How to Choose The Best iPad Charger for Your iPad

Finding the right iPad charger can be a real pain when you have either damaged or lost the original charger that came with the iPad.

This is because there are so many iPad chargers available in the market and some people even cheat you into buying an iPhone or worse yet, a copy of an iPad charger with issues that eventually leads to catastrophic destruction of either part or all of your iPad.

Finding the right iPad charger is, therefore, an essential task and requires you to do a little bit of research which in turn needs some serious time and resources.

But if you have landed on this page, you don’t need to worry about the intricacies and research aspect of finding the best iPad charger as we have done all that and then a bit more for you.

To begin this article, we would like to point out some of the most common differences between the most common types of iPad chargers that Apple has made till date and also which one is the best for your iPad and then which one should just do the job if you’re running a little low on money and don’t plan on breaking the bank for a premium iPad Charger.

Difference Between Different iPad Chargers

Let’s first break down the charging capacity of each charger on the basis of the information that you usually see on the charger.

Source Voltage Current Power
PC USB 5 Volts 0.5amps 2.5 Watts
iPhone Charger 5 Volts 1.0amps 5 Watts
iPad Charger 5.1 Volts 2.1amps 12 Watts

If you look carefully about the output data of different charging sources, you will realize that there is actually a lot of difference between all the sources and because of that difference the amount of time your iPad takes to charge is going to vary drastically.

For example, if you use your PC to charge your iPad it is going to take four times more time to charge your iPad, which is not always the best way to go about it if you are someone who uses iPad for most of the day.

A similar case can be made for the iPhone charger, but instead of taking 4 times the hours, an iPhone charger is only going to take only twice the time than an iPad charger, but why settle for inefficiency when you can buy an iPad charger that does the job so well?

Now that you have the gist of how Apple chargers vary, we can move on to the more important section of this post. In the next section of this post, we are going to showcase some of the best iPad Chargers available on different online stores so you can grab one for your iPad right away.

You can rest assured that we have done our fair share of research and all the iPad chargers enlisted are Apple Certified (MFi) and give the best charging performance. In addition to that, we have also collected a bunch of iPad charging cables in the end, in case you have reasons to believe that the problem might be due to a malfunctioning of your iPad charging cable.

Best Standard iPad Chargers 

There are mainly two types of iPad chargers that people usually go for, the first type is the standard iPad wall charger and the second type is car iPad charger, the first sub-section of this post is going to deal with the 5 best wall standard iPad chargers.

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter


What could be better than the charger made by iPad itself? This iPad charger from Apple is clocked at 12W as is probably the best option if you want to charge your iPad fast and safe. And the best part is that this charger is compatible with almost all the other iOS devices that use a lightning cable for charging.

Get it Here | Price: $19.00

Griffin PowerBlock


Griffin PowerBlock might not fit the conventional definition of iPad charger because of its size, but what it lacks in size, it makes it up for in the compatibility and portability department. The charger boasts of being EnergyStar certified that simply means that it is power efficient and saves power when not in use. Add to that an at-a-glance status LED-indicator and a detachable USB dock connector and you have the best iPad charger at this price.

Get it Here | Price: $6.98

Standard iPhone Charger


It might seem counter-intuitive to use an iPhone charger for an iPad, but it only takes a little more time than the standard charger and if you have an iPhone charger already lying around, you might not want to invest in a completely new iPad charger and just stick to this one.

Get it Here | Price: $19.00

MacBook Pro USB C Charger

If you already own a MacBook Pro that has a lightning charger, the good news is that you can actually use the same charger even for your iPad and this charger will definitely charge your iPad highly faster than the default iPad charger.

Get it Here | Price: $69.00