iPad Not Charging – How to Fix The issue With Ease

Your iPad not only represents the epitome of technology but also functionality and productivity, that is, until you are prompted with an iPad Not Charging pop up.

iPad Not Charging

There are a bunch of reasons for iPad Not Charging issue, and therefore there are an equal number of solutions to each problem.

In addition to the obvious solutions like checking whether the cable is inserted properly, issues with the charging port, problems with your power supply, there are also a bunch of other hardware as well as software problems that can lead to this issue.

If you follow the tips and instructions listed in this post, we are sure you will be able to fix this iPad Not charging issue, at least in a way that is possible without depending on Apple or digital device service support.

1. Most Likely Causes

There are few reasons for this iPad Not charging issue and depending on their severity, we have enlisted only the topmost likely causes for this error.

1.1 Problem with charger

One of the most prominent causes of iPad Not Charging error might just be a problem with your charging adapter. This problem can either be due to a short circuit in your charger, quality of your charger (in case you bought it from a third-party store), or it may just be as diminutive as dirt build-up on both the ends.

1.2 Software Problem

Sometimes the iPad not charging error occurs due to a software problem that might, in turn, be an effect of the obsolete operating system or a third-party app you recently installed that manifests as a battery or charging problem.

2. Solutions and Fixes

You can try a bunch of solutions at home before heading to Apple service center and in the next section of this post we have comprehensively collected all the solutions and fixes for the iPad not charging problem.


2.1 Check the Adapter

A bunch of problems that could have gone wrong with your Apple iPad adapter might itself be an underlying cause for this iPad not charging error. If that is the case with your iPad, you must check and follow the directions listed in the next section to rectify this problem.

Are you using an original iPad Charger?


The first thing to do is check if you are using an original iPad charger, you might have bought a refurbished iPad or if you ordered a new iPad charger, there are pretty thick chances that your charger might not be an original one, subject to of course where you ordered it from.  To check whether your iPad charger is original, check if the dock connecter came in with the same one that is compatible with your iPad.

One of the easiest ways to check the authenticity of your iPad charger is to see where it is made and whether there are any spelling discrepancies anywhere on the charger text.

(Further Reading: See if Your iPad Charger is a Fake)

If you are ambiguous about the authenticity of your charger, the next thing to do is check if the iPad not charging issue is fixed when you use an original iPad charger (You can borrow it from a friend or an authentic store that deals with Apple certified products).

Use a Surge Protected and Proper Input Port  

Even if the charger is alright and has passed all the quality assurance tests, it is not going to be of any help if the input comes from a port that has subliminal charge output (220 V-US, 110 V-UK/EU/International). You must also make sure that the input is surge protected as inconsistent power input might lead to this iPad not charging problem.

Only Use USB 2.0 or Higher

If you don’t have access to an iPad charger and use USB ports on other charger heads or computers to power your iPad, the best thing to do is to use at least a USB 2.0 or higher version to ensure optimal charge and prevent iPad not charging error.

Keep your Charger and Computer On

OK! This is a silly one, but it may be this minor issue that might be causing your iPad not charging error. To take care of it, make sure your charger head is receiving power input from the plug port (You can check this by plugging in another device, like a lamp, that works through other ports). Also, if you are charging through a desktop or Laptop USB port, ensure it is up and running and not in sleep mode or completely shutdown.

Don’t use an iPhone Charger

When it comes to iOS devices, there is no such thing as “One size Fits allâ€, and certainly not for cross device charging heads. You cannot and, should not use an iPhone charger to power iPad as the latter requires higher voltage and amperage to charge properly.

Purchase an iPad Charger for your Country

Different countries have a different power voltage and amperage, like US supports 220 V while UK and a bunch of other countries have 110 V as standard. If you have bought your iPad from international distributors, buy a charger that is in line with the power threshold of your country.

Use your iPad Charger on a different iPad

The fail safe way to know for sure if there is a problem with your iPad charger is to actually ascertain if it is working on a different iPad. If it charges a different iPad properly, you can be sure that the problem is with your iPad and thus have bigger things to worry about, which thankfully we are going to cover in the next section of this post.

2.2 Change the Cable

Another little thing to add here, the iPad not charging problem might sometimes be caused due to a defected cable or something of that sort. Below, we have mentioned a few typical problems associated with cable that eventually lead to iPad not charging error.

Clean The Lightning Port

Over the course of time, chances of getting lint or other dirt on the tip of your lightning cable may lead to inhibited power communication between your iPad and charger. Remove the dirt using a non-aqueous liquid like ethanol or acetone, dry it and it just might solve the iPad not charging issue.

Don’t fold the Cable

Don’t ever try to bend your cable in directions that is not naturally bound to be bent in. The natural way to roll your iPad cable is in perfect circles or ovals very gently, and then placing them in a stress free, unobtrusive environment.

Try a different Charging Cable

You should also try a different cable altogether if the above two solutions don’t work. If changing the cable fixes the issue, you can buy a new one that is Apple certified and some of them even come with braids and indestructible material (https://www.amazon.com/METAL-Apple-Certified-Lightning-Braided/dp/B01DOEPRQ0/)  so you don’t run into the same problem again.

2.3 Restart your iPad

Another orthodox tip that might sound trivial but can still fix the iPad not charging problem a lot of times. You can restart your iPad by holding on to the On/Off button located on the top of iPad, you will then be presented with a “Slide to Power Off†option on the screen. Swipe in the right direction to switch off your iPad. And while you are at it, it is a good thing to try and charge your iPad while it is completely turned off.

2.4 Restore from iCloud/iTunes

Although, the chances of this happening are pretty thin, seldom does an iOS update cause errors and iPad not charging might just be one among them. To avoid this problem, you should just connect your iPad to iTunes on your PC or Mac and restore it far back to the spot where your iPad was completely functional and without this iPad not charging issue. (insert a link to-How to Restore iPad from iTunes/iCloud)

2.5 Perform a Hard Reset

If your iPad is completely software based, this is a sure shot to correct any such problem. By performing a hard reset you will be deleting all the apps, setting and data on your iPad and in the process, hopefully delete the iPad not charging issue. There are two ways to go about hard reset. The first one involves you going to Setting>General>Reset>Erase All contents and Settings. The other method is even simpler, turn off your iPad and then reset it by pressing and holding the Power On/Off and Home button, simultaneously.

2.6 Use a 3rd Party Charger

If there is a charger with your iPad, you can find an Apple Certified iPad charger that might fix the charging problem once and for all. There are plenty of places you can find a third-party iPad charger both online and offline, but we recommend you do your thorough research and buy one after reading reviews and ratings. Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=original+ipad+charger&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aoriginal+ipad+charger) is always a good place to buy authentic Apple products.

2.7 Ensure Correct Setting

Some settings also have a tendency to muddle your iPad into iPad not charging issue and there are actually a few setting tweaks you can do to remove this problem which we are going to cover in the next section of this post.

Reset Your iPad 

We mentioned this before, and we are mentioning it again because this method has been proven to remove iPad not charging issue for most devices. To reset your iPad, first turn it off and then start it by pressing and holding the Home and Sleep/Wake (On/Off) button until you see the Apple Logo.

Reset iPad Settings

This method is less intensive and saves your precious games, apps, data and documents by only resetting settings but still has the ability to fix iPad not charging issue. To reset your iPad’s settings, you need to go to Settings>General>Reset all Settings.

Disconnect and Reconnect iPad

Camera Connection Kit might trigger iPad not charging error sometimes, you can take care of it by simply connecting and disconnecting iPad from the charger.

2.8 Take it to the Service Center

This is going to be your last resort if any or all of the methods listed above do not fix the iPad not charging issue. You should hit the nearest Apple service center or find one through Apple support website (http://www.apple.com/support/ipad/), which also has numbers you can call on to speak with Apple’s customer service executives. If you decide to take your iPad to a service center and there is still Apple warranty left on your iPad, all the repairs and mail-ins will be covered free of charge.

3. iPad Maintenance Tips

There are some basic tips that you can follow to keep your iPad is functional in the log run generally and keep the iPad not charging error at bay particularly. We have mentioned the top ones in the next section.

3.1 Wrap Wires Properly

Try to avoid cable tangling and keep it organized in perfect circles, hidden from stress and strain. This will keep your iPad cable functional for a long time and eventually save your iPad from getting into iPad not charging and other similar problems.

3.2 Keep it Updated

Although, you should avoid beta updates and read proper reviews before jumping into each and every iOS update, its usually a good idea to keep your iPad operating system updated with the latest Firmware.

3.3 Keep the Ports Clean

Keeping ports clean from lint and other abrasive material is going to pay off in the long run. You should however use electronic friendly non-aqueous liquids like ethanol and acetone and then also wait for a stipulated time to dry off the solvents.

3.4 Always use MFi Accessories

MFi accessories encompasses “third-party hardware accessories that use Apple’s MFi licensed technology to connect electronically to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watchâ€. These accessories are basically Apple certified and you can rest assured that if you buy an iPad charger or cable that is MFi licenses, it is going to stop iPad not charging issue, at least if it completely charger centered.

We hope our extensive post on causes and fixes for iPad not charging optimally addressed your problem and if not, feel free to reach to us anytime.