30 Super-Useful iPad Air 2 Cases You Should Try

There was a lot of criticism about how iPad would be useful when it was first launched, from moderate positive criticism to downright bold mockery.


Times have changed and so has the perspective about iPad.

So much so that when anyone thinks about a tablet, it is either iPad or nothing else.

Like Apple iPhone did to full-screen smartphones, iPad did to the entire tablet market with all the major tech giants following their lead and coming up with their version of iPad, but it would be safe to say that nothing quite does it like the iPad.

There are a bunch of reasons that make iPad the tablet of choice for many people and the variation and the number of iPad cases available is one of the many strong features that sets it apart from every other tablet.

That being said…

There still are a bunch of useless iPad cases that do all the boasting without actually delivering on the made promises.

To avoid that very thing, in this post we have collected 30 Useful iPad Air 2 Smart Cases that not only protect your iPad but also have something unique to them that makes them a bit more useful and a lot more productive or entertaining, depending on what you wish.

Apple Smart Case


One of the many things that make Apple products and especially iPad famous is the fact that it is so simple to use and just gets the job done.

Apple Smart Case is a product from Apple following that lead, in a way that it is simple and very useful for your iPad Air 2. It not only protects your iPad from dust, scratches and minor bumps but also does so without adding unnecessary bulk.

Couple that with its great viewing angles and auto sleep/wake function and you have one of the most useful iPad Air 2 Smart cases.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover


Adding a little more style and a lot more productivity to your iPad Air 2, Logitech offers an Ultra thin Keyboard case that not only gives you an design edge but highly improves your productivity, even when you are on the go.

Atari Arcade


Okay! This is more on the fun side of the iPad and is not exactly a case, but it is so cool that we couldn’t help but mention it in this post.

This iPad Air 2 Dock will sure hit you with nostalgia as you play through all the Arcade games and experience the Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command and many others just the way they were supposed to.

Speck Handy Shell


iPad Air 2 Being a big device, without a “speck†comes with a problem of portability and particularly one hand handling.

To cater to that very problem, Speck has released a simple Hard-Shell case that not only protects your iPad but also comes with a flipping thumb ring that helps use it with just one finger.

Joby Yogi


Joby Yogi might sound like a funny name but don’t let that fool you, this is probably the most useful iPad Air 2 case from the makers of GorillaTripod.

The case allows works as a simple iPad case and a stand but, with its unique leg design, it can actually cling to doors, poles, chairs and more to give you unlimited viewing angles and unlimited options to place your iPad.

Waterfield Designs iPad Wallet Case


This case amply protects your iPad and while it does so, it makes itself very useful by giving you plenty of space to carry around things like money, charger, documents and more without adding much bulk.

The cherry on top is the case’s strap compatibility that makes it easier to carry it around, that is if you are not afraid to be that person.

G-Form Extreme Sleeve


If protection is your top priority while carrying your iPad Air 2, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve might just be the one for you.

The sleeve is rugged to the core and can withstand high pressure, bumps, and scuffs without even giving your iPad as little as a scratch.

Kensington SecureBack Security Case


Who would want to buy the all expensive Apple iPad Air 2 only to lose it to theft any given day?

No one, Right?

To prevent that very thing, Kensington SecureBack Security Case comes with a perfect solution.

This case installs just like any other case on your iPad but then it comes in with a built-in security anchor and Click-safe lock system that secure your iPad from theft.

Vogel’s All in One Mount and Cover System


If mounting is your thing (pun intended), Vogel’s All mount system might just be the one for you.

With an impeccable design system and ergonomics, this case can help you mount you iPad on just about everything from walls to cars or just use it as a holder or a table stand.



Don’t fancy losing your iPad Air 2 to damage due to water, especially if you are using it near the pool or in the kitchen to look up recipes?

LifeProof is here to help. Promising to withstand even the harsh conditions of a dishwasher, this iPad case is not only useful but necessary.

Tuxedo Case


Want something to go with your Tuxedo on a big day, presentation or an interview? This Tuxedo Case has you covered with its subtle design and minimal vibe.

The case comes in with smart magnets that secure your iPad tightly while the premium leather look shines from outside without compromising protection from the inside, thanks to its microfiber lining.

Bodyguardz Armor Carbon Fiber Skin


If you want something minimal, stylish and protective for your iPad that does not break the bank, Bodyguardz Armor Carbon Fiber Skin might just be the one for you.

The package comes in with a carbon fibre skin for the back of your iPad with three color variants; Red, Black and white, and a screen guard for the front for an end to end protection.

i-Blason Smart Leather Case


A beautiful looking case with a lot of ergonomics and a subtle feel with a bundle of features that not only makes your iPad highly functional but also, with its pockets and a lot of other little contraptions makes it a suitable case for you to carry your iPad with all your other necessary documents and cards.

Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio Case


Every once in a while, despite the humongous number of cases available for iPad, there is always a case that stands out from the rest of mundanity with its creative design and functionality. Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio Case is one such case.

This ultra-thin and light weight protective case features an ergonomic keyboard that hides in the inner fabric when you are done with it, making your iPad look all the more sophisticated without actually compromising on functionality.

Premium Wallet Case by FYY

premium_wallet_for air

If you hate mismanagement and clutter and want to put all your eggs in the same basket, then a wallet case might just be the solution to all your problems.

But the only problem is that there is a sea of such cases available in the market and it becomes a little more than daunting to find the right one for you.

To eliminate all that ambiguity, we present to you this Premium Wallet Case by FYY that not only protects your iPad but also gives you plenty of space to carry around your daily items.

DuraFolio by Speck


Speck has made its name in the Apple Cases market with its quality cases and unique features, but the most important features that set it apart from the rest of the crowd is its high degree of protection which is thankfully made possible with its quality built and high-grade material.

DuraFolio is another great step in that direction with all the protection without all the bulk.

Fintie SmartShell


If you are a big fan of minimalism and want to hide your iPad in the plain sight to avoid your precious device from being stolen, then Fintie SmartShell might just be the one for you.

The case comes in over 30 vibrant designs but you might want to choose the bookcase if you want to achieve subtlety.

Poetic Revolution Cover Case


A dual layered protection on top of a Hybrid TPU skin and polycarbonate frame for maximum shock-absorbency are only some of the things that make this case stand out from the rest of the crowd without actually compromising on the protection aspect.

Poetic iPad Air 2 Case


If flexibility is your thing, then this ultra-flexible case might just be the one for you.

The ultra-suede interior of this case offers a long, dust-proof protection while the snap-on plastic back provides an easy and secure fit with a comfortable viewing angle.

MOFRED Executive Standby Case


Built using faux leather, this case sports everything that anyone can ask for as far as a quality and functional iPad case is concerned. The case holds your iPad at great viewing angles, both in the landscape as well as portrait mode.

The cover also carries a capacitive sensitive stylus for people who have sausage fingers.

Travellor Kids Light Weight Kido Series Case


A simple case designed to withstand all the mischiefs that are bound to happen around kids. The case combines a 180-Degree rotatable handle with a kickstand mechanism for a hands-free table top viewing.

Although, the exterior looks a bit soft and squishy, don’t let that fool you, for the case provides a supreme protection from inside with its double re-enforced, impact resistant polycarbonate shell.

Thankscase Rotating Leather Smart Cover


A stylish and functional swivelling case with minimal built that allows for great protection and beautiful viewing angles. The case comes in a plethora of colors and sports a grip strap to support iPad when you are using it on the go.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480


OK! This might not exactly be a case per se, but it is so cool that we couldn’t help but list it in this post.

This awesome accessory from Logitech is basically a keyboard that essentially connects with every device that allows Bluetooth connection. That includes your iPad, iPhone, Mac and even a PC.

ArmorBox 2 by i-Blason


A rugged case to protect your iPad Air 2 from any possible damage, that includes scratches, bumps, and even considerable drops.

The case promises to be lighter than even the famous Otterbox cases and tops it all with its great kickstand.

Yousave Accessories iPad Air 2 Case

yousave_case for air

A great minimal case with built in auto wake sleep function and an executive folio design that makes for great protection without compromising on the protection aspect.

The best thing about this case though is that it allows you to view your iPad at three different viewing angles.

Incipio LGND Hard Shell Convertible Case for iPad Air


A unique folding design is this case’s strongest forte that makes for great viewing angles while your iPad Air 2 looks amazing sitting comfortably in the case. The case encloses your iPad in a great magnetic closure and gives you access to all the ports and buttons.

Griffin Survivor Journey Folio Case


Griffin’s recent offering is a versatile case with plenty to offer. The main shell is made of tough TPU, which will protect your tablet from falls of up to 6 feet.

The inventive folio cover attaches via magnets, so it can be removed when you don’t need it.

The cover also folds back and acts as a stand for typing and watching videos, and because of the built-in magnets, you can also stick your iPad to the fridge door.


The gold, silver, and grey finishes are designed to match your iPad.

Zagg Rugged Book Case


If you want to cover your iPad in the simplicity of a book but without compromising on the protection then Zagg Rugged Book Case might just be the one for you.

The Keyboard of the case is detachable so you can get rid of that extra bulk when you want to use your iPad for leisure and all.

STM Dux Ultra Protective Case


This great case might just be the one you have been looking for if you are a frequent user of iPad, especially on construction sites and the like.

The pencil holder is a huge plus and we have to give extra points for overall minimalism STM Dux seems to be going for.

UAG Folio for iPad Air 2


You can take your iPad anywhere in this case. It meets military drop test standards 810G thanks to an impact resistant core.

The outer shell is finished is something UAG calls Frogskin which adds excellent grip and is water resistant.

The cover also automatically wakes and puts your iPad to sleep when opened and closed.

It looks like a chunky industrial design, but the case is actually very light and you’ll find the cutouts are precise and there’s no glare when you use the camera. If the red is a bit much, you can get a plain black or cobalt blue version.