25 Most Addictive Games for iPad

Touch screen smartphones brought a sudden transition in the gaming world, and that was from big screen, heavy graphic console games to simple, small but freakishly addictive games. This was made possible with simple games that mostly targeted the competitive impulse of users and by the fact that they were cheap and can be played everywhere and  anywhere a Smartphone can be taken. Apple iPad maximizes this gaming experience by providing an up-size gaming platform with all and sometimes a lot more features than the standard touch screen games. And because developers showed expertise and alacrity in bursting the App-stores with such addictive games, it really becomes a little more than easy to find the most addictive games for the iPad.

In this post we have exactly tried to do the same, which was only made possible after scouring through the web and considering criteria like user ratings, downloads, average time spent on a particular game and much more to finally bring together a list of 25 Most Addictive Games for iPad.


1. Temple Run 2- LINK

After huge success of the first Temple Run, Imangi Studios once gain proved their metal by bestowing their loyal gamers with yet another adventure to unravel. Temple Run 2 has pretty much the same center piece like its predecessor but it has been equipped with quite some new features that will keep you consumed in long gaming sessions once again. New achievements, environment, obstacles, power-ups, special character powers and much more covered in a layer of beautiful new graphics is just about the gist of Temple Run 2.

2. Subway Surfers- LINK

Much like Temple Run, Subway Surfers has a cuter string attached to it. Move your way through obstacles, trains, traffic lights and collect coins, power-ups, multi-pliers along your way to increase your score. You can compete and share your score with your Facebook Friends and buy characters, tokens, accessories and much more.

3. Angry Birds HD- LINK

Destroy everything in between filthy pigs and Angry birds with super powered birds that will not stop until you take revenge for them. The game has many versions available now, ranging from Angry Birds Space to Star Wars, all of them being addictive and fully physics optimized. Angry Birds HD  is free and particularly designed for iPad users and has 30 levels, 10 mini episodes, game center support and leaderboard/achievements like features up its sleeve.

4. Battle of the Bulge- LINK

If you are more into strategy games then Battle of the Bulge is your best bet. It is exclusively customized for iPad and brings the simulation and sense of traditional board wargames on your iPad. The game is an repertoire of WWII where you can choose to play  online through Game Center; vs a computer opponent; or Pass & Play. There are two scenarios to choose from and each of them have deep thought and historical commentary, photos, films etc., attached.

5. Mushroom Wars- LINK

Another dynamic real-time strategy game where you have to destroy and defeat enemy tribes with your weapon upgrades, strategic moves, army growth and much more. Meanwhile, you can also construct your village, capture smith shops or hold defensive towers to raise your score and  challenge friends on Facebook.

6. DizzyPad HD- LINK

You just have to help a frog jump from one lily-pad to another, sounds simple? but trust me, you will be addicted to this game when you won’t be able to even beat your own high-score and even worse, you won’t even be able to give up. The game has been retouched for iPad and Retina display compatibility but you only get to play the free classic level, after which you will have to pay extra cash for every upgrade.

7. Hundreds- LINK

Hundreds aggrandizes the fact that all addictive iPad games are conceptually simple but re-enforcing. All you have to do is use your thinking and swift fingers to grow at least 100 points between the circles before the they turn red  and collide.

8. Labyrinth 2 HD- LINK

Labyrinth 2 HD has been customized for the bigger screen of iPad with all the levels and features intact. In addition to bigger iPad levels it also has the wide library of hundreds of iPhone/iPod Labyrinth Levels. New gaming elements like cannons, bumpers, multi-balls, lasers and much more have also been added.

9. Splice : Tree of Life- LINK

The essence of this game is to rearrange (Splice) a strand into target structure within the limit of possible moves allowed. The game is mind boggling, brain storming and needs keen scientific observation before you decide on your moves.

10. Hackycat- LINK

Cats are cute, but what if  the only way you can save them is by kicking their butts off the air. That’s what this silly, addictive iPad game is all about. You begin with a few cats which are easier to kick, but things get quite out of control when it literally starts to rain cats and dogs (Okay! Not the dogs) and you have to kick as many as you can to save them from exploding.

11. Infinity Blade- LINK

Infinity Blade unleashes the true gaming potential of iPad 2 and higher models with its jaw dropping graphics, console like controls and game-play.It has adrenaline fueled battles, character and arsenal updates and everything else to destroy enemies ranging from Trolls to giant monsters till you find serenity in the blood of tyrant ‘God King’ himself.

12. Fruit Ninja: Puss in the Boots HD- LINK

Fruit Ninja : Puss in the Boots HD transforms all the fruit slicing adventure in new Bandito mode with a loud mouthed swashbuckler pussy. Enjoy fortifying new adventures with more fruit, unique waves and Puss in Boots’ elusive Magic Beans from the DreamWorks Animation feature film.

13. Jetpack Joyride- LINK

This addictive game for iPad has been designed especially keeping in mind the quality of your iPad’s retina display. The game is free and features Barry Steakfries with his cool JetPacks. All you have to do is help him stroll through the air and safely complete his journey levels without bumping into obstacles and also collecting coins and other goodies while you are at it.


If you have OAD (Over Achievement Disorder) that means you probably are looking to gain some knowledge or skills even from games. Worry not, there is an app for that too, it is called Scrabble HD. With multi-language support Scrabble is the fastest and the best Word game available out there. You can challenge your friends on Facebook  and flaunt your skills via in-built chat as you build your vocabulary and score simultaneously.

15. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour- LINK

Zero Hour is the latest in Modern Combat series with a nice story line along the devastating nuclear catastrophe that only a few elite soldiers can tackle.  You can choose to play as a hero or villain and dominate the battlefield all around the world with new arsenal and tactical skills. The game completely unlocks iPad’s gaming potential and brings all the console like experience including seamless multi-player support directly to your iPad.

16. Need for Speed| Hot Pursuit for iPad- LINK

Need for Speed, Hot Pursuit for iPad brings console like gaming graphics and game-play directly on your iPad for the first time with whole new adrenaline fueled levels.With auto-log you can connect to friends, challenge and build high score for your friends to beat. You can choose to be a ruffian or a cop with all the weapons and upgrades intact. New cars and super cars like Pagani Zonda Cinque  is yours for the taking to out-maneuver fast chasing cops.

17. The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for iPad- LINK

One of the best and most addictive RPG game not just for iPad but for everything created, ever! The game starts with Neku waking up amidst an intersection in Tokyo with amnesia but a set of missions for the week in hand. The game is intuitive, with simple controls, moves and much more to tackle your way through enemies and levels.

18. Ski Safari- LINK

Ski Safari is the most addictive game on iOS and Android platform as well. You have to remain ahead of avalanche by skiing as fast as you can with the help of your skills and other swift animals that will aid you on your way with their special alacrity powers.

19. Tiny Wings HD- LINK

Tiny Wings HD  has been optimized for iPad with all performance and graphics upgrades. All you have to do is fly away from the mommy as fast as possible and prevent yourself from falling prey to gravity and other obstacles on your way. You also get upgrades and power-ups along your way, and there is an exclusive support for multi-player for iPad to tap out your opponent on the same iPad screen.

20. Plants vs. Zombies HD- LINK

Winner of over thirty game of the year awards has been retouched for iPad with HD graphics and multi-touch adaptation. Plant different kinds of plants with special powers and value to prevent your home from the wrath of brain devouring zombies.

21. Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front Free- LINK

One of the best battle games is now free for iPad. You can play in story or multi-player mode, use different war machines and weaponry to enjoy fully simulated real life  WWII battlefield experience on your iPad.

22. Fieldrunners for iPad- LINK

Another addictive iPad strategy game for thinkers and management prodigies. You have to defend your country with proper strategy and  powerful weapons across land and air with a vast array of tactics at your disposal.

23. Year Walk- LINK

Year Walk themes a 19th century quest with layers of myths, facts and fictions. The adventure begins with cryptic puzzles and builds up into completely mystic distinctive real life experience that will sure motivate you to log back into the game frequently.

24. Castle Master 3 HD- LINK

A full 3D action strategy game with massive 600 battles, strategies and arsenal full of 27 weapons and 9 sets of armors. You can also get character and weapon upgrades to maximize fatality, build castles, armies and the best part is, Castle Master 3 HD runs exceptionally flawless on iPad.

25. Riven: The Sequel to Myst- LINK

Riven starts off where Myst left with an amazing set of design, graphics, game-play, story and special emphasis on sound augmentation. This game is a perfect blend of story telling, console like gaming and art with other elements that will keep you glued to your iPad for hours.

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