15 Apps and Accessories to Turn your iPad into a Laptop

iPad is  stylish, portable, elegant and best of all it has unmatched battery backup which makes it an functional entertainment and productivity gadget to carry around. The only thing that holds it back though for some contenders to buy it is the idea that it “it won’t be as good as an actual laptopâ€, while this is partly true for the naked iPad, essentially there are enough spurs you can add or install on your iPad to take it closest to a decent laptop experience. Adding these appendages to your iPad will boost its productivity potential and also accentuate style at instances.

Keeping that in mind we managed to collect some really nice apps and accessories to turn your iPad into a Laptop. We have sectioned this post into two categories as; Best apps to turn iPad into Laptop and Best Accessories to turn iPad into laptop. Although, these apps and accessories are creative, functional and productive they sure will do not confer to the standards of a powerful laptop but rest assured, they sure will add an extra advantage to your iPad and make it a lot more useful and laptop like.


 Brydge+ for iPad- LINK


Brydge came a long way up from being a Kickstarter project and its success can widely be attributed with seamless iPad integration and quality Laptop like experience inculcation. It is made from anodized aluminum to flow elegantly with your iPad’s ingenuous design and does so while staying sleek and minimalistic. The hinge holds your iPad securely and  allows a 180 rotation for comfortable viewing and typing experience. The Keyboard is pretty responsive with island keys and houses stereo speakers, which along with its compact clamps, makes your iPad look a lot like MacBook.

ClamCase Pro- LINK

Another Standard iPad Keyboard case for your iPad from ClamCase to convert your iPad into a productive partner. It is thin, light compact and flows seamlessly with your iPad’s design and elegance. It can be used as a comfortable viewing and typing stand for a complete laptop like experience. The keyboard is well designed and the keys well placed for fast and accurate typing and the best part is that it doubles into a secure protective case.

Incase Origami Workstation- LINK

This novel iPad case works with Apple iPad Wireless Keyboard to transforms your iPad into a work machine. It protect your iPad when closed and folds out to hold it firmly at comfortable angles in both landscape and portrait mode. It’s easy installation and removal for a naked iPad usage sets its apart from other accessories that turn your iPad into Laptop.

BoxWave Capcitative iPad Stylus- LINK

Alright, this might not be the right accessory that converts iPad into laptop but it sure takes full advantage of what iPad has and turns it into something handy and useful. You can use this stylus to sketch out ideas, write down quick notes, tasks and other such instances where a Keyboard just doesn’t cut it. And the best part is that it looks stylish, much like the iPad itself.

Apple Camera Connection Kit- LINK

Having a camera connection Kit will give you an upper hand if you are a professional photographer and especially if you are one with frequent travel schedules. You can dump photos from a SD card or  directly from your camera into your iPad for quick retouch and share.

Griffin A-Frame- LINK

Griffin is famous for their usually surprising and creative accessories and the same goes true for this A- frame for iPad. This case secures your iPad at different angles for a wide usage ranging from full desktop surfing, typing, multimedia experience to a low angle, over-the-legs movie experience. The frame and silicone built holds your iPad tightly and does not compromise access to any of the ports or functions while doing so.

Crux360 – LINK

This iPad case is unique with its multitude positioning feature. It turns your iPad into a powerful-work tool while still maintaining the simplicity of the iPad. It features a full Qwerty-style keyboard Bluetooth keyboard  for impressive text input speed and accuracy. The hinge allows you to adjust the screen in perfect viewing angle. And when your case is not in use, it closes and protects your iPad’s screen from nicks and scratches with its soft touch finish. And if money is not the factor, you can move on to Loaded version with track-pad, built in speakers, extended battery and other quality laptop features.


There are a few apps in the market that either bring laptop software features to your iPad or put a new iPad exclusive feature altogether into your iPad for an effective overall usage and professional tool assistance. In the next section of this post we have collected some of the best Apps to turn your iPad into Laptop.

DropBox- LINK

Dropbox is a cloud based service that can be used to secure, store, share and access your documents, files, PDF’s, images and other such stuff across various platforms like Laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone and other smart phones. It is a one stop solution for all your laptop-standard, iPad storage and file sharing needs.

Quick Office HD- LINK

Although Microsoft released its Office apps for iPhone, iPad users won’t be lucky to get it, atleast not for now. So, alternatively you can try similar solutions for Office essential needs and among this category Quick Office HD shares the benefit of being the most trusted and perhaps the most functional. It can perform standard office tasks and word processing with quality features and gesture compatibility plus the ability to sync work with DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote and other services makes it a must have.

Printopia For Mac- LINK

This software for you Mac allows you to share your printers wirelessly to iPad or iPhone for easy and quick printing directly from them. You can even save documents on your Mac from iPad as PDF files and there are many other quality features that you can try for free before deciding on purchasing your copy.

Adobe Photoshop Express- LINK

If you are looking to retouch, add effects, layer images and do a bit of pro photo editing from your iPad, Adobe Photoshop express has you covered. Of course it is not the equivalent of its computer version but it is pretty impressive for an iPad app. It is well integrated with touch gestures to quick iPad friendly editing and better yet, the app is absolutely free.

Paper- LINK

As pointed out earlier, some ideas are better sketched out than typed down, and that is what paper is all about. It is a simple, practical and beautiful app that allows you to sketch and pen down your ideas quickly. Combine it with Boxwave’s iPad stylus and you are ready to enjoy sketching anywhere, anytime.


There are many remote desktop access apps for iPad available in the market but perhaps LogMeIn maintains to beat every other app with its trusted access, less expensive charging policy, speed and security. With this app you can access all the features of your Desktop from your iPad like full control of Keyboard, mouse and visualization of full screen contents.

Moncha VNC Lite- LINK

If you know a thing or two about VNC networks and have time on your hands, this app will help access your computer remotely like LogMeIn for free. It follows all standard security protocols and can handle 6 different host configurations with password protection over a standard VNC network.

If you use any better or similar iPad accessories and apps to turn it into Laptop, feel free to mention and suggest in comments section.

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