100+ Seriously Awesome iPad Pro Wallpapers

Looking for some seriously breathtaking iPad Pro Wallpapers?

Look no more because you have found the ultimate resource for making your iPad Pro stand out from the crowd with these ultra-high quality wallpapers.

Since the release of the very first iPad back in 2010, there have been many improvements, to the point that some of them even represent the triumph of being the perfect hybrid of a tablet and a laptop.

Something along those lines is the iPad Pro series that comes with all the bells and whistles of a premium device on top of a lot of elegance.


If you are already a proud owner of any of the iPad Pro series, you must already be aware of the brilliance and sharpness of the display this device carries.

And it would be bonkers to lose all this beauty to ugly wallpapers.

Keeping that in mind, in this post we have collected the best wallpapers for all iPad Pro models, which include the iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5 and the mighty iPad Pro 12.9.

So, irrespective of the type of iPad Pro you own, we are sure you won’t leave this page without at least a few best wallpapers for your iPad Pro.

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Wallpapers

Kicking this iPad Pro wallpapers post right with the most basic iPad in the Pro line, the iPad Pro 9.7. We have divided the wallpapers into a few sections so you will be able to directly sift through the categories that you are into.

Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7 

Official wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7 are the most basic wallpapers you can find anywhere on the Internet. They have a tinge of elegance and a bit of Apple touch to them, which makes them all the more elegant and desirable.

We rummaged thoroughly through the entire world web and found a few noteworthy Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7 to be included in this list, and we hope you will love at least a few of them.

4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7

4K is the new thing in display aesthetics these days and it is no surprise that people have actually created innumerable 4K wallpapers for almost every device that has one, and also some that even don’t have a 4K display per se, and that includes iPad Pro 9.7.

If you wish to up your wallpaper game, having a 4K Wallpaper for your iPad is sure going to satiate that very appetite. So buckle up, the next section is going to be a treat for your eyes.

HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 9.7

HD wallpapers fall a bit short in terms of quality when you compare theme neck to neck with 4K wallpapers, but nonetheless, the sheer quality and size of them are good enough to enhance the wallpaper game on your iPad Pro 9.7.

iPad Pro 10.5 Wallpapers

With a display size of 10.5 inches, this iPad Pro packs a punch in terms of display specs. With a resolution of 2224 × 1668 px and 264ppi this display is going to do justice with almost any wallpaper you throw on it.

Except if the wallpapers are excruciatingly boring and with no contrast at all, then even this beautiful display won’t be able to help. But you know what can help? The wallpapers we have collected in the next section of this post made exclusively for iPad Pro 10.5.

Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5

A bunch of wallpapers that have a touch of Apple elegance is what Official Wallpaper for iPad Pro 10.5 stand for. All these wallpapers are super minimalistic and almost match the already ingenious design of an iPad.

4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5

 4K wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5 look a bit more stylish on this bigger iPad and thus keeping in view that enormity of this device and spec bump, in the next section you are going to find some of the best iPad Pro 10.5 wallpapers that push the pixels and look absolutely fabulous.

HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5

HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 10.5 have been collected in the next section keeping in mind the aesthetic appetite of most of the people who own this humongous device. These wallpapers might not be 4K sharp, but they sure do justice, especially because there are many options to choose from.

iPad Pro 12.9 Wallpapers

iPad Pro 12.9 is by far the biggest in iPad series, and that includes the Pro series, and it would be extremely naïve if you do not put an elegant wallpaper for this exquisite beast. There are a bunch of options available for you to choose from and irrespective of what you are looking for, we are sure you will find at least one best iPad Pro 12.9 wallpapers in the next section from the categories that are available.

Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9

If you are a fan of minimalism and therefore like almost everything Apple has to offer then Official Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9 might just be for you. These wallpapers are very subtle and redefine what it means to stay simple and stylish, all at the same time.

4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9

4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9 are very sharp and they probably look the best on this huge device. This is not only because of its huge 2732×2048 resolution and 264-pixel density but also because everything looks so much better on a bigger display. Keeping all that in mind, the next section is going to focus on 4K Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9.

Update: On request of our viewers, we have cropped these 4K wallpapers down to 2732 x 2732px to fit the iPad Pro 12.9’s screen perfectly. This was done to reduce file-size and because anything above that is not required at all for the device.

HD Wallpapers for iPad Pro 12.9 

HD Wallpapers might not be as good as 4K wallpapers but the fact that there are a plethora of options available in this niche gives them an automatic advantage. And it goes without saying that these wallpapers also look much more vibrant on an iPad Pro 12.9 because of its big display and high resolution.

How to Create Your Own iPad Pro Wallpaper

You would think that creating wallpaper for iPad Pro is as simple as cropping it to the desired resolution, Right? Wrong!

Well, there is more to it than just simple cropping; this is because when creating your own iPad Pro Wallpaper, you don’t only have to keep in mind the resolution but also the orientation.

Simply put, when you put a wallpaper on an iPad Pro, it is able to adjust the resolution according to the orientation of the device, that is, between it’s 1024 (2048) tall and 768 (1536) pixels wide in portrait mode and 768 (1536) tall and 1024 (2048) pixels in landscape mode.

To take care of this problem, you will need to follow the directions written in the next section and all the custom wallpapers will be at your disposal.

Step 1: Open an image editing software that has at least the basic editing options, we are going to use Photoshop for this purpose, but anything with the basic features, like cropping, will do just fine.

Step 2: Create a new image in a square with edges of 1024 x 1024 (2732 x 2732 for the new iPad Pro 12.9).


Step 3: Now depending on what you consider the most important part of your image, you want to crop that part so that it is visible at the center.

Step 4: The last step is to save the image at 264 dpi and you are all set to transfer your very own wallpaper and use it on your iPad Pro.

We hope you liked the wallpaper for iPad Pro models enlisted in this post and also the bonus tip on creating your own iPad Pro wallpaper if you have a better wallpaper on your device or a better way to make a wallpaper for iPad Pro, feel free to share with us.

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