the PRO version of the original app and has no limitation.

Music Download Player (free) By App136- LINK

One of the best free music downloader, although it comes in a quite small package of only 13.9 MB it features a nice web browser, supports skins, background downloading and much more. You can even edit the song title and album information with this app and this app will look just amazing on your iPad retina display.



Free Music Download Pro Plus – Free Music Downloader and Player By ASPS Apps- LINK

There is tonnes of free music out there just waiting to be freely downloaded. Use this app to find them so easily and download them onto your device in no time. This app is a complete package. It features a standalone web browser complete with bookmark manager. It also has a download manager that is able to perform multiple downloads at the same time plus you can use it to cancel or pause and later on resume your downloads too. In the package you also have a file manager to help you move, rename, delete, sort and search by the name all your downloaded files. Last but not least you got also a media player complete with equalizer.

Download Free Music Pro – Downloader and Streamer By Eliza Li- LINK

This app is great because it will not only give you access to download free music but also to download YouTube videos as well. It is the complete app that features web browser (that has also bookmarking capability and video downloading) a download manager (complete with pause, resume and stop downloading) a File Manager (with which you can move, delete or rename your files) a media player (with repeat, shuffle, background play features). The app looks astonishingly amazing (kind of Windows mobile with Metro style).


Free Music Download Plus Pro – Music Downloader & Player By YI ZHENG- LINK

This fantastic app will give you free and legal access to download music from the Internet right on your iPad device. Deigned for both iPad and iPhone it features web browser, download manager, music player all under the same app. You can use this app to bookmark your favorites, pause your downloads at chosen time, delete files you do not longer need, play in the background and even share by integration with iTunes.

There are even more iPad Apps for Downloading Free Music but most of them are either paid or do not have all the features included like the apps included in this comprehensive list.

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