20 Super Cool iPad Docking Stations

Words simply do not sum it up when it comes to adulating the impeccable gadget of our times we now so proudly known as “The Apple iPad.†However, there still are so many accessories available that further accentuate the already ingenious design and strengths of iPad. Accessories ranging from cool iPad cases, car stands to simple but useful docks have inundated the market.


Apple iPad Docking Stations have a specific strong place of their own among all the other equally useful iPad accessories. And since now there are advancing repercussions in every field, iPad docking stations show no exception.

Besides being able to hold your iPad at secure and comfortable viewing angles, there are so many features included in these docks that it becomes a little more than hard to pick up a suitable iPad docking station from the sea of other options. So, in this post, we have filtered 20 Super Cool iPad Docking Stations to help you choose from the best of the best.

Numark iDJ Live iPad Dock– LINK


An ultimate tool for music lovers or to put it more accurately, for music prodigies. This Docking station not only serves as a competent iPad docking station but it also transforms your iPad into a complete party maker. You can use the full mixing and DJ’ing features of this mod on your iPad, iPhone or iPod using Algoriddim’s djay or any Core MIDI-enabled app.

JBL OnBeat Air Speaker– LINK


Style, comfort and ulterior audio experience are what this iPad docking station is all about. You can simply connect your iPad or iPhone, iPod for that matter, Wirelessly to this little device and enjoy JBL music experience of your entire iTunes library. It serves as a stylish dock and has dynamic lifelike 360-degree soundstage equalization for immersive music and movie experience.

Apple iPad Dock– LINK


A simple but elegant iPad docking solution by Apple itself. Secure your iPad comfortably in this docking station and enjoy charging or syncing simultaneously. It is minimalistic and does not suppress access to any of the iPad ports and even supports some of the other iPad accessories like VGA Adapter and the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Joby GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad– LINK


Stating this iPad accessory merely as an iPad docking station would be an understatement because it is so much more. You can plant your iPad any place imaginable like TableTop, refrigerator, door handle, bicycle handle, car dashboard, around your hand or leg and the best thing is that it fits every version of iPad.

iSound Power View Pro S – LINK

Power View Pro S from iSound is a perfect solution for all your Apple family’s charging needs. You can charge 4 iDevice at the same time using Dock and inbuilt USB ports through standard cables. The dock can secure an iPad and iPhone simultaneously in place and the hinge allows adequate flexibility to customize viewing angle.

BrookStone iPad Docking Station– LINK

An elegant looking iPad docking station from BrookStone holds your iPad suavely in place while producing pleasing stereo sound. The default viewing angle is perfect for working, surfing the Web, emailing, viewing videos and more.

Portable Desktop Stand– LINK

A ridiculously compact iPad docking solution is yours for the taking at a reasonable price of £14.95. It can be folded for easy carriage (fits in pocket) and then unfolded anytime to be transformed into an efficient iPad stand.

Griffin PowerDock Dual– LINK

Griffin presents a dual PowerDock for your iPad and iPhone. You can use both devices while charging and there is enough room to manage extras like car keys, coins and more. The dock is expertly edged and curved to boost your iPad’s built-in speaker sound and overall is best suited for tabletop work or bedside entertainment.

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock– LINK

As crazy and impossible as it may sound, you can actually monitor blood pressure using this iPad dock. This Dock from iHealth not only serves as a comfortable dock but it also doubles as a charger and triples as an effective health monitor. You can measure and track your systolic/diastolic numbers, heart rate, pulse wave and measurement time at ease after downloading the free iHealth Mobile app from AppStore.

Discovery Bay Atari Arcade– LINK

A creative approach towards mixing quality retro/modern arcade game with suitable docking solution is achieved by this  Discovery Bay Atari Arcade iPad docking station. Play Atari games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command the way they were supposed to be played and beat your friends with fully compatible duo controller while you are at it.

iHome Charging Station– LINK

This iPad dock, in essence, is the real Charging solution for all your Apple devices. Connect the Dock station to one power outlet and you are ready to charge upto 4 iDevices at an efficient rate. It also acts as a nice docking stand and holds your iPad plus other devices securely in place at a comfortable viewing and working angle.

Behringer iStudio iPad Docking Station– LINK

This cool iPad docking station not only charges your iPad, but it also transforms it into a studio quality music production tool. You can easily get your hands on the profuse features of this dock and explore all of them from home, live or professional music production. It is also equipped with audio, video and MIDI connectivity which helps it to work with any iOS app.

Philips iPad Docking Station– LINK

Boosting quality music from your iPad, this docking station from Philips is made from aluminum to shine out elegance and durability. You can charge your iPad or other iDevices and simultaneously listen to quality music through exuberant 10W RMS Stereo speakers. As a bedside Alarm clock, this dock can sync with your iPad and make it convenient for you to wake up to your favorite song, music or radio station.

PadDock 10 Stand & Stereo– LINK

Securing your iPad firmly in both horizontal or vertical mode, this iPad dock/stand gives a desktop look to your iPad. It also has oval in-built speakers for seamless, loud but noise-free music experience. You can move the hinge for comfortable viewing angle and then couple it with a Wireless Keyboard to enjoy a near iMac experience.

Rocketfish iCapsule– LINK

This iPad docking station consists of a fully responsive Bluetooth Keyboard and is itself a sturdy lightweight iPad case. The case folds out to turn into a comfortable docking station and shells your iPad securely for easy carriage.

Noosy HDMI Dock– LINK

This iPad docking station might look like Apple iPad Dock but in reality, it is a lot more. You can connect your iPad to HDTV through a standard HDMI cable with this dock while your iPad is charging at the same time. The dock comes with a fully functional IR remote control to perform functions on your iPad from a distance. There is also an option to connect external speakers through its audio output port and Digital Camera, USB keyboard, USB Speaker, USB earphone with its efficient USB interface reader.

Haier ‘The View’– LINK

A sleek, stylish and utterly versatile docking station from Haier has a lot of functions up its sleeve. It has 4 front speakers and 2 passive woofers for an amazing and clear music boost. You can connect iPad, iPhone, iPod to this charging docking station or you can connect any other music player via a standard 3.5 Aux cable. Another more prominent feature of this dock is the ability to connect your iPad to TV with its inbuilt ports and then control everything from a distance with an IR remote control.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock– LINK

A simple and minimalistic docking station for your iPad from Apple that helps you to secure your iPad in place while you enjoy working, typing, etc., with its fully responsive Wireless Keyboard. The dock can also charge or Sync your iPad to a PC  or even to a TV or video projector using a compatible cable such as the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter.

Venus of Cupertino– LINK

Featuring the fertility goddess of ancient Venus figurines this iPad docking station is a piece of art and elegance. It is a little expensive but still reasonable, considering the fact that every art is expensive and the sheer amount of expertise it must have taken to hand-cast this docking station from museum-quality resin. It can connect to a standard Apple USB charger and then charge or sync your iPad through an inconspicuous bond near midriff.

DesignBoom Running Water– LINK

Made from Polycarbonate plastic with ABS faucet parts this yet another creative super cool iPad docking station masquerades as an old-fashioned faucet with beautiful water flow. You can choose from three different clear colors (Blue, Black, White) and place your iPad or any other portable device securely.

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