15 Best iPad Apps for Visually Impaired

iPad Apps for visually impaired are designed meticulously to aid blind and other visually impaired people. Some of these apps can augment daily chores while the others are purely for entertainment purpose. Irrespective of what they do, we have collected 10 Best iPad Apps for Visually impaired.

Technology has barely left any field untouched and almost consolidated every walk of life with every passing day. There are technologies at half the price and double the power and functionality than their respective predecessors. And judging by the efforts of developers and technology giants, all the credit cannot be given to Moore’s law after all.

Apple iPad is no exception to all this adulation, especially because it pioneered the unique tablet market and opened doors for other powerful tablets.

And when it comes to iPad “An App for everything” seems to be its forte which brings us to best iPad Apps for Visually impaired.

LookTell Money Reader- LINK

nantmobile-money-tellNo matter who you are or what you do, money is always the biggest factor. With this assistive technology app for iPad one can simply scan a Bill with iPad’s camera and the app does the rest. The app then speaks out the denomination for a quick Bill identification and counting. The only problem though is that it is no good in poor light.


SayText- LINK

This app can read off text from Menus, medical records or any such other physical text document. All you have to do is to align your iPad’s camera in the same plane as that of the text you wish to read and then move it around until you hear a beep, this beep confirms that the images are in the frame. The app then takes the images, analyses it and reads aloud the contents thereof.

Color Identifier- LINK


This augmented reality app scans real-time colors around you and converts it into accurate respective voice name for easy and quick color recognition. The color names are specific and can even be used by children to widen their color vocabulary.


Ariadane GPS- LINK

Ariadane is an efficient navigation app for visually impaired, you can navigate by tapping on streets and the app presents voice direction for quick exploration. Additionally, the app vibrates your iPad after you cross a street and can announce bus or train stops. It has a few other quality features and works in various languages for an effective navigation wherever Google Maps work.


Light Detector- LINK

Finding windows, doors to navigate around home or cars, buses while on roads can be daunting for visually impaired and that is where this app comes to rescue. You can point your iPad in the direction you want to move, and the app analyses the light strength to reach a conclusion by beeping a peculiar sound depending on the intensity of the light.


Talking Tag- LINK

This app in conjunction with labels enables you to voice tag things like DVD collection, locating boxes during a move, or jars in your refrigerator. A simple, but a really handy feature to have on your iPad. You can record up to 1 Minute of voice tag and then use it over a variety of things ranging from greeting cards, photo albums, scrapbooks to invitations, yearbooks and more.


Voice Brief- LINK


Voice Brief is one of the most used iPad apps for visually impaired especially because of its effective functionality. It begins its awesomeness where the Siri stops. It can read off your Calender entries, weather, RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and seven stock prices to keep you updated all the time.


Video Motion Alert- LINK

This app can detect motion and alarm with either a mellow tone or an aggressive alarm to avoid startle. It can be used to secure yourself from perturbing sneaky colleagues or children or “really loud” pets around your home.

Learning Ally- LINK

For learning aficionados, this app has just the right solution. It has an extensive library of more than 70,000 audiobooks of all K-2 and College Level Textbooks. The reading can be adjusted according to speed, voice, page number and the electronic bookmark placement makes it a must-have iPad App for visually impaired.


HeyTell- LINK

This App brings back the all retro walkie talkie to your iPad for a fun voice communication. You can invite a friend or a colleague to this app via email and once they accept your invitation you can begin walking talking. All you have to do is, hold a button, speak whatever you want to communicate and when you release the button the communication is automatically forwarded to the respective counterpart.

Entertainment iPad Apps For Visually Impaired

In this section, we have collected a comprehensive list of entertainment iPad Apps for visually impaired. There are many apps designed specifically or with emphasis on visually impaired candidates but we have only collected few of the very best.

King Of Dragon Pass- LINK


An easy voice-over navigation and gameplay is bound to keep you coming back to this awesome Role Playing game. The game-play is both simple and immersive, especially with its mystic storyline.

Chess Wise- LINK


If you are more into strategy and traditional games like the Chess, this voice-over enabled iPad app has you covered. You can play over 78,000 games from the comfort of your iPad with voice commands. The best part is that the app is feasible for both prodigies and beginners, especially with its extensive tutorials.

Zany Touch- LINK

This voice command enabled app put your reflexes to work with its dexterous gesture input. In order to build a high score or at least beat this game, you need to input gestures as quickly as possible after the instructions spurt out.

De Steno Games- LINK 

Go retro with these voice-over nostalgic games designed exclusively for visually impaired with curious De Seno Game interests. Among the included games are Atlantic City Blackjack, Casino, Dodge City Desperados, Destination Mars, Run for President and Sounds Like. The games pretty much work like a complete retro DOS model, where you have to input commands based on options provided.

Moxie 2- LINK

If you are looking for a game that is addictive, simple, entertaining and not a complete waste of time, this app is just the right thing. You have to build words based on numbers given to letters and if you are right you move up but in case you make your own word, a “wordle” you will be dragged down to low, reviled score.

If you like our 15 Best iPad Apps for Visually Impaired or have any suggestions please mention in the comments section.

The 70 Best iPad Games You Must Have


Whether you bought an iPad for work or as a laptop replacement, it is always a good idea to have a bunch of the best iPad games installed so you never get bored as long as you have this device on you.


Apple iPad redefines what it means to be a device that is elegant, functional, productive and entertaining, all at the same time. But more often than not, iPad serves as a great entertainment device and when it comes to entertainment nothing can beat best iPad games that are designed meticulously to give end-users a delightful experience.

There is a catch however with best iPad games, the catch is that there are just so many of these apps available in the App store that it becomes a little more than daunting to find just the right one for you.

Depending on your age, your personal preferences, amount of time on your hand, the meaning of best iPad games becomes a lot more subjective.

So, keeping in view your predilection, we have written this post inclusive of all categories and we are sure that by the end of this post, you will install quite a few best iOS games on your iPad.

What is the Best iPad Game of All Time?

What is the best iPad Game of All time you ask? Well, this question is a lot personal and depends on what genre of games you are into. While RPG games might be the best iPad game for some people, adventure games or puzzles make an equally appealing gaming option for others.

So, in the next section of this post, we have tried to collect the best iPad game in each genre in the hope that everyone gets to know the best of their personal gaming peculiarities.


Best in Role Playing Game (RPG) | Infinity Blade III

Price: $5.99


Infinity Blade was the first game to introduce touch-style elements to control the gameplay, and that and everything else has only gotten better with each update. The latest version, Infinity Blade III gives you a great gaming experience with awe-inspiring graphics that put most games to shame with its sharpness and immersions.




Best in Strategy Games | XCOM Enemy Within

Price: $9.99


The original version of the name, Named Enemy Unknown was released alongside its console version and received many positive reviews, to the point that it bagged the first spot in the strategy game, the year 2012.  The game is graphically very rich and full of features that will keep all your strategy appetite satiated.



Best in Puzzle Games | The Room

Price: $0.99


Add in a really hard, mind-boggling, difficult puzzle on top of a brilliantly organized and subtly integrated graphics and you have the best iPad puzzle game.

The basic concept, as the name suggests is to present you with a Room full of puzzles that only get tougher as you progress through the game.



Best in Addictive Games for iPad | Temple Run 2

Price: Free with in-app purchases


With only in-app purchases, better graphics than the previous version and an addictive gameplay, this game will take you on a running spree. With different characters on top of new gaming environments and hurdles, Temple Run 2 is a classic and remains to attract players, irrespective of age.



Best of Card Battle Games | Hearthstone

Price: Free


If you are into card battle games but also want to take it to next level with some digitization, then Hearthstone might just be the one for you. There are plenty of reasons why this game is one of the best, not only in Card games but also across categories.

Some of the main reasons that make us say so include, a free-to-play experience, gameplay rewards can be used to unlock new packages and cards and is very easy to play without being mundane.


Best iPad Games of 2017

Keeping in view the high demand for Best iPad Games of 2017, in the next section of this post we are going to comprehensively collect only the best iPad games that have recently gained some limelight.

The games have been collected on the basis of their ratings, reviews, and most importantly, their ability to stand out from the rest of the games released in 2017.

Banner Saga 2

Price: $9.99


Banner Saga 2 is an impeccably updated addition to the award-winning story-based role-playing game and promises to take you on an emotional journey across the breaking world. The game will allow you to make bold leadership decisions, manage resources wisely and strike skillfully in a battle which eventually leads to some accolades and a lot of satisfaction.



Broken Age

Price: $4.99


An adventure game with an all-star cast, including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Masasa Moyo. The game is completely family friendly, hand-animated and puzzle-filled that will keep you on the edge and craving for more adventure.



Grim Fandango Remastered

Price: $4.99


Not hopping on to the intense gameplay and graphics bandwagon. Grim Fandango Remastered is actually a point-and-click adventure that involves talking, thinking and problem-solving, all factoring in to keep you interested, all the time.

The storyline sets in the Land of the Dead and will be a treat to your senses if you like the classic-black-and-white film approach with witty dialogues, art deco style, and slithering jazz soundtracks.



Papers, Please

Price: $7.99


If you want to put your critical reading and reasoning skills to test and meanwhile enjoy the process, this game might just be the one for you. The game is basically a dystopian thriller where you judge people on the basis of papers they present and your judgment is going to determine the entire course of the game.



AG Drive

Price: $3.99


This section would be incomplete if we didn’t mention a racing game, and when it comes that AG Drive seems to have done great on every front. The game looks superb on iPad with gleaming metal tracks, electrical zaps, and above all the futuristic cars and the whole modern vibe of the complete set.



Year Walk

Price: $3.99


Year Walk has a phenomenal storyline set in Ancient Sweden and with its great adventures, graphics and novelty, it will have you transfixed and bind you to keep coming back for more. The game promises to be a perfect blend of supernatural and reality, as well as a mesmerizing intersection of two and three dimensions.



World of Goo

Price: $4.99


World of Goo is a game that works so much better on a touch device and therefore can easily be considered as one of the best iPad game. The 2D game mostly involves a creative way for you to figure out how to place the Goo balls to build a pipe structure that sucks all the Goo creatures into Goo heaven through a target pipe.




Price: $3.99


Limbo is a grim game that presents with all the puzzles set in dark locations and will fulfill your logical and reasoning appetite without consuming your senses with overwhelming graphics.



Geometry Wars 3 

Price: $9.99


Geometry Wars 3 is a full-blown three-dimensional shooting game that redefines what it means to have an awesome gaming experience on your iPad, to the point that it almost feels like a full-blown console game.

The game has over 100 levels and boasts a classic arcade mode inspired by franchise heritage and a bunch of other cool gaming stuff.




Price: $0.99


Osmos is Darwinian, which simply means that the game is all about Survival of the fittest, and you either have to absorb smaller organism or be absorbed by bigger predators. The game is full of awesome graphics and is based on unique physics with stellar settings and an almost hypnotic ambient soundtrack.



Best Free iPad Games

If you don’t have enough dough to spend on entertainment and more precisely games but still want to experience some good games on your iPad, then Best Free iPad Games are here to the rescue.

These games are super sleek and come with pretty intense graphics and percussions that will keep you playing for hours at stretch.

Keeping all that in view, in the next section of this post we have collected only the 7 Best Free iPad Games, and since you are not paying any greens we suggest you install all of them and see what entertains you best.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Price: Free iPad Game


Asphalt 8 is probably the best free iPad game in general and definitely one of the best Car racing games in particular. It is named AirBorne because of the ability of cars to fly off in the air when you hit them, and the nitro filled tanks makes everything a bit more “airborne”.



Bejeweled Classic

Price: Free


Bejeweled is a gem game, both literally as well as figuratively, and the iPad version is no exception. The gameplay is simple and just like the one you are used to, you match 3 or more gems in a column or row, only to make them explode and keep more coming, and earning reward points while at it.



Crossy Road

Price: Free


This game is meticulously designed to kill time, even if you have only a little or a lot to kill. The game has great graphics and you basically have to get the chicken across, all simple and easy right? Except there are a lot of hurdles and dangers you have to be careful about.



The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Price: Free


If you are just new to strategy game but want to quench your curiosity with a game that feeds your strategy intrigue, then Elder Scrolls might just be the best Free iPad game for you. But, don’t let that distract you from the fact that the game is equally satiating for expert card game players.



Big Bang Racing 

Price: Free


Despite the freemium and ad peculiarities of this game, when you give it enough time to settle, it is actually quite a good iPad free game. The game has two modes, the single player where you collect maps, drive through taverns and do a bunch of other cool stuff without getting electrocuted. The multiplayer mode allows you to have a full-blown head-on racing collision with your driving nemesis.



8 Ball Pool

Price: Free


It would be bonkers not to mention 8 Ball Pool on this list of Best Free iPad games. Not only because the game puts your reasoning and dexterity skills to great use but also because there is nothing that speaks pure entertainment like a quintessential Pool game.



Fallout Shelter

Price: Free


Fallout Shelter is a game you will often find yourself coming back to, the gameplay is easy and you pretty much have to test your reasoning and aptitude while you protect people in bunkers from all the calamities of a post-nuclear apocalypse.


iPad Games for Kids

iPad is a great device, not only for adults but also for kids and this is quite evident from the fact that all kids can barely keep their hands off of this beautiful and intuitive device. There are therefore iPad games for Kids that have been developed precisely to keep kids engrossed and entertained so you can run errands without having to worry about them all the time.

Note: It is recommended you disable the in-app purchases to prevent inadvertent payments and a whopping bill on your credit card at the end of the month.

Angry Bird Series

Price: Free


Angry Birds represents what it means to be entertaining, irrespective of age. It goes without saying that the game is more captivating for children with its simple and interactive gameplay and funny bird noises and chill music.



Laugh and Learn Shapes and Colors Music Show


A simple app that has been designed for babies and toddlers, the game has two modes, in the first mode the toddler taps on a shape to hear the name of the shape while in the second mode a keyboard is presented. On the keyboard, each keyboard plays a specific song to sing along with.



Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is an equally addictive game for both adults as well as kids. But if you wish to enhance the creative and reasoning aptitude of your kids while keeping them entertained, then this is the app you should definitely give a go. Even if the kids don’t put their mind to it, the intense graphics and animations will keep their hyperactive brains busy.





Peek-a-Zoo is an educational game for kids that will not only keep them entertained but will also teach them a thing or two about animals, types of dresses and major actions.



Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja has the best reviews in the iPad games for kids category, and this is quite justified by the simplicity and challenging nature of the game.

Simple because all your kids have to do is cut through different fruits, complex because it takes a bit of thinking on feet to cut through them while avoiding the bombs that proverbially cut your fingers off.



Endless Alphabet

Price: $8.99


A letter based game that might sound mundane but is a lot interesting, at least for kids. The game allows kids to shuffle through words and then put them back in place to build a comprehensive word prompted on the screen.



Where’s My Water

Price: $1.99


Where’s my Water is a game for kids on the upper spectrum of age as it is a puzzle based game and requires a bit of rational thinking. The overarching aim of the game is to keep Swampy the alligator clean by bringing water from places after careful planning and avoiding the antagonist Cranky.





Enough gaming apps to check and build your kid’s analytical mind have been covered in this section, and now it is the right time to end this section with something equally great for creativity. This app is a bit different from the rest of the games, the basic idea is to allow your kids to draw fishes on a paper with colors and pencil and then use the iPad’s camera to bring them to life on the game’s built-in digital fish tank.


iPad Games for Adults

Moving right into the iPad games for adults section after finishing off with games for kids. We have collected all these keeping in view the growing demand from adults as iPad has a lot to offer, both in terms of portability as well as performance clocking.

All the hardware and software features in iPad make for a great, almost console-like gaming experience right on your iPad. Being mindful of graphic intrusiveness and gaming complexity that adult gamers desire from a typical game, we have collected only the 5 Best iPad Games for adults in the next section of this post.

80 Days

Price: $4.99


Based on Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”, this game is sure a treat for adults who are into high adventure as well as a great storyline and graphical interface. You are allowed to choose any route around the graphical 3D globe, traveling by airship, steam-train, mechanical camel and more while competing with other players and a clock that never stops.



BadLand 2

Price: $3.99


A sequel to Apple’s game of the year featuring a diverse game field with diversely imaginative levels and global online challenges that will keep you coming back for more. The game prompts you to carefully flap a weird winged creature thing through alien shadow worlds.





A perfect Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that collects three players from each team in a battle that is almost like League of Legends or DOTA. If you are just curious about MOBA games and want to try it while on the go, definitely give this one a go.



Hitman Go

Price: $4.99


Hitman Go is a game you can enjoy while commuting as the game is pretty easy to play and gets very intense as you progress through the game and complexity levels.



The Walking Dead


An animated comic book styled game that is based on the famous Walking Dead series and presents with a zombie apocalypse where you call the shots and therefore decide the fate of all the people in the game; who to kill, who to save and what to do to progress in the game and earn some serious accolades.



Best iPad Games For Cats

Cats are the most intriguing and beautiful creatures nature has created but having one around in your home has its lows and highs. Highs you might already be familiar with; lows need some explanation. It’s quite irksome to see your cats acting out when they don’t have something to quench their hyperactive instincts, so if you have an iPad lying around (Protected Of course) then it is best to install one of the Best iPad Games for cats listed in this post and keep them out of your hair for a while. And also, it is quite entertaining to see the cats enjoying themselves gaming on your iPad.

Game for Cats


Cats have a natural instinct to follow small things and this iPad game for cats takes advantage of that instinct and gives your cats a great time at it. The basic version of the game presents with a small laser dot that dances on the screen so your cat can tap on it and be amused at the randomness all the time. The laser can be upgraded to a more luring rat or butterfly with in-app purchases.



Paint for Cats

Price: $1.99


Unearth the inner creativity of your cat with this best iPad game for cats, with this app your cat will not only be entertained but will also keep you entertained with each brush stroke your cats make. Plus, the sharing option on Twitter and Facebook makes everything that much satisfying.



Catch The Mouse

Price: $0.99


As the name quite suggests, this iPad game for kittens keeps your cats engrossed with a mouse that squeals and taunts your kittens to bat on it. The background and mouse color can be changed according to your cat’s preferences and that’s about the extent of flexibility this app provides.



Cat Fishing 2


Cats might be allergic to water but the same cannot be said for fishes and therefore this game. The main aim of the game is to allow cats to tap on the fish and as soon as they tap on it, the fish disappears and that’s about the gist of this game.



Pocket Pond 2 


This app has also been designed for cats keeping in view the unflinching love of cats for fishes. This game gives your cats a digital fishbowl to look at so your real fishes can relax without your cat’s hungry eyes on them all the time.



Cat Toys Lite


A game that presents a mouse trapped around four walls and your cat’s goal is to tap on it which makes the mouse squeal and speed up. You can also toggle sound on or off and also tweak speed and squeal of the mouse.


Top Rated iPad Games

In the next section of this post, we have collected some of the top rated iPad Games that you can download on your device and rest assured that they are going to keep you entertained even better than movies and TV shows.

These Top Rated iPad Games have been collected on the basis of their constant high rating on App Store and the number of people that actually rated for these games as the best games on an iPad. Depending on what genre of games you like to tinker with, we are sure by the end of this section of this post, you will at least have one app that you can very well add to your own list of Top rated iPad games.

Real Racing 3


Rated number one free game over 100 countries, this game’s ratings speak for itself. The game has beautiful graphics on top of an ergonomic gameplay that will keep you consumed in a great gaming experience for hours at stretch.



Monument Valley

Price: $3.99


Monument Valley allows you to build ways for a princess with architectural maneuvering in a world that is full of perfection and stun. The gaming experience is almost surreal with an exploratory expansion of impossible geometry and mysterious monuments.





QuizUp is one of the top rated games for a reason, and that reason is that besides providing thorough entertainment this game also builds your general knowledge which spans across almost every topic you can think of. The best part of the game though is that you are able to compete with people around the world.



Alpha Bear


Alpha Bear works on a simple principle, you spell words by selecting letters on a grid and when you use letters that are next to each other bears appear and if you are good enough with words, you might end up earning a whole bear for keeping, forever.




Price: $2.99


Threes is a puzzle game that begins slow but slowly grows on you as you progress through levels and face endless challenges. The endearing cast of characters and a heart-warming soundtrack makes everything even more interesting.


Best iPad Strategy Games

A lot of iPad strategy games have been introduced into the iPad since the first one came out; this is primarily because iPad is such a great strategy gaming device with its intuitive touch-screen controls and enormous battery backup.

These games range from high tactical and reasoning games to games that not only put your aptitude to test but also entertain you with a twisted sense of humor. Depending on what type of games you are into, ranging from traditional turn-based strategy games, classic tower defense to real-time strategy games, we have covered something for everything in the next section of Best iPad Strategy Games.

Civilization Revolution II 

Price: $9.99


This strategy game was originally released for PC back in 1991 and since then the game has received five sequels. The game for iPad has been designed in a way that satiates both strategy prodigies as well as people who are just dipping their toes in this genre.



Autumn Dynasty

Price: $1.99


The game is set in Autumn Empire and your job is to protect the weakened government and protect the secrets of empire from barbarians. The game has a unique drawing interface where players can paint their battle plans directly on to the maps and use brush strokes to direct their armies, invoke powerful strategies and conquer enemies.




Price: $3.99


A meditative strategy game set in space where you have to take on daunting challenges of building the best possible station from where you can command your minions and explore the galaxy around you.



FTL: Faster Than Light

Price: $9.99


FTL is an award-winning PC spaceship game and its porting to iPad has earned it many accolades, including being one of the best iPad Strategy game. With this game, you will experience the atmosphere of running spaceships trying to save the galaxy while facing all the animosities and dangers.


Best Offline iPad Games

Offline iPad games have been created keeping in mind that most people don’t have access to an internet access all the time and also because offline games can be played in a plane when you are on a long flight.

These games require a one time download and sometimes a one-time purchase. In the next section of this post, we have therefore collected some of the best Offline iPad Games.

Device 6

Price: $3.99


Device 6 is a one of kind game, both in terms of underlying idea and because of its subtle design, which in fact bagged it the coveted Apple Design Award. The basic idea behind the game is adventure genre book based where you have to solve puzzles and find your way through a series of choices. These choices will sometimes unravel new stories and sometimes lead to a dead end.



Day of Tentacle

Price: $4.99


A timeless classic that was revealed in 1987 as Maniac Mansion and has received huge renditions since then to give birth to, quite possibly, the best Offline iPad game. The game presents a sentient tentacle who drinks radioactive water and becomes evil and your job is to restore all the chaos that comes after.



Minecraft Pocket Edition

Price: $6.99


Nothing can beat the classic Minecraft when it comes to sheer simplicity of gameplay and complexity that pushes your thinking, just like the classic. A graphical wonder and a bunch of other elements have been added to this offline iPad game where you make wondrous blocks out of legos.



Tales of Monkey Island

Price: $2.99


Monkey Island has been retouched to make it a treat for modern generations and tells a story of Guybrush Threepwood attempting to save himself from becoming a Zombie while protecting his wife Elaine Marley from the Zombie pirate LeChuck.



The Escapists

Price: $3.99


An updated version of one of the best selling offline games for iPad with over a million downloads. You are the protagonist of the game and are trapped in a prison and to escape you have plenty of maneuvers and cunning plans at your disposal, needless to say, that the game demands a bit of thought and apt calculations.


Best Online iPad Games

Moving right along to the section of Online iPad games, most of these games are either multiplayer or use internet for some elements in the game.

These games can be played over any internet connection and the fact that you can compete with your friends, family and even some of the best gamers around the world makes the experience all the more exciting. In the next of this post, we have therefore collected a comprehensive list of only the best Online iPad games that you should definitely give a go.

Asphalt 8: Airborne


We have covered this game in the best free iPad games section but because the game has a multiplayer option with compatibility with 8 different opponents also makes it the best Online iPad game as well.



Zen Pinball HD

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Pin Ball machine experience has been digitized with this game and gets almost everything right, right from physics to responsive control system. While the original table is free to try, if you want something a little more exciting and a lot authentic, you can buy a better table (like the Star Wars Table) through in-app purchases.



Gun Bros 2


Although this game is best played online with friends and family through multiplayer option, the game also provides an offline option where you can play solo just like the good old Contra. Apart from an amazing interface and a huge arsenal of weapons the game also allows you to add favorite friends that you can play with every time you both are online.



Pocket Legends


An MMO game with millions of users from around the world that play with you through creepy dungeons, frigid mountain peaks, and steamy swamps. The cherry on top is that the online version allows you to play with your friends either in PVP action or face paced co-op mode.



Dungeon Hunter 4


An extremely addictive online iPad game where your goal is to slash your way through a dark fantasy adventure and kill demons while constantly upgrading your skills and strengths. You can choose between 4 different types of characters that have their own unique style of combat and then play with your friends in the co-op or PVP mode.


Best RPG Games for iPad

RPG games or Role Playing games are games where people take the role of a fictional character and engage in unfathomable adventures. This makes RPG games a lot more entertaining and immersive and the fact that a lot of these games have been ported to iPad makes them all the more exciting. Unfortunately, there are just so many RPG games for iPad in the app store and so it becomes a lot more daunting to pick up the right one for you. Keeping in mind that very problem, in the next section of this post we have collected only the 5 Best RPG games for iPad, that should serve both beginners as well an RPG prodigies.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 

Price: $9.99


An RPG iPad game set in the Star Wars universe about 4000 thousand years before the Galactic Empire where hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen battling the ruthless Sith and you are the only hope in this dystopia.



The Banner Saga

Price: $9.99


The Banner Saga is a unique fantasy realm game set in Norse Mythology where your goal is to explore the grim world shaped by the Vikings. The game has beautiful 2D animations and is beautifully hand drawn with combat sequences and animations that will unequivocally fulfill all your role-playing senses.



Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Price: $15.99


Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the very first RPG games in the Final Fantasy series that was originally released on the PlayStation in 1997 and since then the game has sold over 1.3 million units. The version for iPad was released in 2012 that makes everything ten-folds better.




Price: $4.99


A game that earned editor’s choice and a lot of hype right after it was released, and judging by the download and positive ratings of the game, it would be safe to say that this game certainly qualifies as one of the best RPG game for iPad. The game features the classic artwork, music and narration Bastion is famous for and then laces it under a layer of elegance and functionality of iPad touch control.



Infinity Blade III

Price: $5.99


Infinity Blade was the first game to introduce touch-style elements to control the gameplay, and since then everything has only gotten better with each update. The latest version, Infinity Blade III gives you a great gaming experience with awe-inspiring graphics that put even some console games to shame with its sharpness and immersions. 


Best iPad Puzzle Games

In the last section of this post, we decided to collect some of the very best iPad Puzzle Games, we did this because we think that iPad puzzle games represent the epitome of portable entertainment. We say this because these games are not only entertaining but also force you to think on your feet which makes everything a bit more fascinating. With that in mind, we end this extensive article on best iPad games with the 5 Best iPad Puzzle Games.

Monument Valley

Price: $3.99


In this game, you have to guide the princess towards her destination by twisting and turning the building blocks of castles.



Price: $2.99


Threes is a puzzle game that begins slow but slowly grows on you as you progress through levels and face endless challenges. The endearing cast of characters and a heart-warming soundtrack makes everything even more interesting.


The Room

Price:  $0.99


The Room is a mind-boggling, difficult puzzle game with brilliant organization and subtly integrated graphics. It is easily one of the best iPad puzzle games out there. The basic concept, as the name suggests is to present you with a Room full of puzzles that only get tougher as you progress through the game.



Hitman Go

Price: $4.99


Hitman Go is a game you can enjoy while commuting as the game is pretty easy to play and gets pretty intense as you progress through the game and complexity levels.


The Room Three

Price: $3.99


The Room is so great that it did not get a sequel but instead got a new game altogether, so people can enjoy both the versions. The game is a physical puzzle with beautiful tactile world lured to a remote island where all your puzzle solving skills are put to test.



We hope you found quite a few iPad games to install on your device from this extensive list of Best iPad games. If you have any other personal favorites that you think we missed, feel free to reach to us anytime.

iPad is Disabled: Connect to “iTunes” (Solved)


If you are seeing the dreaded iPad is Disabled: Connect to “iTunes” error, this post will help you get rid of it.

iPad is a great device in terms of portability, accessibility, and elegance and it has been designed with perfection and that holds equally true for its security system.

The security system has been tightened so much that it is nearly impossible to access your device if it has been infringed, or even when someone types in a wrong password redundantly.

Now, this can either happen on purpose when someone is trying to unethically log in to your device or it can happen accidentally. And more often than not, the latter takes significance when you just don’t remember your password or your kid fiddles around with your device only to disable it eventually.

There are a bunch of reasons why your iPad is disabled and can’t connect to iTunes, in the next section of this post we are going to list all the major problems and then tell you exactly how to fix them.


1. Reasons for the Error

There are a couple of reasons why your iPad is disabled error appears on your device and depending on the frequency of their occurrence, they are:

1.1. Too Many Passcode Attempts

One of the most common reasons for iPad disabled connect to iTunes error is the extra wrong attempts on the device passcode. This usually happens when you either forget the passcode or other people (read naughty children) type in the passcode too many times, eventually leading to an error in question.

1.2. Error While Connecting to iTunes

Sometimes you have done everything right and didn’t mess up things like mentioned above but you still get bombarded with the error “iPad is Disabled, connect to iTunes” as soon as you connect to iTunes, ironic! But what happens to a lot of people. There is no absolute reason for this error except for the fact that it happens quite often.

No matter what triggers the error on your iPad, the next section is going to cover all the options you can try to get rid of this perturbing iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error.

2. Solutions to Fix the issue

There are solutions to everything online but the problem is they are superfluous most of the time, if not easy to follow. But we promise this post is going to be different, as we are going to highlight the major solutions for this iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error and hopefully do that in a manner that is comprehensive and easy to follow for most people.

2.1. Using iTunes

The first and probably the safest method to get rid of this iPad Disable, connect to iTunes error is to use the good old iTunes backup. This can be done by following the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your iPad to a PC or Mac through a functional and Apple verified USB cable.

Note: It should be noted that if you don’t have an original Apple Certified cable then that might be the problem for the error itself. I have personally found myself in error limbo only to find out later that it was a problem in the USB cable the whole time.

Step 2: Locate your device from the left side navigation pane, or simply search for the device from the search bar located at the top right-hand corner.


Step 3: You are going to find a Back Up Now option as soon as you hit the small iPad button highlighted in the image above. You can go ahead and Back Up your iPad now on your computer.


Step 4: As soon as you hit the Back Up button, you will be asked to type in the password of your iPad, and if you remember it correctly now, you can type in the password and cancel the backup subsequently.

2.2. Restoring your iPad Through iTunes from a Previous Backup

If this trick works for you then, great! You have successfully unlocked your device but, if the iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes still persists, you can follow the instructions laid down in the next section to restore your iPad from iTunes.

Note: This method works only when you already have a previous backup of your iPad on your Mac or PC.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to your PC and Mac and open iTunes

Step 2: If the synchronization process does not happen automatically, you will need to go to the “Back Up Now” button as mentioned in Step 3 of the previous section.

Step 3: Wait for backup and synchronization process to complete, this usually takes time, depending on the amount of data and apps on your device.

Step 4: Reconnect your iPad and click on Restore your iPad that appears right next to the Back up your device button.

Step 5: Choose “Restore from iTunes Backup Button”

Step 6: Locate the backup you just did in step 2 and wait patiently for the process to finish.

If everything goes as planned, you will not only remove the iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error from your iPad but also have access to all data, documents, photos, emails, and settings.

2.3. Using the iPad Recovery Mode

If you are not able to use the first two methods, this is a sure shot as it completely restores your iPad to factory firmware and settings. However, if you still want to keep all of your iPad data, apps and settings on iPad, you should definitely backup your device on iTunes and then restore it after the issue is fixed. To put your iPad in recovery mode and remove iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error, follow the steps enlisted below.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to iTunes through a certified Apple Cable.

Step 2: Reboot the iPad in Recovery mode. This can be done by switching off your device, keeping it connected to iTunes through the USB cable and then pressing and holding “Home” as well as “Power” button, simultaneously.

Step 3: This will put your iPad in Recovery mode confirmed by the presence of iTunes icon on your iPad as shown in the image below.


Step 4: After the iPad is restored, you can disconnect iTunes and iPad and reconnect again. You can then restore your iPad to the previous backup through iTunes to recover all the data, apps and documents.

2.4. Using 3rd Party Software

If you are not a big fan of contingency and don’t find yourself backing up your iPad just for the sake of it, then restoring your iPad from iTunes is definitely not going to help. There is, however, an effective alternative, the alternative is in the form of 3rd Party Software that allows you to get rid of this irksome iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error without actually having to use iTunes.

The first method we are going to demonstrate doesn’t employ even a third party app to fix the issue but instead uses the iCloud Backup to do so. If you are not familiar with iCloud, follow the instructions laid down in the next section to remove iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error from your iPad.

Note: This method works only if you already have iCloud sync and backup enabled on your iPad.

Step 1: From a PC or Mac, open a browser and type in icloud.com/find in the browser.

Step 2: You will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID, use the same ID as that on your iPad to log in.

Step 3: At the top of your browser window, you will find an All Devices button, click on it.

Step 4: Select your iPad and Press Erase [Device] button, this will remove passcode and unlock the disabled iPad without iTunes.

Step 5: Now, you can restore your iPad from the iCloud Backup to gain access to all data, apps, and documents.

2.5. Using EaseUS iPhone Recovery

This software allows you to restore your iPad from iCloud backup without having to use iTunes and therefore comes in handy if you are not able to connect your iPad to iTunes for some reason. The method can be used to access your disabled iPad and more importantly helps you eliminate the iPad disabled, connect to iTunes error. To use EaseUS for this purpose, follow the instructions laid down in the next section of this post:


Step 1: Download the software for Mac or Windows from the links below.

Windows: http://download.easeus.com/trial/ems_trial.exe

Mac: http://download.easeus.com/trial/ems_mac_trial.dmg

Step 2: After you have downloaded and installed EaseUS on your computer, launch the software and choose Recover from iCloud from the left-hand navigation bar.

Step 3: You will need to navigate to the most recent iCloud backup or the backup that was working properly from the next section. You will then need to press Scan to download it to your computer, and search data.

Step 4: After the scan is complete, you will be asked to choose the right file types that you wish to recover and install on your iPad. When you are done with all options, click the Recover button to restore all the data, apps and documents to your iPad.

2.6 Fix the Issue Without Restoring

If you are somehow not able to make the recovery mode work, or not able to connect to iTunes or still not able to fix the iPad disabled, connect to iTunes problem with the solutions mentioned earlier, there is still hope. This problem is not sparing but it is not seldom either, a lot of people report that they are not able to put their iPad into recovery mode and therefore don’t care about losing data after all a data-less working iPad is better than a complete brick.

The next section of this post is going to help you Fix the Issue Without Restoring your iPad. The method we are going to use is called “Putting your iPad in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode”. This method is a sure shot to not only remove iPad disabled, connect to iTunes error, but also for the gravest errors on an iOS device and if DFU doesn’t work there is not much you can do, except for taking your device to Apple service center.

Putting your iPad in DFU mode is, however, a bit tricky, it needs a bit of practice but if you follow the steps mentioned below, you will be able to restore your iPad easily.

Step 1: Plug in your iPad into a Mac or PC.

Step 2: Launch iTunes.

Step 3: Power off your iPad.

Step 4: Press and hold the On/Off button on your iPad (The button located on top) for 3 seconds and immediately follow the next step.

Step 5: Press and hold the Home button (The main button below the screen) without removing your finger from the On/Off button.

Step 6: Keep on holding both the buttons for about 10 seconds continuously.

Note: If you can see an Apple logo after step 6, it is an indication that you have launched your iPad normally and therefore need to restart the whole process.

Step 7: Let go of the On/Off Button but keep holding the Home button for about 5 seconds.

Note:  If you see the “Plug into iTunes” screen, then you’ve held it too long and will need to start again.

Step 8: If the screen stays completely black, Kudos! You have entered the DFU mode successfully and will be alerted by iTunes that it has detected your iPad and is, therefore, ready to be restored.

2.7 Fix the Issue with Non-Computer

OK! We are going to say it blunt and without beating around the bush, there is no way that you can Fix the iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes issue without actually connecting it to iTunes. You can go on for hours searching for the same on the internet. Forums, websites, YouTube, you name it, we have checked everywhere but no one seems to provide the right guide to fix the issue with Non-computer. Even the official Apple support suggests you put your iPad into recovery mode through iTunes.

Keeping all that in view, we think that if you do not have access to a personal computer you can borrow one and install iTunes on it. You can then either put your iPad in recovery mode like we mentioned in the previous section of this post. However, we personally think that the best fail-safe mechanism to get rid of this iPad disabled, connect to iTunes error is to put your device into DFU mode and performing a complete factory restore. The entire process has been laid down in section 2.6 Fix the Issue Without Restoring.

3. Take it to the Service Center

If you have tried everything in this post without any result, then it will be safe to assume that there is not much you can do than to take your disabled iPad to a Service Center. There are plenty of Official as well as unofficial Apple Care centers throughout the world but we recommend you take your iPad to a store that is Apple certified.

You can find an Official Apple service center around you through this link and select Service and Support. You will then be prompted to insert your postal address and Pincode and the website will give you a list of nearest Apple Service centers.

4. How to Avoid the Issue in Future

This might sound like a cliché, but “Prevention is better than cure” and it is a cliché for a reason, and this time, for the right reasons. We are sure that following any or all the methods in this post were cumbersome so it is always better to prevent this from happening in future. There are a few tips you can take home from this post to prevent this iPad disabled, connect to iTunes issue from happening in future.

4.1. Remember Your Passcode or Don’t Use One

If you do not have heavy intel or extremely private information on your iPad and you also tend to forget things, the best thing to do is to just avoid Passcode altogether. In case you are still wary about your privacy, we suggest you at least keep it written physically somewhere to use it in inadvertent circumstances.

4.2. Say no to Children

If you are going to give your iPad to children, why bother with the Passcode anyway? The best way, therefore, is to remove the Passcode entirely, or at least when it is with those pesky infants.

4.3. Always Have a Contingency Plan

This is not going to prevent iPad Disabled, connect to iTunes error but it sure is going to help you, if unfortunately, you hit this rock bottom in future. You should always try to keep iCloud backup synced and working when you are on a Wi-Fi connection. And it is also a great idea to backup your iPad every once in a while on your PC or Mac through iTunes.

We hope this exhaustive post was able to fix the iPad disabled, connect to iTunes issue on your device. If it still persists, feel free to reach to us with the errors and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

33 Best iPad Pro 9.7 Cases You Should Check


Apple introduced the iPad Pro 9.7 in 2016 when everyone was expecting a new iPad Air 3, but despite the broken expectations the iPad Pro 9.7 did come as a sweet surprise for most Apple enthusiasts.

This is not only because it came in almost same dimensions as the Apple Air with a spec bump in performance but also because of its easy integration with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

Judging by the same dimensions of iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7, you would think that all of your previous iPad Air 2 cases would be compatible with the new iPad Pro 9.7.

There is a catch however, the new iPad Pro 9.7 boasts a 12 Megapixel camera with a flash, and although that is all great – this minor bump makes all the previous iPad Air 2 cases look ugly, at least unless you cut an even uglier hole manually to fit in the camera bump.

Fortunately, though, you can find plenty of cool iPad Pro 9.7 Cases in the market made exclusively to fit the specifications of this beautiful device.

Some of these cases are cheap and functional while others like the leather iPad Pro cases are a bit expensive but a lot more elegant.

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Considering the wide taste of people who own an iPad Pro 9.7 we have tried to collect 33 coolest iPad Pro 9.7 cases ranging right from the cheaper ones to the top rated iPad Pro cases and we are sure by the end of this post you will have at least one case for your iPad Pro 9.7.

Newest iPad Pro 9.7 Cases

Kicking the post off with some of the newest iPad Pro 9.7 cases, these cases have been released in 2017 and you can rest assured that your device will look super suave in all of these cases if you want to keep everything up to date.


Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover

Nothing can go wrong or old with the original Apple Smart cover and the same can be extrapolated for iPad Pro 9.7. The cover ensures your device stays away from dust and scratches when not in use and also doubles as a kickstand when you are using it. Add to all that the auto wake/sleep functionality on top of plenty of vibrant colors to choose from and you have one of the top-rated iPad Pro cases right there.

Price: $49


TwelveSouth BookBook Case

BookBook-Case-for-ipad-pro 0.7

Despite the contemporary belief of how technology is overtaking the reading market, most people would agree that nothing quite beats the opulence and vibe of an actual book. If you are a firm believer of that then you can go with this BookBook case from Twelvesouth for iPad Pro 9.7 that not only protects your iPad from scratches and bumps but also masquerades it as a mysterious book.

Price: $79


Speck Balance Folio


A subtle case for your device with plenty of colors to choose from. The case fits your iPad Pro snugly and provides two comfortable viewing angles for reading and typing. The case also comes in with auto wake/sleep functionality and there is also a raised edge protection for that camera bump.

Price: $39.95


Logitech Slim Folio iPad Pro Keyboard Case


It would not be cool if we did not mention a Keyboard case on our list of the coolest iPad Pro 9.7 cases. And it would be even worse if it weren’t something worth a mention. So to keep up with that, we present to you one of the best keyboard iPad Pro case ever made for an iPad in general and iPad Pro 9.7 in particular.

This case covers your iPad Pro head-to-toe and while it does so the inbuilt keyboard ensures you can type whenever and wherever you want. The keyboard comes in with iOS shortcuts that allow you to interact with your iPad without having to touch the screen. The cherry on top is the removable battery option, with a promise to last for 4 years on two batteries.

Price: $99.99


IVSO Smart Case


If you are a big fan of Apple smart case but don’t want to spend too much dough on a case, then this might just be the one for you. The cheap iPad Pro case does everything that an Apple original smart case does but can be had at a super affordable price tag.

Price: $8.90

Cutest iPad Pro 9.7 Cases

You can consider an iPad Pro case cute if it is instantly able to bring a smile to your face or at least bring a little joy to your heart as soon as you see one. With that basic criterion in mind, in the next section, we have collected the cutest iPad Pro 9.7 cases that will sure up your overall cuteness.


Kitty Case


Nothing says cute quite like Kittens and following that very idea, this iPad Pro case has been made to be one of the cutest iPad Pro 9.7 cases in the market. Besides the cute pattern, the case also manages to give your iPad a rugged protection with its impact resistant, polycarbonate flexible shell.

Price: $58.99


iGuy iPad Pro Case


iGuy is so cute that it can be easily mistaken for a Pixar character that has sprung to life. The case is squishy and constructed from EVA foam, which along with its other aesthetic features will make an impact and also take one.

Price: $39.95


Edition Folio


Add some rose gold cuteness to your iPad Pro 9.7 with this exquisite folio case from CaseMate. The case will give your iPad a trendy chic vibe while also managing to protect it end-to-end. While the interiors are super protective the exterior is made from a high-quality premium rose gold pebbled faux leather and signature kite hardware to make everything look even cuter.

Price: $45


Incipio Design Series 


The metallic foil of this cute iPad Pro case is accented for a glamorous shine. To further the cuteness and glamour profile the case is co-molded to deliver enhanced protection without compromising on style.

Price: $44.99

iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Cases

iPad Pro comes in with the dimensions of the previous iPad Air 2, which means that it is super portable and easy to carry around. These two qualities alone make it a great travel companion and equally so for people who like to stay productive while on the move. One of the many ways you can get the most out of your iPad Pro 9.7 is to add a keyboard appendage to it, which will help you type in emails or other documents while commuting.

But instead of just buying an iPad Pro keyboard, it is prudent to instead buy an iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard case that ups your productivity game while also managing to give your iPad an end to end protection. With those things in mind, in the next section of this post, we have collected 7 of the very best iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard cases.


Logitech Slim Combo


This Keyboard case from Logitech has some serious features. With an ergonomic keyboard that pairs over a smart connection (No pairing required) this keyboard also doubles as a perfectly capable case, and hence the name “combo”.  In addition to providing full protection to your iPad, the case also comes in with enough room for your Apple pencil.

Price: $130


KuGi Keyboard Case


A much cheap iPad Pro case for people who want a protective keyboard case for their iPad Pro but at the same time don’t also want to break the bank. The keyboard is ergonomic and works flawlessly over a smart connection. With 250mAh battery, the keyboard promises to deliver for at least 60 hours at a stretch.

Price:  $32.95


Zagg SlimBook Pro


If you like the traditional profile of a laptop and want your iPad Pro to have the same design prospectus, then Zagg Slimbook Pro has you covered. Fashioned to look more like a notebook when attached, this case also allows 135-degree rotation so you can set up that perfect viewing and working angle.

Price: $89.95


BrydgeBrydgePro Keyboard


Here is something that does justice to the already ingenious and subtle design of an iPad, this Laptop styled keyboard case is made from 100% aluminum which enhances the overall feel of your iPad. On top of it, the case also comes in with a slim profile, backlit keys and 180 freedom of rotation so you can stow it away whenever you feel like using your iPad Pro 9.7 as a tablet.

Price: $75


Logitech Create


Logitech Create, as the name quite suggests, is for people who spend a lot of time creating content through writing. This keyboard promises to help you in that process and that feature remains its strongest forte. Other than that, the case also comes in with space for your pen and doesn’t fall back when it comes to providing an end-to-end protection.

Price: $119.95


Apple Smart Keyboard


If you are wondering why we didn’t put this beauty at the top of our list, well! It is because this Smart Keyboard case for iPad Pro 9.7 comes at a hefty price. But if you don’t care much about the greens, this keyboard is probably the best bang for your buck.  The cherry on top is that the case is able to double as a protective case.

Price: $149


Incipio ClamCase+


A sleek looking accessory for your iPad Pro that when used transforms your iPad automatically into a workhorse and something that looks a lot similar to a MacBook. The best thing about this case, besides the impeccable keyboard, is its great viewing angles for a tireless typing as well as a viewing experience.

Price: $129.99

Protective iPad Pro 9.7 Cases

After investing a significant amount of money on your iPad Pro, the next thing that instantly comes to mind is to protect it. Now, there are a lot of cases that promise to be the best protective iPad Pro 9.7 cases without actually delivering on the made promises. In order to eliminate that ambiguity, in the next section of this post, after conducting proper research and taking thorough consideration of major factors involved, we have collected a comprehensive list of only the 5 Best Protective iPad Pro 9.7 cases.


Apple Silicone Cases


Nothing can beat the protective profile of silicone cases and more so when it is from Apple itself. This minimalistic iPad Pro protective silicone case hugs your iPad Pro tightly with its soft microfiber inner lining while the external silicone feels super comfortable in your hand.

Price: $63.99




OtterBox has been mentioned in the case circles for a long time now, and thankfully always for the right reasons. In particular, Otterbox has managed to totally dominate the protective cases niche. This case for iPad Pro 9.7 is no exception with its clear back and leather accents that also look great.

Price: $79.95


Griffin Survivor


Another big name in the technology market in general and case industry in particular. This case is another feather in their cap with is super protective design and sheer elegance. The case has been military tested and also comes in with a special holder for Apple Pencil.

Price: $39.99


Griffin Snapbook


Another gem from Griffin that promises to be so protective that it can actually prevent your device from breaking from a 6 feet high drop. Add to that a fully functional keyboard and a soft interior to protect your device screen and you have the most functional and rugged iPad Pro case.

Price: $63.07


STM Dux Plus


This ultra protective case for iPad Pro 9.7 has passed the US Mil-spec 810G drop Test (26 drops from 4 feet) so you can rest assured that your precious device is always safe. The separate protective space for Apple Pencil storage makes it a perfect companion to carry around your iPad in.

Price: $59.95


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro


The very first look at this case makes you think that it must be a really good protective case and then when you look at the specs, things get a lot more assuring. To give you a gist of what we mean, the case comes in with a screen protector, a shock absorbing core and an impact resistant bumper, making sure your iPad stands the test of time.

Price: $23

iPad Pro 9.7 Designer Cases

If the hefty price of an iPad Pro 9.7 does not concern you much and you want to actually accentuate the overall opulence of your iPad with a case that is not for everyone, then iPad Pro Designer Cases are for you. These cases effortlessly pass the criterion of being unique cases for iPad Pro just because of the way they ooze elegance and more pertinently because they are out of the league for most people. Well! This post has something for everything, so in the next section, we are going to present 5 Best iPad Pro 9.7 Designer Cases.


Vince Crocodile Embossed Leather iPad Pro case


Croc texture always flaunts luxury and this designer case from Vince seems to have done justice to both the leather as well as texture.

Price: $175


Sena Heritage


Nothing speaks elegance like the good old premium leather and this case from Sena nails it in that department. Made end-to-end from leather, this case not only protects your iPad Pro but also gives you plenty of viewing angles to communicate better with your device.

Price : $79


Kate Spade


Kate Spade is all about positivity and that is quite evident from the line of designer iPad Pro cases from her. This one is a leopard design which might be aged in fashion but the same cannot be said for its luxury.

Price: $90


Michael Kors


Michael Kors is both designer vibe friendly and credit card friendly simultaneously. We say this because it’s simple design makes it a great designer iPad Case while the price makes it a lot affordable without compromising on the quo.

Price: $68

Hard Cases for iPad Pro 9.7

If our list of Protective iPad Pro 9.7 cases didn’t cut it for you, the next section is sure going to help. Hard Cases for iPad Pro 9.7 are basically cling-on cases that are made from hard materials which essentially allow them to be used in the most rugged conditions. Keeping that in mind, in the next section of this post we have collected a list of 5 Best Hard Cases for iPad Pro 9.7.


Zagg Rugged Book


This ultimately durable iPad Pro hard case comes with a multi-layered protection and deflects impact energy from shocks and bumps. The case comes with 4 multi-functional modes that protect your iPad and allow it to quickly separate it from the functional keyboard for easy carriage.

Price: $91.96


New Trent


With an integrated screen protector and dual layer protection, this case promises to provide an end to end protection to your iPad. On top of it, the case comes in with a metallic kickstand for perfect vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

Price: $22.95




With a kickstand, hand strap and a shoulder strap, this hard case for iPad Pro 9.7 promise to deliver ultra protection wherever you take it. The shoulder strap is removable and when attached can be used to carry around your iPad just like a messenger bag.

Price: $23.99


ESR Clear HardCase

ESR Clear HardCase ipad pro

If you want to protect your iPad Pro without compromising on its already simple and elegant design, then this Clear Hard Case from ESR has you covered. The case comes in with a polycarbonate hard back cover and a flexible TPU edge that makes for an end-to-end protection.

Price: $9.99




Soft silicone and Hard polycarbonate shell have been used to design this iPad Pro 9.7 case and it promises to be durable for years with that construction material. A kickstand has also been included for comfortable viewing angles while the precise cutouts ensure access to all the ports and buttons.

Price: $12.99

We hope you picked up a few of these Coolest iPad Pro Cases, if you have any personal favorites, feel free to contact us.

iPad Screen Resolution – Display Size Information of All iPad Models


Rolling out of Apple iPad back in 2010 brought up a paradigm shift in the form of an entirely new technology gadget category we now adore as tablets. No one even considered that the iPad Screen Resolution would be like what it is today.

No doubt tablets were in the market before the advent of iPad, but we can all agree on the fact that iPad is a generation apart from the tablet devices that came before it.

One of the most important thing that sets it apart from its early rivals was the beautiful display specs and resolution it came with.

And, the portability, elegance and everything above that was an icing on the cake.

Technology has changed a lot since the original iPad came out and so has the screen resolution.

And if you really care about the sharpness of your iPad display and particularly resolution, but don’t know which one to go for, this post is certainly going to help.

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ipad screen resolution

In this post, we have collected all the information on all the iPad models with their screen resolution, pixel density and a bunch of other important stuff to help you make an educated buying decision.

If you need help understanding how the screen-size in retina display works, you can check this iPad screen size guide by Kyle.

Quick NavigationiPad 1 (1st Generation) Screen ResolutioniPad 2 (Second Generation)iPad 3 (3rd Generation)iPad 4 (4th Generation)iPad Mini (1st Generation)iPad Mini 2 (or iPad Mini Retina) Screen ResolutioniPad Air (5th Generation) Screen ResolutioniPad Mini 3 (3rd Generation iPad Mini)iPad Air 2 (6th Generation)iPad Mini 4 (4th Generation Mini)12.9 inch iPad Pro (1st Generation iPad Pro)9.7-inch iPad Pro (1st Generation)The iPad 2017 Screen Resolution10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)12.9-inch iPad Pro 2017 Screen Resolution

iPad Screen Resolution (1st Gen)


iPad 1 was released on April 3 in the year 2010 by Steve Jobs himself, and it was received as a brilliant device right from the presentation. This was further proved by iPad’s sales, that hit the roof with over 300,000 sold in first 24 hours.

This iPad featured Wi-Fi connection with a display size of 9.7” and an anti-scratch coating over a pixel density of 132ppi.


Device Name iPad 1 (1st Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1219; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1337
Screen resolution 768 x 1024 pixels
Logical Resolution 789 x 592 px
Pixel Density ~132 ppi
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 768 x 768

iPad 2 (Second Generation)


Sporting a thinner profile and about 33% lighter weight, this iPad was also launched by Steve Jobs in the year 2011 following the huge success of the original iPad.

The processor was also enhanced, but the battery remained the same, as it was exceptionally good in the first place. A coating of scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint was also added in response to feedback given by the original iPad users.

Device Name iPad 2 (2nd Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1395; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1396 or A1397
Screen resolution 768 x 1024 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~132 ppi
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2048 x 2048

iPad 3 (3rd Generation)


This third generation of iPad was launched by Tim Cook in 2012 and its strongest forte is considered to be its powerful dual-core Apple A5x processor.

In addition to that, the ram is also ramped up at 1024 Mb DDR II. But the thing that really set it apart from its predecessor is its amazing retina display with around 50% more pixels from the previous iPad generations.

Device Name iPad 3 (3rd Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1416; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1430 or A1403
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 2048 x 1536 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2048 x 1536 px

iPad 4 (4th Generation)


The only marginal thing about this iPad 4 is its slightly enhanced processor of 1.4 GHz dual-core Apple A6x.

In addition to that, this is the first iPad to offer up to 128 GB of storage space without limiting the other lower levels of storage space of 16, 32, and 64 GB.

It was launched in 2013 and remains the latest version in that form and a dimension of 9.7’’.

Device Name iPad 4
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1458; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1459 or A1460
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 2048 x 1536 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2048 x 2048 px

iPad Mini (1st Generation)


While everyone was busy making bigger tablets following the principle of “bigger is better”, Apple actually made a U-turn and came up with a smaller device in 2012 in the form of a device that would be remembered as the all famous iPad Mini 1.

The device came in with a 7.9 inch (200mm) display with the same LED technology used in the previous iPad’s. Despite its smaller form and minimal resolution, the device was a huge hit among customers, probably because of its high portability and relatively cheap price.

Device Name iPad Mini 1 (1st Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1432; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1454 or A1455
Screen resolution 1024 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~163 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 7.9 in (200mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 1936 x 2448 px

iPad Mini 2 (or iPad Mini Retina) Screen Resolution


Apart from the all-powerful A7 processor, one of the most prominent features of this iPad Mini was its astounding retina display with a 326 PPI pixel density as against the mundane 163 PPI of iPad 1st generation.

On top of it, the iPad Mini Retina also came at a price about $100 less than the previous one, all these reasons factored in to make it a huge sales success.

Device Name iPad Mini 2 (iPad Mini Retina)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1489; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1490
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~163 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 7.9 in (200mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 1164 x 1424 px

iPad Air (5th Generation) Screen Resolution


The main selling point of this iPad, as the name quite suggests is its insanely lightweight (0.44 pounds) which, along with all the bells and whistles makes it a perfect companion for travel productivity as well as leisure.

Released in November 2013, the iPad Air is clocked in with a 64-bit processor with help of which it is able to crush every benchmark test and the crown itself as a clear and superior update from the previous generations of iPad.

Device Name iPad Air (5th Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1474; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1475
Screen resolution 1536 x 2048 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7” (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2542 x 2542 px

iPad Mini 3 (3rd Generation iPad Mini)


A minor update to the previous iPad Mini 2 retina with almost everything, ranging right from resolution and design to performance remaining the same.

The only update is the inclusion of Touch ID which can be used to lock apps, device and make quick payments using the Apple pay using your fingerprint.

Device Name iPad Mini 3
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1599; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1600
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~326 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 7.9 inch (200mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 1164 x 1424 px

iPad Air 2 (6th Generation)


Released alongside the iPad Mini 3, this iPad, in contrast to iPad Mini is a major upgrade to the previous Air, notably in terms of portability. This was done by gearing up this 6

This was done by gearing up this 6th generation iPad with the first-of-a-kind triple-core processor, making it faster than any iPad device.

The performance and multi-tasking got a further bump with an incorporation of an extra 1 GB RAM. This and its ultra-lightweight and super-portable design makes it dare we say, “the best mid-sized tablet to this day.”

Device Name iPad Air 2 (6th Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1566; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1567
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 1164 x 1424 px

iPad Mini 4 (4th Generation Mini)


Unlike the 3rd generation iPad Mini, this iPad Mini 4th generation was a huge upgrade, so much so that it coerced Apple into killing its predecessor.

It is the same as iPad Mini in terms of design per se, but the fact that it is implanted with the same processor as that of iPad Air makes it a super powerful mini-giant.

Device Name iPad Mini 4
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1538; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1550
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~326 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 7.9 inch (200mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 1262 x 1262 px

12.9 inch iPad Pro (1st Generation iPad Pro)


In addition to flaunting a beautiful and humongous 12.9-inch retina display, this iPad Pro is also powered by an all-powerful A9x processor, making everything a lot faster.

Furthermore, this iPad Pro comes in with support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboards, which unequivocally makes it a perfect companion for artists as well as writers.

Device Name 12.9 inch iPad Pro
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1584; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1652
Screen resolution 2048 x 2732 pixels
Logical Resolution 1366 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 3:4
Diagonal Size 12.9 in (328 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2732 x 2732 px

9.7-inch iPad Pro (1st Generation)


Sporting all the features of the Pro series, this device was launched in 2016 and aimed at people who want to use the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard without having to shake hands with a bigger frame of the 12.9-inch pro model.

The display features True Tone and decreased bright light glare in addition to boasting a 12MP camera that is compatible with Live Photos.

Device Name 9.7 Inch iPad Pro (1st Generation)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1673; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1674 or A1675
Screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2584 x 2584 px

The iPad 2017 Screen Resolution


The feature that makes this iPad stand out from all the other models, besides its subtle name is its price, which is aimed at people who like the iPad experience but don’t have extra dough to shell on the other expensive options.

Released in March 2017, this is the latest iPad and embodies some really good performance tweaks but has an added ½ inch thickness against the slim iPad Air 2.

Device Name The iPad 2017
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1822; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1823
Screen resolution 1536 x 2048 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 9.7 in (250 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2584 x 2584 px

10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)


The most expensive iPad Pro to date, maybe because of its ability to extend the display while adding only about a ½ inch to the overall form with respect to iPad Air. Following the 2017 lead of minimal bezel, this device is sure pleasing to look at.

The performance is also the best in iPad series but the whopping price of $649 dollars makes you want to think twice if you should give in to that elegance.

Device Name 10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1701; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1709
Screen resolution 2224 × 1668 pixels
Logical Resolution 768 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 10.5 inches (267 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 2144 x 2144

12.9-inch iPad Pro 2017 Screen Resolution


A true tone display that adjusts the colors and saturation according to surroundings for a better viewing experience is included in the second generation of iPad Pro 12.9”.

In addition to that, this feature gives your iPad a theatrical wide color gambit that makes videos and games look that much better.

Device Name 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9” 2017)
Device Code Wi-Fi- A1670; Wi-Fi + Cellular- A1671
Screen resolution 2048 x 2732 pixels
Logical Resolution 1366 x 1024 px
Pixel Density ~264 PPI
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal Size 12.9 in (328 mm)
Optimal Wallpaper Resolution 1024 x 1366

We hope our post helped you pick up the right iPad model on the basis of iPad screen resolution. If you find any discrepancies in the post, feel free to contact us.

MyFitnessPal App Review and In-Depth Guide


MyFitnessPal is available for almost all modern devices and it helps people track and improve their health and wellness. It also helps you learn more about your body and live a healthier life. Our MyFitnessPal review will go through the most common uses of the app and how you can use its powerful tools to improve your lifestyle.

Table of Contents1. Overview2. How to Use MyFitnessPal App2.1. How to setup and Track Food/Calories with MyFitnessPal 2.2. How to track Exercises with MyFitnessPal3. Where to Download MyFitnessPal App3.1. MyFitnessPal Android App3.2. MyFitnessPal iPhone App3.3. MyFitnessPal Apple Watch App3.4. MyFitnessPal For Fitbit3.5. MyFitnessPal Desktop App4. MyFitnessPal App Review4.1. Pros of MyFitnessPal App4.2. Cons of MyFitnessPal App5. MyFitnessPal Premium5.1.  Features of MyFitnessPal Premium5.2. MyFitnessPal App Cost5.3. Is Premium Worth it?5.4. How to Cancel Premium Membership?6. Apps like MyFitnessPal6.1. MyFitnessPal vs Lose It app6.2. S Health vs MyFitnessPal6.3. Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal6.4. MyFitnessPal vs Sparkpeople7. FAQs Regarding MyFitnessPal7.1. How To Logout Of MyFitnessPal App?7.2. How Much Does MyFitnessPal App Cost?7.3. How To Delete MyFitnessPal App?7.4. How to Reset MyFitnessPal App?

1. Overview

One of the most common jargon you will see floating around in the fitness circles, be it weight loss or muscle building is, “Calorie Counting”.

Calorie counting has become quintessential to any type of weight loss, maintenance, and even muscle building and judging by its effectiveness, it quite deserves the hype.


The only problem though is that it is a lot tougher to actually chip in journaling your diet calories and exercises on a daily basis if you are not highly motivated, like most of us mere mortals.

There is, however, an intuitive solution to this problem, the solution comes in the form of Fitness apps that you can just install on your smartphones or tablets and keep track of your food as well as exercise.

On top of it, some of these apps even devise a training program, diet options and not to mention the breakup of the type of calories coming from your meal.

One of the apps that have absolutely made a mark in the fitness app category is MyFitnessPal, that not only allows you to maintain a food and calorie intake journal but also tracks your exercises and gives you a warm welcome and support from fellow users.

2. How to Use MyFitnessPal App

2.1. How to setup and Track Food/Calories with MyFitnessPal

Step 1: Download the MyFitness app from the respective stores on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2. After you have downloaded the app on your device, you can either sign up through your Facebook or create a new account. For this post, we are going to sign up as a new user. Right after you press the “Sign up with eMail” button you will be prompted to select your goal.


After you choose your goal from three major options: Lose Weight, Maintain and Gain, you will need to input your activity levels from 4 options depending on your activity levels as: Not Very Active, Lightly Active, Active, Very Active.


Step 3: Now, you will need to select your personal details like Gender, Date of Birth, and your place of residence.


This will be followed by your height and current weight input and most importantly your desired goal.

Step 4. This is probably the most important step while setting up because the pace you decide to lose weight is going to change everything about everything, so choose wisely based on your personal capability and stamina.


Step 5: All you have to do next is to enter your desired email address (example@gmail.com) and type in your password and choose your username.

Login Page for MyFitnessPal

Step 6. This is more of an outcome than a step because based on all your personal data the app is going to give you an estimate of your daily calorie intake (2,220 in my case). You can also tweak your weight, goal and daily activity here and after you are done, simply hit the save button.


Step 7. The next step is going to show terms and conditions, and you can either read them entirely if you are one of those persons or you can just hit continue.

Step 8. Starting right from the basics of MyFitnessPal apps, that is calorie tracking. To do this, you will need to hit the Add to Diary Button as highlighted in the image and then input the type of meal you would like to log in.


Step 9. We have used the Breakfast option for this portion of this tutorial, and as soon as you select the type of meal, you will be presented with a search bar and a bunch of features that we will cover later. The first thing to do is search for the food you are having or plan to have for your breakfast.


We chose Pancakes and the search returned with a bunch of options and depending on the type of pancake you are having you can select that one with a quick preview about the calories it carries.

Step 10. You can then input the serving size of your meal and once you are done, click on the swoosh located at the top right corner of the app.


Note: The free version of this app does not give you complete nutritional information like macros and micronutrients.

2.2. How to track Exercises with MyFitnessPal

Step 1. To log in your exercise data, tap the + sign at the bottom of your screen, this will present a carousel of options, tap on the exercise option as represented by a Dumbbell Icon.


Step 2. You will be prompted to either select a cardiovascular or strength exercise. For the purpose of this post, we are going to select cardio.

Note: If you don’t know what is the difference between cardio and strength exercise, read through this note. Cardio exercises are exercises that involve your cardiovascular system more and build stamina, these include things like running, jogging, walking, swimming, aerobics, bicycling and a lot of other stuff that is done outside.

In contrast, strength exercises are mostly done for muscle building and include lifting weights in the gym or strength exercises like squats, pushups, pull-ups and all that good stuff.

Step 3. You then search for the exercise you did, just like you entered the food in the search bar that is presented at the top of the window. We are going to search for running for this tutorial and as soon as you tap search, a bunch of options are going to show up varying on the basis of your running pace. The running pace is going to determine how many calories your burnt, in addition to of course, your body weight, height, and BMR.


Step 4. In the next section, you either enter the time you did that activity or the calories burnt that you might already have noted through other tracking apps or your wearable activity tracker.


That was pretty much the basics of How to Use MyFitnessPal for tracking calories and exercises, there is obviously a lot more to it than just these basic features. To cover the rest, in the next section of this post we are going to extensively review the app and then add a bunch of other stuff to help you develop a comprehensive overview of this awesome fitness app.

3. Where to Download MyFitnessPal App

Depending on the type of device you are using and the type of operating system that is under that device, there are different types of app store from where you can download MyFitnessPal app. In the next section of the post we are going to provide a link to respective app stores to download MyFitnessPal app with a brief description about each app.

3.1. MyFitnessPal Android App

With over 1.5 million downloads the MyFitnessPal App on Android still manages to boast a rating of 4.6 and has some serious positive reviews. The app has not only given fitness enthusiasts what they want but has also helped people with medical problems as one Sam Swindler puts it “It’s absolutely perfect for what I need. Due to medical reasons, I have to have quite a restricted diet with regards to certain things such as sodium and this app helped me do that, I have never felt better.”

3.2. MyFitnessPal iPhone App

On App Store this MyFitnessPal app has bagged a complete five-star rating from over 56k ratings for the current version while the app overall has a rating of 4.5 from over five hundred thousand users. The app has received many great reviews as well with many yo-yo dieters claiming this food changed how they looked at food, as AngelKiss puts it “Every time I get back on MyFitnessPal, I lose weight. I lost 50 lbs. in a little over 6 months after I got pregnant with my son.”


3.3. MyFitnessPal Apple Watch App

A handy app to have one your Apple watch as it allows you to automatically log in your workouts, step count and a bunch of other things without having to open your iPhone. The MyFitnessPal app for Apple watch usually installs as soon as you update the app on smartphone (if the auto-update option is already enabled). In case you are not able to find one, you can manually download the app from your watch by going to App Store, searching and downloading the app.


3.4. MyFitnessPal For Fitbit

There is not a dedicated app for Fitbit that runs MyFitnessApp but there certainly is an option to synchronize your Fitbit data with MyFitnessPal app. To do this, you need to head on to App option in MyFitnessPal app, then tap on App Gallery, find your Fitbit and click connect. You will be asked to grant permission for MyfitnessPal to access Fitbit data, approve it and follow instructions.

Further Reading: How do I integrate Fitbit with MyFitnessPal?

3.5. MyFitnessPal Desktop App

If mobile device apps aren’t your thing and you like the desktop version more with its clean design and straightforward accessibility, then MyFitnessPal Desktop app might just be the one for you. There is not an app for Mac or PC per se, but you can access your account through the browser and get all access to all the options you usually find on the smartphone app and sometimes even more.

4. MyFitnessPal App Review

Functionality wise, what you want from a Fitness app to help you either lose weight or gain muscles or even maintain your current weight is to have mostly the ability to track calories and when it comes to that nothing does it better than MyFitnessApp.

With over 6 Million + foods in the database with all the information about macros and micronutrients, this app is sure a treat for fitness enthusiasts in particular and people who would like to make healthy changes in their lives in general.

If you hate having to type in manually the food you just had, the app has you covered too, with its ability to scan most of the foods found in supermarket through barcode, this app also kills it in the intuitive department.


Coming to the design front, the app is probably the simplest app to use in the business, making it a great option for people who are just beginning their calorie tracking journey. Most of the app features are also translated into a majority of languages so you don’t lag even if English is not your first language.

In terms of daily use, the MyFitnessPal app is great and all until you don’t find the meal you’re looking for in the already available database. We say this because, adding in your own meal is a pain in the butt, as you have to accurately measure the ingredients and then add them inaccurately to calculate the calories of the meal that didn’t even take a minute to gulp down.

On the plus side though, the app supports many other fitness tracking apps like Strava, Google Fit, Fitbit and a bunch of other apps we mentioned in our post – Best Fitness Apps – Link – https://ipadable.com/fitness-apps/ ). This essentially saves you from a lot of hassle that comes in from manually inputting even your activity and exercise data.

The last thing to mention in this general review of MyFitnessPal app is that if you do not buy the premium version you will be swamped with ads everywhere and anywhere, and also some of the features don’t really work without the premium subscription.

These may include even the macros and micro tracking of your food and then some. On the plus side, when you have a premium subscription the app removes ads, gives a 24×7 personal support and adds microelements data, CSV export of your logs and food analysis and a lot more.

4.1. Pros of MyFitnessPal App

It is Very Convenient

The best Part about this app is its convenience, the convenience with which you can enter the food you had and then instantly see all the information like calories and macros right from the app. Add to that the ability to enter recipes manually and then the ability to access them even from a website online and you have one of the most convenient fitness apps available to this day.

Instant Feedback on Diet

Another great thing about the app is that you get an instant feedback on what you just had and the type of nutrients that made up your meal, be it fat, protein or carbs. This constant feedback has actually been scientifically proven to help people lose weight healthily as opposed to the traditional self-reporting approach .

Helps Devise a Personal Weight-Loss Plan

Finally, the ability of the app to devise personal plan for your weight goals based on your current weight, your weight loss/gain pace, activity levels, gender and lifestyle makes it a great app for everyone. The features and diet/training plans can further be modified in line with the recommendations of your dietician or doctor.

4.2. Cons of MyFitnessPal App

Unable to Provide Data from Barcodes

We are going to start off with the most irksome thing about MyFitnessPal app, the app presents the food input from barcodes as its most prominent feature but that very thing translates into its greatest catch.

That’s because, more often than not the app is not able to scan the food from barcodes and constantly keeps asking for updates, which gets really annoying after a while.

Doesn’t Work Without Internet

Another bad thing about MyFitnessPal is that you just cannot log in your meals if you do not have access to an internet access and that coupled with the barcode scanner problem makes it a double whammy.

Can Only Track Calories

The last con of MyFitnessPal app is the very fact that it only tracks calories and doesn’t do more. That is a problem because when it comes to living healthy and losing or gaining weight healthy, you not only need to worry about calories but also the type of food you are getting those calories from.

The percentage of carbs, fats and protein are entirely going to decide whether you are going to take good calories or bad calories in, and therefore decide whether you are going to stay lean and healthy for long or just lean.

We hope this extensive review of MyFitnessPal app helps you make the right decision whether to use the app and if you should consider going premium. For the latter part, you can read the next section of this post highlighting the main features of MyFitnessPal App premium and whether the premium membership is really worth it.

5. MyFitnessPal Premium


If you are wondering whether you should consider going premium with the MyFitnessPal app, we are very sure that the next section of this post is going to help make an informed and smart buying decision. The cost of premium service is $9.99 a month and $49.99 a year for both Android as well as iOS and based on the features that we we are going to list; you will be able to deduce if the features are worth the upgrade.

5.1.  Features of MyFitnessPal Premium

Ad-Free: The best thing about the Premium version of MyFitnessPal app, is hands down, the ad-free experience that makes for a distraction-less experience.

Exclusive Content: You will get access to content and articles that only the premium members can have, and those tips will help you achieve your fitness goals a bit faster.

Food Analysis: You will also get access to service that allow you to cross-check the quality of the food you had and make healthier food decisions on your subsequent meals.

Quick Add Macros: Add macros, that is, the portion of proteins, fats and carbs in your diet with the Quick Add feature.

Different Goals for Days: If you are big fan of cheat days but still conscious about going overboard even on your cheat days, then this feature might just be a savior. With this feature you can set up custom goals for everyday of the weak. This feature can also be used for carb cycling and other diets that need an inconsistent dietary macro approach.

Macros by Meal: Instead of going all the way to the food details, with premium MyFitnesPal app you will be able to see the macro breakdown of your meal right inside your diary.

There are a few more features that you get from MyFitnessPal App but we thought they are not groundbreaking and figured not to mention them in this post.

5.2. MyFitnessPal App Cost

The cost of MyFitnessPal app is $9.99 a month and $49.99 a year for both Android as well as iOS and we think we have covered all the things in the above section for you to decide whether you should go premium or hold on to the free version.

5.3. Is Premium Worth it?

If you are just a beginner in calorie tracking and want to get the gist of it, we suggest you stick to the free version. For professionals and people who are well into the game of calorie tracking and know a bit or lot about macros, portions, micro’s, daily activity goals, we sure think that the premium subscription is worth every penny.

5.4. How to Cancel Premium Membership?

Already subscribed to the premium version before reading this extensive review on MyFitnessPal app? We have you covered too. There are basically three ways to opt out of premium subscription renewal, that you can do anytime before the expected renewal date.

Cancel MyFitnessPal Premium from Web

Log in to http://www.myfitnesspal.com and click “My Home” then “Premium”.

On the Premium detail page, click “Subscription Settings” in the upper right corner.

Set the “Auto-Renewal” menu from “On” to “Off” to opt out of Premium at the end of your current billing cycle.

Cancel MyFitnessPal Premium from iOS

All the premium subscriptions on iOS are maintained through iTunes account control and you can unsubscribe from MyFitnessPal app premium by following the steps listed in the following article. (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039)

Cancel MyFitnessPal Premium from Android

All the premium subscriptions on Android are maintained through Google Play Store account control and you can unsubscribe from MyFitnessPal app premium by following the steps listed in the following article. (https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2476088?hl=en)

6. Apps like MyFitnessPal

If you are a little skeptical about MyFitnessPal app in general and the premium version in particular, there are actually plenty of apps available for Android as well as iOS that do everything that MyFitnessPal app does and then a lot more. In the next section were are going to list some of the best alternative apps fro MyFitnessPal app and we hope that will help you make the right decision.

6.1. MyFitnessPal vs Lose It app


The first thing worth mentioning here is the price difference between the Lose it app and MyFitnessPal app, not much but a difference of $10 for a year can add up to a lot over the years. Apart from having almost all the feature of MyFitnessPal, Lose it actually has an edge, especially when you want to “lose” your weight. These added features have been listed in the next section.

Checking Food Calories is Free with Lose It

Quick add food with calorie and macro breakdown without having to opt for the premium subscription.

Enter Meals from Menu with Lose It

Lose it can find the restaurant you are having your meal in, automatically and help you enter the meals from their menu without having to manually enter them. You can of course search for the restaurant manually if by any chance the GPS is not able to accurately locate the restaurant.

Lose it is Better at Guessing the Food Type

Unlike MyFitnessPal that only works on barcodes, Lose It does a pretty good job at guessing the type of food you are having by analyzing the photo you take of it.

Finding the Right Food is Easier with Lose It

Lose it also features illustrations and custom photos of foods, this will allow you to browse and find the right food quicker than MyFitnessPal.

Lose It is Not Multi-Device

The only edge that MyFitnessPal has over Lose it is that the former is multi-device connected while the latter can only be used as a standalone app.

6.2. S Health vs MyFitnessPal


S Health is a calorie and activity tracking app form Samsung and does a lot of stuff like MyFitnessPal, only it is a lot intuitive, easy to use and absolutely free of cost. We are going to list some of the features that make this app standout from MyFitnessPal and certainly gives it an added advantage.

S Health is Gamified

The app calculates the steps, distance traveled and calories burnt using the sensors of your smartphone throughout the day. The app also gives you a digital trophy when you have attained the steps goal you set up initially. Add to that the graphs you get access to that give you a constant feedback to keep you on the move and you have one the best pedometers right there.

S Health Integrates Music into Your Workout

In addition to tracking your walking and running sessions, the app also lets you track your other outdoor cardio sessions like cycling, hiking, and more through your phone’s inbuilt GPS locator. You can also get audio cues to maintain your activity and goals, and the ability to integrate music and push song motivates you to push harder.

Utilizes the Heart Rate Monitoring Feature of Phones

If you already have Heart Rate tracking feature on your smartphone, like Samsung Galaxy S6 and onward models, tracking your heart rate will be accurate right from the comforts of this app. All you have to do is, place your finger on the sensor and the heart rate will be monitored instantly.

S Health’s Food Database is More Extensive

The food database is extensive in S health too, you can find almost every food from the large database, and where you can’t find one, unlike MyFitnessPal, adding your own food is very easy with this one. The cherry on top is the apps ability to give you a round estimate of your macros as well as micronutrients so you stay on top of your tracking game.

S Health has a Coaching Feature

The coaching feature in this app is something you can’t even fathom in MyFitnessPal, the app presents you with a bunch of questions and when you answer them honestly, the app provides a feedback on your exercise, sleep, food, stress, and weight. Based on this score, you can take a cue and plan everything accordingly.

S Health Helps You See How Good Your Current Diet Is

The last bit is a minor feature but nevertheless worth a mention, the app also lets you input your weight so you get a clear understanding of how things are going and whether your current plan of action is helping you shed some inches around the waist or at least showing some improvement in the balance.

6.3. Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal


LifeSum is another great app for tracking exercises and food, and fares very well when compared neck to neck with MyFitnessPal. There are some things however that set it apart from MyFitnessPal and we have mentioned them in the next section of this post.

Lifesum has a Simpler Design

When you compare the homepage for MyFitnessPal vs Lifesum, you instantly feel the difference. While the former looks a bit daunting to use, the latter has a clear advantage with its simple design and no redundant newsfeed.

Lifesum’s Feedback is Instant

The feedback is also instant on Lifesum and provides visual as well as graphical information as soon as you log in your meal or exercise.

Lifesum is Less Intuitive

Lifesum also provides information about how much food you should take at every meal and breaks it down into sufficient chunks as breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. However, MyFitnessPal has a better way to present all the data, in a way that is standard and thus intuitive.

6.4. MyFitnessPal vs Sparkpeople


The main feature that sets SparkPeople apart from MyFitnessPal or from any fitness app for that matter is the integration of success stories of people who have lost weight or developed better eating habits, which eventually leads to “Sparking” people into following their goals. Apart from that, the app also has several unique features up its sleeve that we are going to breakdown in the next section.

SparkPeople Gets the Bar Code Wrong Sometimes

The barcode scanner works like a charm on SparkPeople, but it gets foods wrong though, something that can be said for MyFitnessPal too.

SparkPeople Doesn’t Distract You

The design is more friendly and easy to interact with without all the distractions and ads.

SparkPeople Show a Calorie Range

SparkPeople gives you a range of calories as against the precise calorie intake goal of MyFitnessPal, which is essentially a double edged sword, depending on how you wish to see it.

SparkPeople is More Intuitive

The meal log in by weight is a drag in SparkPeople while MyFitnessPal can do it, albeit, after you spend quite some time looking for the right option.

Save Recipes with SparkPeople

SparkPeople also doesn’t save your recipes from app per se, you need to work your way on a computer or you can just use MyFitnessPal, where such things become extremely easy.

MyFitnessPal is More Motivating than SparkPeople

A deal breaker that favors MyFitnessPal is the fact that at the end of the day, when you are done with logging everything, the app projects what your weight would be if you follow the same pattern. That is a lot motivating for most people and makes room for a lot of healthy habits.

7. FAQs Regarding MyFitnessPal

7.1. How To Logout Of MyFitnessPal App?

If you want to logout of MyFitnessApp to unlink your FitBit or make a new account for some reason, the process of Logging our of MyFitnessPal is quite easy.

For Android and iOS app: Go to the Menu on the App>Settings and then tap on the Log Out button.

On The Web version: The Log Out link can be found at the top right corner of each page.

7.2. How Much Does MyFitnessPal App Cost?

As mentioned earlier in the post, the cost of MyFitnessPal apps is $9.99 a month and $49.99 a year for both Android as well as iOS.

7.3. How To Delete MyFitnessPal App?

The easiest way to delete MyFitnessPal app from your Android Device and iOS device is mentioned below:

Android: To Delete the app from Android device, simply tap and hold the MyFitnessApp icon from your app drawer and drag it to the Delete Button (Sometimes shown as a Trash Can) and proceed with the permission.

iOS: Tap and Hold the MyFitnessPal icon until you see it wobbling and with a small red cross mark at the top right corner of the app icon. Tap on this x sign and the app will be deleted from your device.

7.4. How to Reset MyFitnessPal App?

In case you messed up your diet or exercise data and wish to give your calorie tracking through MyFitnessPal a fresh start, follow the procedure laid down below.

There is not really a way to reset the account on MyFitnessPal as mentioned on their official website. But they recommend you delete your account entirely.

It should be noted however that if you are a premium member, you will lose your benefits as the membership is non-transferable. 

So, you might want to wait until the subscription is over, if you still wish to continue, you can delete you account by:

  1. Clicking on My Home > Settings > Delete Account.
  2. Alternatively, if you would prefer to update your profile, click “My Home” then “Settings” then “Update diet/fitness profile” to set a new starting weight and goal weight. Make sure you hit the green “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.

We hope this extensive post on MyFitnessPal review and everything else helped you reach a decision or at least gave you a know-how about the app. If you would like us to write an in-depth review of any other app, feel free to reach to us.

35+ No Non-Sense Fitness Apps You Can Try Right Now


Health is an essential part of life and everyone wants to take care of it. But the problem is that more often than not, it is hard to be or stay motivated to do things that keep us healthy. Procrastination usually sets in every time we think of exercising or anything related to good health.

fitness apps

Fortunately, there are enough big brains in the fitness and technology industry that have combined the both of these extremes to come up with Fitness apps that essentially are the embodiment of technological excellence.

Fitness Apps were designed for computers at first, but because of their least portability, they did not get the attention they truly deserved.

In came smartphones and tablets and forever changed the fitness apps scenario by inculcating fitness apps, workout apps and workout trackers that could now be accessed from anywhere and everywhere.

This feature alone makes fitness apps a go to for your health solutions, especially when you are on the run and don’t have access to a gym or something of that sort.

Some of these fitness apps come with body weight strength workouts, conditioning exercises, cardiovascular activities while on the other end of the spectrum there are apps that track your activities like running, cycling and even hiking.

Considering the fact that there is an innumerable number of fitness apps available in the market, we decided to let go of any iPad bias and include all the best fitness apps that are currently in the market. These apps range right from mild trackers to the more exhaustive exercise circuit trainers.

What’s more is that you can have a PodCast app running in the background and kill two birds with one stone and be more productive.

With all that in mind, the rest of the post is going to deal with the Best Fitness Apps in the market for all devices, including iPad, iPhone, and even Android phones.


Gym Fitness Apps

The first in our category are gym fitness apps that are designed to take care of all your gym needs. These apps come with features like gym specific exercises, proper posture during exercises, a bunch of gym related tips and then a bit more. So without going into all the technicalities, we present to you the 5 Best Gym Fitness Apps.

Workout Trainer


As the name quite implies, the fitness app gives you access to abundant workout routines and programs fit for goals ranging right from conditioning to some serious muscle building. The app comes in with a step-by-step guide about exercises and workouts with inbuilt audio and video instructions.

Also Check: Video of Workout Trainer App in Action

In addition, you can also create your custom program and share it with the world or you can just download programs shared by anyone around the world.

Fitted Lifts


This app certainly passes the benchmark of being the best professional bodybuilding gym fitness app. We say this because the apps main feature is to easily look log in your sets and then calculate the time between each set that removes all the guesswork. The app also lets you target a specific muscle group and provides information about the frequency of exercise for that muscle group.

21 Day Shred

Want to get that beach body as soon as possible? 21-Day Shred has you covered. Created by Mike Simone, this app gives you access to both a diet chart as well as workout regimen you can follow in and out of the gym.


The app provides full video training guidelines which you can follow in the gym while the low carb diet can be followed out of the gym, which eventually translated into a chiseled body in just 21 days.

Note: This app only works if you have a body fat percentage in the range of 15-22%. But you can follow the same program for longer to get better results with a higher fat percentage.


JEFIT is probably the most extensive gym fitness apps because of the wholesome features it includes under one roof. The app is incredible for people looking to strength training and bodybuilding. The app does so by loading thousands of exercises from its database and comes with detailed instructions for each body part.

In addition, the app also comes in with a workout planner, exercise log, progress tracker, numerous times and options and synchronization with your JEFIT profile.

StrongLifts 5×5

StrongLifts 5×5 is as simple as its name, it basically challenges you to do 5 sets of 5 reps of five free weight exercises. The 5 main exercise is bench press, deadlift, overhead press, squat and barbell row. All these workouts are done in 45 minutes’ duration, three times a week.

When you confidently succeed with the workout schedule the app plots a graph of your progress and even unlocks some new exercises when you have reached a certain level of strength. Even if you are a beginner, the app has you covered as it also gives access to full video tutorials perfect exercise form.

You are Your Own Gym


Here is a gym app that is not actually about the gym, but only better. With over 200 exercises that don’t require any equipment, you will be able to chip in a quick gym like a workout, anywhere.

Fitness Tracking Apps – Running and Cycling Tracking Apps

Fitness tracking apps are designed to track your activity, whether it is in the form of running, cycling or even hiking. Tracking an activity through your fitness trackers or your smartphone’s in-built gyroscope and sensors are fairly famous these days, not only because of their ease of use but also because of accuracy.

There is a catch, however, the catch is that there are just so many of such tracking fitness apps available in the market that it becomes daunting to pick up the best one for your smartphone.

In the next section of this post, we are going to try and rectify that very problem by presenting to you the 10 Best Fitness Tacking apps available for both Apple as well as Android devices.


The first one in our list is probably the best fitness tracking app, and it should be, as it has been created by one of the biggest names in the fitness industry (Under Armour). With this app, you will be able to track more than 600 forms of activity spread and synced over 400 different devices to give you a comprehensive picture of your athletic performance.


Set new personal goals with the inbuilt features while the app calculates distance, speed, and calories burned through its GPS-based workout tracking mechanism. The cherry on top is the apps compatibility with Apple watch and other Android wearable devices for a more precise activity tracking.

Nike+ Run Club


I have been personally using this app for almost a decade now and have to say that it does not disappoint when it comes to just tracking your runs. The newest update of this app connects you with fitness coaches and celebrities who provide you with workouts that focus on strength, endurance, or mobility with three levels of difficulties.

The best part about this app though is that it gives you audio cues so your main focus remains on workouts instead of your phone’s screen.

Strava Running and Cycling

If you prefer to chip in your cardio in the form of both running and cycling and don’t want two separate apps for both, then Strava is probably your best bet. This run and cycling fitness tracking app adds some simple and exciting features to your mundane runs so you stay on top of your fitness game.


In addition to tracking your running stats like speed, distance, elevation, the time that was taken, and the course that was taken – the app also highlights your achievements on leaderboards and presents you with new challenges that always keeps you on the move.


This one is for people whose most of activity happens on a cycle and certainly for people who are prepping for a cycling competition.


All its cycling specific features make it probably the best cycling tracking fitness app available in the market and more so because the app provides mid-workout feedback to enhance performance.

The app is also able to track and record power and cadence along with weather conditions and heart rate. The app automatically pauses as you pause cycling and gives users the freedom to set up intervals or tempo of the workouts.


If you are into hiking and want to track it to the dot, then AllTrails might just be the one for you. With this app, you will be able to find over 50,000 hiking as well as mountain biking trails throughout North-America. The trails can be further filtered on the basis of their friendliness to dogs, children and even wheel-chair.


The app also provides driving directions to all trailheads and ensures you don’t ever get lost in the process. It goes without saying that the app is also able to calculate distance, speed, elevation and the maximum height of your hiking sessions.

Charity Miles

Running is all good and everything for your health, but how much more satisfying would those sessions be if they could be for something bigger than those tiring running sessions?


Charity Miles works on that very concept, that is, every time you run, walk or bicycle using this app a few cents are donated by sponsors for every mile you run.

All you have to do is select the charities you wish to contribute in and hit the road, the sponsors will club all the money together and fetch it to the charity you selected.

Digifit iCardio


Digifit iCardio is for people who believe that real fitness tracking requires heart rate monitoring and also for people who don’t have access to an accelerometer or GPS. You can pair this app with any heart rate monitoring device and the app will give you output about all the necessary stats about your heart rate and even distance, time and pace.


endomondo fitness app

A little something on the lighter and simpler side of fitness tracking apps. The app has a minimal and subtle interface that allows you to track your runs, walks and biking sessions fairly easily and definitely a lot accurately.


You might already be aware of Fitbit as a fitness tracking band, but did you know that the Fitbit app is able to log in your steps and a bunch of other stuff directly through the app as well?


The app uses your smartphone’s inbuilt sensors to log in your step count, calculate calories burnt, and even manually track your heart rate and blood glucose levels. Needless to say that the app works a lot better when you have an actual Fitbit.

Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro is for people who need a little bit of motivation and a plan of action to get through their running sessions. With audio cues, workout programs and all the essential walk and run-tracking nitty-gritty, this app will surely motivate you to run that extra mile to achieve your fitness goals. However, instead of relying on the in-app purchase we recommend you make a one-time payment of $4.99 to enjoy the full benefits.

Calorie Tracking Fitness Apps

If your goal is to lose weight or even to gain muscles, tracking your calories is one of the most important things that can help you achieve both of these goals.

Calories Tracking fitness apps basically allow you to enter a food you just ate or wish to eat and shows you the macros of the meal, plus the total calories in the food.

If you don’t know what macros mean, macros are three major portions of any meal, Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and while you might need to up your protein intake during muscle building or weight loss, it is imperative to also take note of your carbs and fats.

You can either go on for hours searching for the right macros and calories of your food on Google, or you can alternatively find apps that do the same job, and sometimes a lot better with a bunch of other useful features.

Keeping all those necessities of calories tracking fitness apps in mind, in the next section of this post we have collected 7 Best Calories tracking fitness apps for both Apple as well as Android devices.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal passes all the criterion for being the best calorie tracking fitness app. This is mainly because of the huge database of 6 Million foods already available and being enhanced every passing day. You can just type in the food you are having and the app will provide you with all the data like calories and macros on that very meal.


The app also allows you to input a meal using the barcode scanner and the best part is that the app synchronizes with your Fitness trackers like Strava, Fitbit, MapMyFitness and the like to help you with your calorie deficit or surplus goals.


Fooducate is so much more than a typical calorie counter, besides doing the tracking the app also coaches you on real-food diet options. All you have to do is enter your activity level, dietary goals, desired weight loss, or health condition and the app will come up with a diet plan that is highly customizable.


With this app you will also be able to track your sleep, mood and hunger levels, all of which have been proven to consequently affect food intake. The best part though is that the app can scan the barcode of any food in the supermarket and give you a warning about any harmful ingredients like preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial sweeteners, gluten, etc., and then suggest better and healthier options.


Athleats is for professional athletes in particular and fitness aficionados in general. The app in addition to keeping track of your calories will also help you plan meals certain days in advance and build grocery list for delicious recipes that come bundled with this app.

To give you a gist about the recipes, the app houses an extensive list of over 60,000 recipes with full nutritional values to track your calories and macros.

Lose it! 

Lose it, as is quite implicit by its name, has been meticulously designed to help you with your weight loss goals. The app does so by setting up your current weight and the target weights, height, gender, and gives you to freedom to decide your desired weight loss pace.


The app then assigns you calorie budget for each day. You can further input your meals manually or by using a barcode and everything, right from macros to micronutrients will be logged into your app and presented as a beautiful and comprehensive graph.

Noom Coach

Noom Coach is mostly like the other apps listed in this section of calorie tracking fitness apps and that’s one of the reasons why we decided to end this section with it.


You simply set your current weight and the desired weight goal and the app give you a full-blown calorie budget.

The feature, that sets it apart from the rest of the apps though is its ability to categories food into three different colors, green, yellow and red with their respective recommendations to eat 30% from green, 45% from yellow and only 25% from the red-tagged foods.

Weight Loss Fitness Apps

There are plenty of Weight Loss fitness apps available in the market for both iPhone, iPad and all the android devices.

But, a lot of them actually come with jargons and technicalities that a lot of us mere mortals are not able to comprehend and thus consequently making the process of losing weight a lot more daunting.

In the next section of this post, we will try to address that very problem by only giving you summaries of the top 5 best weight loss fitness apps that will help you achieve that aesthetic physique you always wanted.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

We have mentioned this app earlier, and we mention it again because one of most important aspect of losing weight is diet and this app will surely help you with that.


The app uses your age, gender, height, current weight, time frame and desired weight goals to devise a best-suited plan customized for your personal targets. It checks your daily calorie input, your exercise calorie burn and then provides a comprehensive list of things you should or shouldn’t do to reach your mark.

Traffic Light Food Tracker


Classifying food according to its value has never been easier. This Food tracker developed by Obesity Policy Coalition compares packed food depending on salt, fat, sugar content per 100g and then deems the respective food as highly fatty- (red), moderately fatty (amber) and low fat (Green). This, in essence, keeps you off from wrongly claimed fat-free food and eventually helps you lose that fat around your waistline.

Easy Diet Dairy

This one is for really ambitious trainees desiring to lose fat by limiting and keeping track of daily junk. Click a Photo of your meal, upload using this app and it will be automatically organized in a food diary for future references and allowable food limits.

Cardio trainer

Nothing burns fat faster than Cardio and nothing helps you do it better than this Daily Cardio Workout weight loss app. With on-screen instructions and timer, this app is set to provide you video Cardio exercise tutorials from trained professionals for fast weight loss.

The app generates 5-10 minute cardio workout, which if taken regularly after proper intervals will whip you into shape right from the comforts of your home.

Lose it

Lose it! is both simple and effective with its quick dietary and workout logs. You have to enter a few details about yourself, followed by a weight goal and this app will help you achieve it well within the time frame of your choosing.

The seamless connectivity with people, devices, and food information makes it one of the best result driven sustained weight loss app.

Home Workout Fitness Apps

This section of this post is going to be for creative procrastinators, we say this because it takes a bit of creativity to put off your workout routine every time there is an opportunity to hit the gym.

For such people, Home workout fitness apps are a perfect solution, especially because they allow you to squeeze in a quick workout whenever you have time in your daily busy schedule.

These apps range from the basic cardio exercises, stretches to more demanding strength exercises, so we are sure there is something for everybody.


I am a big fan of Sworkit, apart from using Nike+ Running for a decade now, this app is my personal favorite. There are a lot of reasons for that, one of the most important being the ability to input the time you have for a workout, the level of intensity and the rest periods between each exercise to prevent you from running out of breath.


You can choose from a variety of options, ranging right from strength, yoga, practice cardio to stretches and Pilates. If you have a few family members to work with you, the app also has a unique boot camp feature to keep you all motivated for a strenuous workout at home or in your garden.

Runtastic Sit-Ups Pro

Everyone wants those ripped beach-ready abs as quickly as possible and everyone knows it needs discipline, determination and above all a hardcore workout plan. And when it comes to abs, there is no better exercise than the conventional sit-ups that swirl the abdominal muscles, oblique’s, love handles, Adonis belt and everything related to beautiful ripped abs.

Runtastic sit-ups do that fantastically by providing a 3 level sports science program customized for every single user and keeps track of your sit-ups using your smartphone’s accelerometer.

The data is then calibrated, shared and tracked for sustained motivation and eventual improvement.

Daily Yoga

It would be unfair if we did not mention something as important as Yoga in-home workout fitness apps. And Daily Yoga seems to be the best app in this category considering its huge content and the fact that it is free.

It offers various certified Yoga instructions as per needs and capabilities of an end user.  There are over 200 well-detailed Yoga exercises accompanied by soft voice guide and graceful yoga background music for complete relaxation and lifestyle improvement.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

If all you have are 7 minutes for a quick workout, you can use this functional app that comes with customized workouts to give you a tremendous burn in just 7 minutes.


Besides the routine for beginners, the app also lets you choose a more strenuous and challenging workout routine, all of which last only 7 minutes and can be used as many times during the day as you like.

FitStar Personal Trainer

FitStar was introduced by former NFL Player Tony Gonzalez and later sold off to Fitbit. And as the name quite suggests, this app has been designed keeping in view the need of a personal trainer for achieving fitness goals. The app provides workout routine on two times per week basis and therefore leaves no room for alibis, even for the greatest laggards.

Honorable Mentions: Miscellaneous Fitness Apps

The last section of this post is going to cover fitness apps that can’t be confined to a category but are still worth mentioning and will help you live an overall healthy life.

Fitness Builder

A free app designed for fitness enthusiasts and beginners as well. You get access to a vast source of inspiration and workouts with more than 5,600 exercises presented in the form of images and videos. You can also opt for personal trainer advice for personalized workout sessions.

Nike Boom

A simple and inspiring App from Nike with more than 60 workout sessions designed specifically to tone up your body. The seamless music integration with workout session makes it a must-have for everyone looking to stay fit and enjoy it at the same time.


Compiled by famous fitness professional Jeffery Back, this Fitness app contains workouts, exercises, schedules, and individual body part exercises designed precisely for lean muscle growth, weak point eradication, and overall fitness improvement.

You can also calculate the resting metabolic rate for calorie management that eventually helps you to either gain or lose weight.  It can also keep track of your workouts and progress for complete guidance and sustained motivation.


If you are looking for some real fitness improvement or goal-oriented fitness program, Fitocracy has you covered. It has schedules, workouts, plans, progress traction, professional advice about exercise/nutrition, levels for conditioned motivation, competition and just about everything you can demand.

It is particularly more helpful if you are looking forward to winning a marathon, losing weight or succeeding any such fitness goals.


This Meditation app by Red Hammer Software relaxes, soothes, relieves stress, alleviates anxiety and sometimes even provides peace of mind, happiness with its enchanting euphony list.


The soundboard contains 80 peaceful meditation numbers for quality meditation, relaxation, yoga, physiotherapy, or spa therapy. There are plenty of other features embedded in this app that overall make it worth a buy.


Custom hypnosis can be used for an array of daily problems and although doing it under the guidance of a proper professional is advised, trying a custom hypnosis app won’t hurt.

You can use this app to relieve yourself from habits like smoking, insomnia or find the motivation to exercise and improve overall health.

Olay UV Monitor

A little something for your healthy and beautiful skin from Olay. It uses the local real-time UV-Level information to help you choose the right SPF and moisturizer for your skin. Although it seems like a mundane simple idea, on the ground it can protect quite substantially and even potentially save you from inadvertent skin cancer.

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We hope you enjoyed our extensive list of Fitness apps, use them and enjoy a healthy life. If you have any personal favorites that we forgot to mention, feel free to reach us.

100+ Seriously Awesome iPad Pro Wallpapers


Looking for some seriously breathtaking iPad Pro Wallpapers?

Look no more because you have found the ultimate resource for making your iPad Pro stand out from the crowd with these ultra-high quality wallpapers.

Since the release of the very first iPad back in 2010, there have been many improvements, to the point that some of them even represent the triumph of being the perfect hybrid of a tablet and a laptop.

Something along those lines is the iPad Pro series that comes with all the bells and whistles of a premium device on top of a lot of elegance.


If you are already a proud owner of any of the iPad Pro series, you must already be aware of the brilliance and sharpness of the display this device carries.

And it would be bonkers to lose all this beauty to ugly wallpapers.

Keeping that in mind, in this post we have collected the best wallpapers for all iPad Pro models, which include the iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5 and the mighty iPad Pro 12.9.

So, irrespective of the type of iPad Pro you own, we are sure you won’t leave this page without at least a few best wallpapers for your iPad Pro.

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Wallpapers

Kicking this iPad Pro wallpapers post right with the most basic iPad in the Pro line, the iPad Pro 9.7. We have divided the wallpapers into a few sections so you will be able to directly sift through the categories that you are into.

Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7 

Official wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7 are the most basic wallpapers you can find anywhere on the Internet. They have a tinge of elegance and a bit of Apple touch to them, which makes them all the more elegant and desirable.

We rummaged thoroughly through the entire world web and found a few noteworthy Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7 to be included in this list, and we hope you will love at least a few of them.


4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7

4K is the new thing in display aesthetics these days and it is no surprise that people have actually created innumerable 4K wallpapers for almost every device that has one, and also some that even don’t have a 4K display per se, and that includes iPad Pro 9.7.

If you wish to up your wallpaper game, having a 4K Wallpaper for your iPad is sure going to satiate that very appetite. So buckle up, the next section is going to be a treat for your eyes.


HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7

HD wallpapers fall a bit short in terms of quality when you compare theme neck to neck with 4K wallpapers, but nonetheless, the sheer quality and size of them are good enough to enhance the wallpaper game on your iPad Pro 9.7.

iPad Pro 10.5 Wallpapers

With a display size of 10.5 inches, this iPad Pro packs a punch in terms of display specs. With a resolution of 2224 × 1668 px and 264ppi this display is going to do justice with almost any wallpaper you throw on it.

Except if the wallpapers are excruciatingly boring and with no contrast at all, then even this beautiful display won’t be able to help. But you know what can help? The wallpapers we have collected in the next section of this post made exclusively for iPad Pro 10.5.

Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5

A bunch of wallpapers that have a touch of Apple elegance is what Official Wallpaper for iPad Pro 10.5 stand for. All these wallpapers are super minimalistic and almost match the already ingenious design of an iPad.


4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5

 4K wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5 look a bit more stylish on this bigger iPad and thus keeping in view that enormity of this device and spec bump, in the next section you are going to find some of the best iPad Pro 10.5 wallpapers that push the pixels and look absolutely fabulous.


HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5

HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5 have been collected in the next section keeping in mind the aesthetic appetite of most of the people who own this humongous device. These wallpapers might not be 4K sharp, but they sure do justice, especially because there are many options to choose from.

iPad Pro 12.9 Wallpapers

iPad Pro 12.9 is by far the biggest in iPad series, and that includes the Pro series, and it would be extremely naïve if you do not put an elegant wallpaper for this exquisite beast. There are a bunch of options available for you to choose from and irrespective of what you are looking for, we are sure you will find at least one best iPad Pro 12.9 wallpapers in the next section from the categories that are available.

Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9

If you are a fan of minimalism and therefore like almost everything Apple has to offer then Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9 might just be for you. These wallpapers are very subtle and redefine what it means to stay simple and stylish, all at the same time.


4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9

4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9 are very sharp and they probably look the best on this huge device. This is not only because of its huge 2732×2048 resolution and 264-pixel density but also because everything looks so much better on a bigger display. Keeping all that in mind, the next section is going to focus on 4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9.

Update: On request of our viewers, we have cropped these 4K wallpapers down to 2732 x 2732px to fit the iPad Pro 12.9’s screen perfectly. This was done to reduce file-size and because anything above that is not required at all for the device.


HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9 

HD Wallpapers might not be as good as 4K wallpapers but the fact that there are a plethora of options available in this niche gives them an automatic advantage. And it goes without saying that these wallpapers also look much more vibrant on an iPad Pro 12.9 because of its big display and high resolution.

How to Create Your Own iPad Pro Wallpaper

You would think that creating wallpaper for iPad Pro is as simple as cropping it to the desired resolution, Right? Wrong!

Well, there is more to it than just simple cropping; this is because when creating your own iPad Pro Wallpaper, you don’t only have to keep in mind the resolution but also the orientation.

Simply put, when you put a wallpaper on an iPad Pro, it is able to adjust the resolution according to the orientation of the device, that is, between it’s 1024 (2048) tall and 768 (1536) pixels wide in portrait mode and 768 (1536) tall and 1024 (2048) pixels in landscape mode.

To take care of this problem, you will need to follow the directions written in the next section and all the custom wallpapers will be at your disposal.

Step 1: Open an image editing software that has at least the basic editing options, we are going to use Photoshop for this purpose, but anything with the basic features, like cropping, will do just fine.

Step 2: Create a new image in a square with edges of 1024 x 1024 (2732 x 2732 for the new iPad Pro 12.9).


Step 3: Now depending on what you consider the most important part of your image, you want to crop that part so that it is visible at the center.

Step 4: The last step is to save the image at 264 dpi and you are all set to transfer your very own wallpaper and use it on your iPad Pro.

We hope you liked the wallpaper for iPad Pro models enlisted in this post and also the bonus tip on creating your own iPad Pro wallpaper if you have a better wallpaper on your device or a better way to make a wallpaper for iPad Pro, feel free to share with us.

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The 50 Best Cydia Apps for iPad


No matter how ingenious of a device Apple makes, be it a MacBook, iMac or iOS device, there is always scope for improvement.

One of the most perturbing problems with Apple devices, iOS devices, in particular, is that there is not much freedom in terms of what you can do on your iPhone or iPad.


This is further mangled by the fact that almost every good app in the AppStore is paid and thus puts a lot of people in ambiguity about whether to buy it or not.

Thankfully, there are a lot of talented people who care about a lot of such people and have thus Jailbroken iOS. Jailbreak essentially means to unlock the iOS of your iPad or iPhone so that it is able to run a lot of free apps and also give you access to a bunch of customizations which are otherwise not possible.

One of the strongest suits of Jailbreak is Cydia apps, there are innumerable Cydia apps that are equivalent to paid apps found in the AppStore and sometimes even give those apps a run for their money, except, of course, they are absolutely free.

The only problem though is that picking up the worthy ones is a cumbersome chore, so in this post, we have tried to eliminate just that by enlisting the very Best Cydia Apps for iPad as well as iPhone.

Cream 2


2017 is all about being vibrant and colorful and if you believe that then Cream 2 is an app you must give a goat. The app basically transforms your toggles and control center into a colorful treat by giving you ample options to customize colors for each toggle.



Winterboard adds to the style front of your iPad and iPhone by providing fully customizable themes with an attached string of awe. You can fiddle around the lock screen, themes, status bar, and springboard, to name a few.

There is also a wide list of Pre-designed Themes you can add as often as you like to transform the look and feel of your device. WinterBoard can be directly downloaded from Cydia by searching for it and then clicking on Download after which Cydia will reboot your iDevice.



Besides being a fast File explorer, this Cydia app has a built-in image viewer, audio and video player with support for most of the file formats. You can also view documents like HTML, Microsoft file type, PDF and ZIP pack and unpack files from within the explorer. The ability to download and upload files from iFile’s built-in web server makes it a perfect file explorer for your iPad and iPhone as well.

3D Touch Notifications

A cool new feature for iOS10 and above, this Cydia app feature allows you to employ 3D touch feature on apps and toggles. This translates into the ability to preview and take actions using 3D touch without actually having to open the app all the time.


sara-cydia-appSara is a Voice assistant alternative (Siri) for non-iPhone 4s users and works well with iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 1G and iPod touch 4G. On the graphical and User Interface front, it resembles Siri but has much more functions and commands up its sleeve than its respective counterpart.

You can install Sara on your Jailbroken iPad by navigating to Cydia>Manage> Sources. After tapping on Edit, a dialogue box will pop up where you will have to enter the URL http://isoftjsc.com. From the Repos that now Show up, select the one that matches your iDevice, restart and you are ready to use Sara on your iPad. Alternatively, you can install Sara manually using iFile.



Apple unveiled Mac OS styled dock in iOS11, but if you are still on iOS 10 and want to have this features inculcated in your iPad or iPhone, the harbor has you covered. This app allows you insert a Mac-styled dock on your iOS device from where you can easily access apps without having to go to the menu all the time.

ProTube HD

With its impressive features, Protube HD is specifically designed for iPad and is so much better than the default iOS Youtube app.

In addition to having all the typical Youtube features like comments, share, view and rate, Protube HD provides additional features like HD and SD Video Downloads, High-quality Mp3 Downloads, HD streaming, Video management and simultaneous Video stream and download.

The interface is nice and clean – showing size, date, length and a thumbnail for saved Videos and finally, the AirPlay support makes the app a must-have for iPad.


The Appendix is available for iOS 8 and 10 and works like a charm on any iDevice. The app basically works like a 3D touch and allows you access app folders and options right from the app preview when you touch an hold the supported app.

RecognizeMe 2.0

With better recognition algorithms and drastic speed improvements, this Biometric face recognition app for iPad and iPhone transforms your front facing camera into an effective security solution.

You can press the alternate tab on the lock screen to use the facial recognition feature provided by this best cydia app to unlock your iPad. The app is accurate, secures your device smartly and even if you are locked out of your device the alternate PIN code can be entered to retrieve access.



Postman works just like a digital Postman, and it saves you time. Instead of refreshing your email in the email app every time, this Cydia app keeps you posted about your emails automatically.


Another useful Cydia app that provides access to various functions and features from the lockscreen of your Jailbroken iOS device. You can access notifications, weather and add some downloadable shortcut widgets to the lock screen for faster access to apps.


Applocker works just the way it is supposed to, it allows you to lock individual apps using a highly secure password. The best thing though is that you can even lock apps using Touch ID.

AirBlue Sharing


AirBlue alleviates the iOS users file sharing grievances by enabling Bluetooth transfer of almost all the file types over a Bluetooth connection. You can share files like Notes, Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts or Voice Memos with any device running an iOS, Android or any other platform, as long as it supports Bluetooth connectivity.

To install AirBlue you can navigate to Default BigBoss repository and search for AirBlue Sharing, Purchase and install this handy best Cydia app.


Another app locking software to help you secure individual apps like Photos, eMail, Dropbox and more. The selling point of this app though is that it is able to integrate Touch ID into almost every app that you wish to secure.


MyWi is a free Cydia app that enables you to create an instant iPad Wi-Fi HotSpot which can then be used by other devices for internet access. You can effectively connect iPhone, iPad, Laptop or any other Wi-Fi device to this iPad HotSpot and enjoy fast internet access using the iPad’s data connection.


Another great tool for Video enthusiasts and Youtube aficionados in particular. This simple and best Cydia app adds a direct download button to your Youtube app so you can easily watch it offline, not only through the native Youtube app but from other video players as well.


By default, Nitro is only active on iOS apps like Safari and iBooks which in fact is the main reason for swift functioning and responsiveness of these apps.

Nitrous Cydia app extends this service to other heavy apps like Google Chrome, Facebook etc., by dramatically improving JavaScript performance in these apps, the overall effect of which is a smooth and flawless experience.



Many iOS apps are designed for iPhone and the retina enabled apps and games add another touch of graphical prodigy to these apps which eventually builds up into envy for iPad users.

RetinaPad provides the solution for iPad users running iPhone retina apps by blowing the Apps and games into 2x mode without pixelating the screen and maintaining the resolution meanwhile.


Another little Cydia tweaks along the lines of resolution. This cydia app allows you to easily upscale the apps on your iPhone or iPad into something that is visually appealing and sharp to every pixel


You can set up any trigger button like Home, Sleep, Volume or even the iPad shake to bring forward the screen where you can then draw gestures to execute numerous commands and functions.

You can launch applications, specific tweaks, perform many in-app functions and system actions too. The activator can be found in BigBoss Cydia repository.

Browser Changer

If you are not a big fan of the apple’s default Safari browser and want to escape the coercion of having that as the default browser, this cydia tweak has you covered. With this Cydia app, you will be able to set any third-party browser as your default browser.



Veency can be used to access and control your iPad or iPhone from your Computer over a common Wi-Fi connection. You can reply to notifications, messages, change music, Volume, and control almost everything on your iPad from most of the Computer OS including other iDevices after installing a VNC viewer on your computer.


This cydia app will add weather update and a clock to your lock screen. In addition to that, the app will also show animations according to the most recent weather update, like it will show a splash or rain if it is actually raining or going to rain anytime soon.


Auxo brings life to mundane app switcher with its numerous features, toggles, and functions. The standard icon view transforms into diminutive preview app cards that can be removed with a swipe, multiple apps can be removed with multiple gestures and even all of the apps can be cleared from app switcher with just a single tap.

Improved audio controls, details, preview and direct System Setting shortcuts makes this one of the best Cydia apps for all iOS devices in general but iPad in particular.


Unsize is a great little Cydia tweak that allows you to easily see the memory usage of the app that you wish to crosscheck. To do so, you simply need to tap and hold on the app and just near the x (Close) button, you will be able to see the current usage of that particular app.

Springtomize 2

As the name suggests, Springtomize completely enables you to customize springboard (Screen with all the app icons). There are plenty of options at your disposal to modify and improve even the minute details of Springboard.


If you travel between countries or need to access region specific app stores on your iPad or iPhone, this app is will be your savior. It simply allows you to choose a different country from within the App store by tapping on the notified button.

AdBlocker 1.40

The ugliest thing that can happen to your stylish iPad or iPhone is getting swarmed with redundant adds.  AdBlocker has just the right tweak to block ads from Safari and other applications to reduce data usage and speed up the things around while you are at it.

It also permits you to block image based ads and can be installed from Cydia under BigBoss Repo.


If you happen to have apple AirPods at your disposal, you can actually enhance its gesture feature. By default, the gestures on AirPods only allow for toggling between Siri but with Siliqua, you can program AirPods to handle song change, rewind/forward, and increase/decrease volume as well.



This iPad Cydia app clears all the unnecessary apps and processes running on your iOS device with just a single tap. You can access it from Springboard or from any terminal app to clean cookies, history, cache, temporary files, snapshots, log files, partial file downloads, disabled Cydia sources and you can also use it to wipe completely a specific file type from your iPad.


Big fan of widgets? This app has you covered, with this app you will basically be able to hide the clock on your lockscreen so there is more space for all the other great widgets.




This cydia tweak is for people who believe perfection lies in details. The tweak changes the background of the app while on 3D touch to the dominant color of the app under consideration.


If you don’t want to lose your precious cracked apps, games and at the same time you want to sync your iPad normally with your Computer, AppSync is the perfect solution for you.

AppSync, as the name suggests, Synchronizes all the data from your iPad and iPhone to iTunes or PC without losing any cracked files or data. Since Hackulo.us repository no longer exists, you can download and install Appsync alternatively from Cydia after entering  URL: repo.hackyouriphone.org  as repo source.


AppsManager has been in Cydia market from the very beginning and with every update, it has only gotten better. With this app, you will be able to secure most of your app data in addition to getting access to restore, backup, import, export and wipe data.


An exclusive Tweak for iPad that equips your notification bar with stretching capability, to ensure an easy and more prompt access to your notifications and to perform some quick commands therefrom.


For people who like elegant wallpapers only to find out that they are all covered with icons, status bar, and all that mess, Evanesco has a perfect solution. This best cydia tweak hides icons and all the other clutter when you are done so you can better appreciate your wallpaper on a full screen.


SBSettings is among the top motivators to Jailbreak iDevices and that is because of the balance it creates between simplicity and functionality. You can directly access the Toggles from Springboard after you install this Tweak and then you can access various features like Toggle WiFi, 3G, Cellular Data and even SSH at the flick of a finger.

You can customize whether to bring down Notification center or SBsettings window or both for that matter.There are a lot more features you can explore ranging from Process Killer to Substrate Safe mode switch.

Infinity Task

iOS comes in with a quite irksome task managing problem, it closes the background task after 10 minutes of activity. While that might be a good thing for speed and alacrity, it might not necessarily be something you would always need. Infinity Task takes care of this problem by allowing background apps to run for infinite time and is compatible with iOS10 as well.


NCSettings is an effective alternative for other System toggles like SBSettings but it is only neater, quicker and is built in a way to be more consistent with the default look of iPad iOS. It basically introduces a row of toggles into your notification center including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness, and airplane mode.


A small tweak can save you a bunch of time in the long run, and PadClock is something along those lines. The tweak adds a numerical pad to your clock app to help you set an alarm quickly.


Zephyr is a must have multi-tasking tool for your iPad. It uses gestures to trigger predefined commands like a swipe up will bring forward a multitasking switcher and then a Left or right swipe will switch apps in respective directions.

NanoCharging View

If you like the charging animation on Apple watch and want to have the same look on your iPad and iPhone, then this best cydia tweak has you covered. With this tweak, you will be able to adorn your device’s charging animation just the way you like it.



BiteSMS is bundled with features that will surely convince you to replace the default messaging app on your iDevice. You can quickly reply to messages without leaving the application you are in or assign a gesture to compose a message from anywhere in the iOS.Other features include; Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and much more.

WhatsApp Customizer

For people who spend a lot of their time on WhatsApp, the mundane design can sometimes be a real bore. This cydia tweak is here as a panacea to cure all that boredom with features like colorful bubbles, text color change, font and text size customization, date and label color and more.



Quasar is one of the best Cydia apps for iPad and will take you closest to having a PC experience on your tablet. It opens up applications in separate Windows on the same screen for multi-tasking and is integrated to iOS’s default app Switcher (Home Button Double Tap).

Apex 2

A really cool Cydia app that allows you to open apps in a group. That not only includes music apps but also social media and Google apps.


BeeKeyboard adds gesture capability to your Bluetooth Keyboard and enhances overall functionality. You can control homescreen, toggle functions, and even link it with Activator for more controls. Add-ons can also be downloaded to control apps like Safari from the Bluetooth Keyboard.

Attachment Flow

This Cydia tweak is indeed the most useful for iOS 9 as it saves a lot of time during processing important work. It shows up the attachment of your mails right on the inbox page, saving you from the hassle of downloading and waiting.

There is a variety in the range of formats that it displays for photos, videos, and documents and it even presents a slideshow for multiple attachments


DashBoardX is a compliment to already installed Notification center widgets from NC or SBSettings. With this app, you can add widgets just like Android to your Home screen or Dashboard.

FlipSwitch Spotlight

A really useful free tweak from Cydia that allows you to quickly disable/enable spotlight search on your iPad or iPhone.

Retro Gaming Emulators

If you miss old school games, Cydia has the right apps to help you rejoice the nostalgia by enabling Retro NES and Super NES games to be played on iPad. NES.emu is only available through the developer’s website, but SNES 9X EX is available in Cydia.

There are many other such Emulators available in Cydia market and some of them are even compatible with external controllers and iCade.


This tweak resprings your device, and that’s all it does and that’s all needs to do because there isn’t a dedicated option to do that in iOS. After you install this tweak, you can respring your device by going to setting and swiping down while holding and your device will be resprung.

Password Pilot

Password Pilot and its Pro version remove the necessity to enter your App Store Password which under normal circumstances is needed every time you buy or upgrade an App in iTunes.


Done with the boring battery indicator design on your device? Rejuvenate it every day with this easy Cydia tweak.



Want to delete those good for nothing inbuilt apps from your iPhone or iPad? AppDelete has you covered.

Safari Download Manager

This Cydia Tweak for your inbuilt iPad and iPhone Safari Browser taps into full download potential of your Data connection. You can configure every aspect of downloads like download file types, multiple simultaneous downloads and remove the download threshold.


Ever pressed the reset button on your iPhone or iPad because it felt so tempting only to regret it later? Well! No more, this ResetAllKiller tweaks completely hides that dreaded button from the settings.



You can alter the folder options and controls with this app on your iPad. The app basically enhances the folder and bookmark creation capability that came in-built with iOS 4 and then the later versions.

You can open folders faster, create folders within folders, or on the dock, customize layout within folders, disable animations and much more with this best iPad Cydia App.


This Cydia Tweak is exclusively designed for iPad considering the necessity to know the remaining battery backup available. The app shows remaining Battery time on the status bar so that you don’t have to go looking for a charger in the middle of work or movie. There are plenty of settings for this app that mostly revolve around the design of Battery time on the Status Bar.


FuturreLock adds a contemporary touch to your iOS locking system and just makes it look that much more futuristic.


Emblem for iPad runs on Jailbroken iOS 5 and higher Versions and it completely reinvents Push Notifications on iPad. It replaces the iPhone-like banners on iPad with Mac OS X like banners with intuitive gestures and message handling, a feature which seems naive not to be included by Apple itself. The banners appear in the right corner and can be closed before they get queued in notification center.


Apart from making your icons big and small, this Cydia tweak also allows you to change the direction and transparency of your icons which eventually translates into a more customized and rich look and interface.


Access app or switch between apps, pages or springboard directly from Notification center with this quick Cydia Tweak. The app adds a widget to your Notification center with images and icons of the running apps, which also act as shortcuts to the respective apps and pages. 

Pandora Downloader

This Tweak is designed for all the music enthusiasts and especially for those who love to discover new music with the expert Pandora Service. This iPad Cydia Tweak allows you to download any song from Pandora with just a tap of Button and adds a feature to skip Unlimited songs and block ads while you are at it.


This Cydia iPad app compliments your Siri Stock App with a more functional Voice Assistant. You can play music from Spotify (A registration-based music streaming service) using voice commands. You can also use GPS apps using Siri like Google Maps, TomTom, Waze, etc.

WhatsApp Quick Reply

A simple but useful iPad Cydia Tweak for the famous WhatsApp messenger. It enables you to quickly reply incoming messages from anywhere on your iPad, ranging from the lock screen, apps to Home screen. You can install this Tweak from BigBoss Repo in Cydia by searching for ‘Quick Reply For WhatsApp’.

Android LockXT

If you wish to replace the bland default iOS Screen unlocker with cool Android-Like unlocker, then this simple Tweak is here to help. It not only does justice to Android Unlocker on iPad but also adds other quality features and functions. The Tweak is compatible with LockCalendar, LockInfo, Cydgets and you can change appearance/themes also.


FireBreak is the best and simplest way to introduce Panorama into your Stock iPad camera and thus omitting the necessity to open a separate app to do just that.


The name of this iPad Cydia Tweak itself gives the gist of its working. This tweak replaces iPad’s mundane Notification center with a Mac OS X like the notification center.

You can access notifications from the right-hand corner of your iPad’s screen or even change it to the left if you prefer. Multi-finger gestures can be assigned to bring down this notification center, among which a three finger swipe seems ideal.


Touch Keyboard on iPad may not be the “Best” input method but it certainly is way too better than the rest of touch Keyboards on any other Tablets.

However, editing a written text is daunting on an iPad, and that is where SwipeSelection comes to rescue. You can slide your fingers across the Touch Keyboard to move the cursor, which might seem simple but it actually is quite impressive in action.

Multi-Icon Mover

Another simple app that lets you select plenty of app icons at once so that you can move them together to a specified location on your iPad.


SplitMail brings to even the Portrait mode of your iPad the split-screen feature while reading an email. After you install this Tweak from the BigBoss Repo you can read or preview emails on the right-hand split screen while the left half simultaneously shows the list of inbox messages or other items.


This Cydia Tweak is specially designed for over competitive gamers. You can unlock all the game center achievements for games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, LogoQuiz, etcetera.


XCon enables your Jailbroken iPad to run all the apps that usually are not allowed after Jailbreak. Apps like DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision are some of such apps XCon can work with, but only until there is an update, after which you will have to pay an extra $2 to resume its functions again.


DisableLaunch is another useful Tweak that consolidates your iPad’s security. You can fully control your device’s privacy and incorporate some useful gestures from Activator to launch certain actions. Among its various features, locking or deleting apps using simple swift Activator gestures are really useful.

FullScreen for iPad

This Cydia iPad Tweak can be installed from BigBoss Repo in Cydia after which it has two main functions to perform. First, it maximises the Safari into Fullscreen and then gives you all the gesture controls to satisfy all your in-app needs. After you are done with personalizing gestures from the Settings app, you won’t be needing any button controls in Safari Full-Screen mode.


This app Forces upsize for most of the iPhone apps running on iPad without pixelation for a comfortable full-screen experience. However, it is only best suited for Text-based apps like Facebook and Twitter and for everything else you can still use RetinaPad.

VLC Media Player


An Open Source Media player that was discharged from AppleStore is now Available on Cydia. It plays almost all media file types without compromising quality or performance.

We hope you liked our collection of the best Cydia apps and tweaks if you think we missed some better ones, feel free to contact us.

Best Podcast Apps for iPad – Listen to and Create Podcasts Easily


Apple iPad rolled out as a tablet that everyone originally thought was bonkers, to say the least, but after the early adapters reviewed it, iPad became an instant sensation across all domains. So much so that it would be safe to say that it became oxygen for almost every type of digital ecosystem. This holds true especially for an easy and portable entertainment and a bit of productivity during travel as well.


Podcasts fall somewhere between these two extremes, depending exactly on how you wish to unleash this enormous source of knowledge and entertainment. It has been over a decade now since people experimented with Podcasts and uploaded the noisy recordings from the comforts of their bedroom. Times have changed, and so has the way people listen to and create Podcasts.

And it is no surprise that Apple introduced a native app for iOS devices, that includes iPad for listening to Podcasts. While the inbuilt iOS Podcast app pretty much does justice to the whole thing, there are a number of alternatives that do that just so much better.

Keeping all that in mind, in the first section of this post, we are going to focus on 10 Best Podcast Apps for iPad, one of which, we are sure you are going to love and eventually trust it as a go-to app for all your Podcast appetite.


Podcast Listening Apps for iPad

Podcasts by Apple

Price: Free


If Podcasts don’t consume the major chunk of your day, then Apple’s native Podcasts app might just do the job for you. With the app, you will be able to discover hundreds of thousands of downloadable Podcasts that are not only thought-provoking but also a little entertaining, ranging right from hilarious interview to sports and even politics.


Price: Free


Overcast is the most popular and highly rated and probably even the best Podcast App for iPad. The app is pleasantly designed and comes with a bunch of cool and useful features for a daily listener. And if you love speed, then Overcast is the one you should definitely give a go at as speed seems to be its strongest forte.

Being able to seamlessly play Podcasts, this app continuously plays Podcasts by minimizing noise caused by poor recording. The best part though is that the app is able to sync on multiple devices, making sure you are able to continue listening to your favorite Podcasts on iPad, iPhone, Mac and even Apple Watch.

Pocket Casts

Price: $5.29


Jumping right into the paid Podcast apps, this app absolutely kills it in the paid category. With a unique set of simple, yet powerful features and a limitless podcast database, you’re sure to find something for you.

The design of the app is fairly simple and you will be able to find Podcasts that interest you easily. With playlists, you will be able to queue in the Podcasts to listen endlessly to your favorite channels and chapters. The app also comes in with a universal sync solution that allows you to continue where you left off, from literally any digital smart device.


Price: $5.29


Named as the best app of 2016 by New York Times, this app holds its hype to this day and definitely justifies the attention it received. Featuring the all unique Episode Triage, the app lets you scan new episodes, evaluate them and eventually queue the best ones and archive the rest.

Discovering new Podcasts on iPad gets a totally different meaning, with Top charts from every genre available at your fingertips so you can pick and choose from the ones that interest you. On top of that, the Castro iMessage integration allows you to easily share Podcasts with your friends, without ever having to leave the app.


Price: $2.59


Although this app seemingly looks exactly like Apple’s Podcast app, it does have an advantage over the former and certainly has features that justify its price. One of the most important being able to create and modify your own playlist. This and a bunch of other features makes it one of the highest rated paid Podcast apps for iPad.


Price: Free with In-App Purchases


Spotify is famous for music streaming but don’t let that distract you from the fact that this app is also able to stream innumerable audio and video Podcasts, along with a nifty Spoken word section in the app.

Podcasts are organized in a variety of categories, such as Storytellers, Sports & Recreation, and Comedy, and users can subscribe to individual podcasts, manage downloads, and share podcasts through social media. Playback and management options are sparse compared to other apps, but if you’re already using Spotify for streaming music and don’t want to dig around for a dedicated podcatcher, then give it a shot.


Price; $2.99


If customisation is your thing, then this app won’t disappoint, with tons of configuration options like, configurable settings, tweaks, and features for everything from downloads, subscriptions, playback and more, this app is going to satiate your personalization appetite.

You can also download your favorite Podcasts from within the app with Wi-Fi and cellular download options available, in addition to the all useful background download.


Price: $2.99


Downcast is a robust online search for podcast subscriptions, auto-downloading and the ability to import and export OMPL podcast feeds help you ensure your podcasts stay up-to-date.

A highly customizable playlist maker lets you tinker and selectively build your playlists on the go, while numerous playback options (such as episode streaming, variable speed playback, video podcast support and more) allow you to play your content however you like.

The app continues to add to its features, with CarPlay, Apple Watch, and Google Cast support among the new additions.

TuneIn Radio

Price: Free


Here is a little something that is conventionally named and works pretty much conventionally too. The app gives you access to over 4 million Podcasts streaming all over the world, with access to over 100,000 radio stations with delivery for sports, news, music, and talks.


Price: Free


A very slim and trim Podcast app for iPad with minimal features that just get the job done. Whether you wish to download podcasts or stream them online, this app has all that covered and then a bit more. You will be able to search categories, and get suggestions based on your history or take advantage of options like play speed adjustment, timer, sleep function and much more.

Podcast Creation Apps for iPad

If you don’t like to be on the listening end of a Podcast and instead like to share your own content from the comforts of your iPad, we have got you covered too. There are plenty of apps in the market designed exclusively for Podcasting but there are only a few that do the same justice on an iPad. With that in mind, in the next section of this post, we have compiled a list of only the 8 Best Podcast creating apps, designed exclusively for iPad Podcast creating enthusiasts.

Opinion Podcasts

Price: Free


Opinion Podcasts brags about being the world’s simplest Podcasting apps and judging by the rating and reviews it has received from hundreds of thousands of people, the boasting is pretty much justified.

The app is simple, you can just record, edit your Podcast and then publish it to SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, email and all that good stuff.

BossJock Studio

Price: Free


An even simpler app that simply gets the job done. With positive reviews from most of the big names in the business, this app promises to do all the usual podcasting intricacies without confusing you in all the unnecessary jargon.

Some of the many features that need a special mention, include but are not limited to, the ability to record your voice while triggering intros/outros, bumpers and background music all on-the-fly, Dynamics processing, Full VoiceOver compatibility,  export to FTP for Podcasters, Email for Audioboo via BooMail, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Wifi, iTunes Share, and AudioCopy to other apps and it does work with external mics like the Apogee Mic, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast and Blue Mikey and more.

Voice Thread

Price: Free


This app gives you the freedom to create and share conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams, and videos, basically everything you think worthy of sharing.

The best thing about this app though is that it not only captures your comments and conversations but also your presence, which makes for an immersive Podcasting experience.


Price: Free


iPadio redefines what it means to be simple, the app cuts all the jargons and straight up shows you how to record a Podcast, upload it on the web and begin sharing it with your targeted audience.

Mobile PodCaster

Price: $2.99


Install this app on your iPad and get ready to enjoy creating Podcasts and publishing them online whenever you desire, and most importantly directly on your WordPress site. You can also trim your recordings, export to WordPress, Dropbox, iCloud and more!


Price: Free


AudioBoom allows you to record and publish only 10 minutes of Podcast, that is not enough for most people and maybe that’s even far too simple, but that is exactly the whole point of it. The app is very simple to use and allows you to broadcast daily without all the hassle and the best part is that you can also access a bunch of other podcasts if you like to be on the listening end.

Voice Record Pro

Price: Free


This app allows you to record and upload unlimited length podcasts with configurable quality. Recorded voices are in standard AAC/MP4/M4A format. It can also record directly in MP4 (AAC), MP3 (MPEG) and WAV (PCM) formats plus convert function for all supported formats.

Ferrite Recording Studio

Price: Free with In-App Purchases


If you like to do a post-recording processing to your podcast without leaving the comfort of your iPad, Ferrite Recording Studio has you covered. With the ability to cut, trim, move and delete tracks as appropriate, as well as fade in/out or crossfade between tracks, this app is editing heaven in Podcast creating apps category.

There is a catch though, some of the features in this app require an in-app purchase, but if you want the basics, you can have them for free.

Tips for Listening to Podcasts on an iPad

If you are just a beginner in the murky waters of Podcast, or you just want to improve your listening skills, then you could definitely use some tips for listening to Podcasts. Podcasts are a fun way to pass time, whether you are commuting, or doing cardio, and it certainly beats listening to head banging music all the time.

There are however a lot of people who find it a little naïve to even consider it, but if you follow the tips listed in the next section of this post, we are sure you will love your podcasting journey, or at least begin to appreciate it.

Tip 1. Don’t Judge a Book by its cover (Or Artwork in this case)

You shouldn’t judge anything superficially and the same holds true for Podcasts, some of the most brilliant podcasts might not have an equally brilliant artwork. And rightly so, because they might have invested most of their time on creating a good podcast instead of worrying about the Artwork.

Tip 2: Look for Podcasts from your Favourite websites

If you follow a few famous websites and more often than not find yourself glued to their content, chances are they already have a Podcast channel where they update a lot of that stuff. Check for website specific podcasts and listen to it and be resourceful.

Tip 3: Know the Hosts

It’s always good to know a little about the hosts and the guests in a particular podcast as this makes for a better time listening to them and building a better perspective and relationship with the podcast.

Tip 4: Try other Things

If you just subscribe to the channels you are already interested in, you are no better than a frog in a well. Get out of your comfort zone and listen to things you otherwise find mundane and maybe you will stumble on something that inspires you.

Tip 5: Don’t give up just yet

If at all you feel like Podcast might not just be your thing, hold on for a little longer, it’s a habit worth the extra effort. And remember, there is something for everyone.

Found this article interesting? Share it with your friends and family and if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us anytime.