20 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for the iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini is a truly unique gadget not only because of its impeccable design but also because of its subtlety that makes it very minimalistic and easy to carry around.

While most of the people take this gadget as an entertainment device, there is a workaholic lot on the other side of the spectrum that just wants to get things done, even when they are on the go.


For such people in particular and overachievers in general, it is necessary to equip your iPad Mini with something that multiplies its productivity several folds. Something along those lines is a Keyboard for your iPad Mini that can be used anywhere, whenever you need it and retracted whenever you don’t need.

Fortunately, there are enormous Keyboard options available for iPad Mini that get the job done, but the problem is that not all of them do the job quite efficiently.

To help you in that very direction, we have tried in this post to take out all the guesswork out and bring you only the best iPad Mini Keyboards that are not only efficient, durable and functional but also look absolutely fantastic and elegant, just like your precious iPad Mini.

Keeping all that in mind, in this post we have collected a comprehensive list of only 20 Best iPad Mini Keyboards with Bluetooth Connectivity, at least one of which, we are sure, you will find apt for your iPad Mini.

ClamCase Pro


An elegant iPad Mini Keyboard that doubles as a cover as well and charges via a power adapter or a USB connection, making sure you never come up with an alibi for procrastination.

The Keyboard also comes in with a Micro USB to USB Cable converter. You can easily turn the keyboard on or off with just a simple push of a button and also get information like battery life, pairing, power activation, charge, and caps lock right from the LED indicator.

The cherry on top is the Keyboards patented hinge technology that allows for comfortable viewing at multiple angles.

Logitech Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard


If you like the minimal profile of iPad Mini and don’t want to compromise on its ingenious design by adding unnecessary bulk, then this Logitech Ultra-Thin Keyboard might just be the one for you.

The Keyboard is both traditional as well as modern, traditional in the sense that it gives you all the comfort of writing with a traditional keyboard and modern because it has all the iPad Mini-specific shortcuts. The Keyboards also protects your iPad Mini from scratches, dust, and minor bumps while you stow it away when not in use.

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case


You will be blown away by the sheer style of this iPad Mini Keyboard leather case that not only looks beautiful but also provides access to an ergonomic Keyboard that will meet all your typing needs on the go. The case is equipped with a sturdy and stylish pebble grain leather on the outside while the inner soft fabric protects your iPad Mini from scratches and dust. Although the keyboard is not the best in the market, it sure is a bang for your buck at this price point.

Belkin Universal Mobile Keyboard Case


Here is a little something you don’t see every day, a great multi-tasking keyboard for the multitasking people. This Keyboard not only works great with your iPad but also manages to work simultaneously with a smartphone over a Bluetooth connection. The Keyboard also allows for three different comfortable viewing angles with its precision-hold magnets that ensure extra stability. The large keys make for typing experience almost like that of a Laptop and to top it off, the keyboard works flawlessly for about 160 hours on a single charge.

JETech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case


An ultra-thin Keyboard case for your iPad mini with a bunch of customized keys that makes communicating with your iPad Mini that much easier. The high-quality hard-shell of this keyboard also ensures your iPad remains secure in it while you are on the go. The 360-degree vertical and horizontal orientations mean you can view your iPad Mini at any angle you find comfortable. And did we mention that the case is auto sleep/wake compatible?

Agptek iPad Mini Keyboard


An extremely small iPad Keyboard that redefines what it means to be portable with its slim profile. It does that without actually compromising on the quality and without compromising on the ability to type extremely fast with its ergonomically placed keys.

Leather Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case


What if you like the minimalism of your iPad Mii so much that you don’t want to carry around the bulk of an extra keyboard with you all the time. If you are one of those people then this Folio Keyboard case is the one for you. This case not only covers your iPad Mini in all the magnificence but also allows for it to be detached whenever you like, giving you the best of the both worlds.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard


Logitech has always been in the news, and thankfully for the right reasons. This is especially because of the impeccable gadgets it provides and keeps all the customers at the edge with its truly unique features on top of full functionality. This tablet keyboard is a step forward in that very direction and the best part is its unbelievable price point.

Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard

apple-bluetooth-keyboard for iPad Mini

Who can do a better job at coming up with a wireless keyboard for iPad Mini than Apple itself? This wireless keyboard case from Apple does everything you could ask for from a wireless keyboard and then a lot more. All the keys have been placed brilliantly so you can type for hours without feeling as much of a little discomfort.

AirBender Bluetooth Keyboard


This Keyboard cum case truly redefines what it means to be unique and functional, both at the same time. The Keyboard is basically a hard clamshell with a detachable back case and has an optimal key design and placement to allow for smooth and tireless typing for hours at stretch.

Fintie Blade X1 Keyboard Case


Looking for something a little more affordable? This case from Fintie comes in at only a little more than $30. Sure, it won’t be of the highest quality, but it will be fine for those who only occasionally need a keyboard.

The case boasts a slim and lightweight design, while still managing to offer enough protection in case you do happen to drop your device. A little worried about buying such a cheap keyboard?

Well, the Amazon reviews speak for themselves — this case flaunts a respectable 4-star rating based on more than 70 reviews.

Slim Aluminum Keyboard Case


For only $22, this keyboard is made of aluminum and has an ultra-thin design. You can use the Bluetooth keyboard to change your iPad mini into a laptop and it features a built-in bracket that supports your tablet at a comfortable position while typing.

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard


Here is something a lot cheaper but a lot better than most of the Keyboards that have inundated the market. The best part though is that the Keyboard is not only compatible with your iPad Mini but also with all the other tablets, smartphones, and even Laptops.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard


If you are an avid traveler and a blogger at the same time, you must know what it means to stay agile and surrounding yourself with the device that accentuates that very thing. This foldable keyboard has a folded size of 5.2″ *2.95″ *0.53″ that translates into super portability without actually compromising on ergonomics.

Spigen Keyboard


Only the mention of the name Spigen brings class and functionality into the mind and this keyboard pretty much does more than justice to that very first impression. One of the many unique features of this Keyboard is that it is automatically turned off after 10 minutes of continuous inactivity and it also boasts a continuous 60-hour usage on a single charge.

Lenrich Ultra-Slim


A specially designed case that brings ergonomics to the table and does so while also maintaining full access to all the ports and buttons. The case is ultra-light and has a slim profile on top of the ability to rotate at multiple angles to allow for comfortable viewing angles.

Logitech Keyboard Case


Logitech, Keyboard and Case, all-in-one at an affordable price tag of only $19 sound too good to be true. The Keyboard promises to give exceptional typing performance while the case adjusts at two perfect viewing angles for both work and leisure. The cherry on top is the case’s auto wake/sleep functionality and a secure lock system.

Zagg Folio


Here is something you don’t see every day, a compact iPad Mini Case with in-built Bluetooth Keyboard that is endowed with the all awesome and all productive backlit feature. The case promises to be one of the, if not “the†thinnest keyboard case there is. Couple all that with 130 Degrees of Viewing angles and you have one the best Keyboard iPad Mini cases at an unbelievable price point.

Logitech Clip on Keyboard


A minimal Keyboard case for your precious device that doesn’t bother you with all the bulk while also maintaining a functional layout for you to be productive while you are on the go. The Magnetic Clip On feature makes it easy for you to always stay on top of your portability game.

JETech Foldable Keyboard


The last one is our list is probably the most portable keyboard for your iPad Mini you can ever find. With a folded size of only 5.8″*3.6″*0.7″ this Keyboard can even be carried around in your pocket while the Li-ion battery makes sure you can use the keyboard effortlessly for about 60 hours at a stretch.