150+ Incredibly Cool iPad Cases

In the realm of tablets, Apple’s iPad stands as a beacon of innovation and elegance, surpassing its competitors with its remarkable features, functionality, and portability. The iPad’s design, in particular, warrants admiration for its seamless integration of form and function. However, for the discerning user concerned with safeguarding their investment, selecting the perfect case can be a daunting task amidst the sea of options available in the market.

If you’re among those seeking to enhance both the protection and aesthetic appeal of your beloved iPad, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 iPad cases that combine style, durability, and functionality to meet your needs and preferences.

New Cool iPad Cases/Covers in 2020

First in this extensive post is New iPad Case/Covers in 2017. These cases have been hand picked after careful consideration of all the factors like form, functionality, design, subtlety and bulk.

1. Twelve South BookBook Vintage Leather Case


Making your iPad look like an elegant book this case is made from genuine leather and has an internal frame to support viewing at different angles comfortable.

Price: $79.99 | Twelve South BookBook Vintage Leather Case

2. Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio


With Looks of fine executive folio, this iPad slipcase is made from oil-tanned leather material.

Price: $28.99 | Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio

3. Upcycled Mail Sack


Handmade from repurposed mail  sacks in Mexico this iPad cover has a canvas exterior and an cushioned micro-suede lining for efficient protection.

Price: $55 | Upcycled Mail Sack

4. Minji Design Cork Grain Hard Case


Externally lined with a woodgrain pattern this case holds your iPad with a stiff shell and has a lid to cover your screen with in-built sleep-wake function.

Price: $55 | Minji Design Cork Grain Hard Case

5. Aston Martin Racing Case


Growing better with age and use, this iPad case is made from fine leather and stitched tightly to protect your iPad for years to come.

Price: $55 | Aston Martin Racing Case

6. iLuv Casual Fabric Case with Band Clip


Running at just $34 this iPad case not only keeps your device secure with style but also has a band for easy use on the go.

Price: $34.04 | iLuv Casual Fabric Case with Band Clip

7. Kari On Monogrammed iPad Cover

Giving you full control of personalization this case offers you to choose background pattern, monogram style and color.

Price: $74.95 | Kari On Monogrammed iPad Cover

8. Studio Papilio iPad Sleeve

Handmade to order from natural unbleached cotton with heavy padding and cotton lining. The cover closes with loop and wooden button and has a front pocket for phone, cable or anything else you want to put there, featuring a print of a turquoise Octopus on white.

Price: $29 | Studio Papilio iPad Sleeve

9. Labato iPad Air Leatherette Case Cover

Featuring a ribbon and a simple modern design this case packs in magnetic closure that also activates sleep-wake function of your iPad.

Price: $28.99 | Labato iPad Air Leatherette Case Cover

10. Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Western Leather iPad Case

Made from high-grade western genuine leather this iPad case gives your freedom to use your iPad at 5 viewing angles.

Price: $102.99 | Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Western Leather iPad Case

11. KAVAJ “Londonâ€

Thin, soft, elegant portfolio-style case made of 100% genuine leather. It has a closure strap and pen loop on side. Stylus that doubles as an ink pen is included in the package. There are interior pockets for business cards and other essentials.

Price: $59.90 | KAVAJ “Londonâ€

12. Cocones iPad Air Sleeve, Deep Caramel

Coming all the way from Ireland, this iPad sleeve is made from pure natural wool felt and has smooth leather patch embossed with the logo and patches at the edge for extra protection.

Price: $59.90 | Cocones iPad Air Sleeve, Deep Caramel

13. Barbour Quilted Collection

Featuring traditional tartan lining and a quilted exterior, the case uses Barbour’s signature fabrics and materials, bringing a touch of country chic to your iPad.

Price: $99.95 | Barbour Quilted Collection

14. Photive Ultra Slim Folio Case

Comes in with a built-in stylus space and stand made from one piece leather to avoid adding bulk. Soft touch inner lining and sleep-wake function are some other prominent features.

Price: $14.95 | Photive Ultra Slim Folio Case

15. Tuff-Luv Western Leather Embrace Plus Case

Securing your iPad with harness and effective book-style, this iPad case is made from genuine western leather. Its design and precise cuts allows access to all the ports while your iPad stays tucked in securely in the case.

Price: $62.47 | Tuff-Luv Western Leather Embrace Plus Case

16. Snugg Desert Camouflage Folio

Soft brown interior and US military desert camouflage exterior makes this iPad cover stylish and rugged. It also features a elastic hand-strap for use while walking, exercising, lounging, or using FaceTime.

Price: $62.47 | Snugg Desert Camouflage Folio

17. Belkin Chambray Tab Cover

Light-weight and sleek, this iPad case is made from premium leather and tucks in your iPad securely with its soft inner lining and magnetic closure.

Price: $22 | Belkin Chambray Tab Cover

18. Nimoo Handmade iPad Sleeve

This cute case is made of cotton fabric, padded with polyester batting and comes with a wooden button closure and a cord. It includes two exterior pockets, on the front and back, to hold your notebooks, phone, essentials.

Price: $24.50| Nimoo Handmade iPad Sleeve

19. Pad & Quill Graduate Artist Series

Built-in with sleep-wake function, this iPad case is good for a quick read or movie session on your iPad.

Price: $24.50| Pad & Quill Graduate Artist Series

20. Caseable “It’s Time Forâ€

Designed by Kaitlyn Parker and hand-crafted in Brooklyn from recycled materials this iPad case is tough and has a rigid interior structure with neoprene padding.

Price: $49.90 | Caseable “It’s Time Forâ€

Leather cases

Because there is nothing that speaks elegance better than leather, this section is a compilation of leather cases that not only add protection to your iPad but also adds impressive elegance at the same time.

1. Vaja-Messenger-Bag for iPad

If you want some extra protection and space with your iPad case then this case is probably the best you can get at this price. The cherry on top is that it packs you iPad and all other accessories in style.

Price: $280 | Vaja Messenger Bag

2. Twelve South BookBook for iPad 

An elegant iPad case that resembles the design of a book, hand-made from genuine leather this iPad case is probably the most sleek and spiffy case you can buy for your iPad at an affordable price.

Price: $69.99 | BookBook for iPad 

3. SGP iPad Leather Case Vintage Edition

SGP iPad Case

A minimal cool iPad case made from 100% full-grain leather that does not add unnecessary bulk to your sleek iPad. There are precise cuts and curves made meticulously in this case to wrap your iPad in sheer beauty.

Price: $100 |  SGP iPad Leather Case Vintage Edition

4. Sena’s Case folio

Sena offers many leather iPad  cases with versatile designs to match the taste of different iPad owners. This one here is just a sample of their wide collection.

Price: $99.9 | Sena’s Case folio

5. Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio

Internally covered with soft Twill Lining and externally enclosed with a magnetic closure, this iPad case from Targus is a must buy if you love leather and want to stay minimalistic at the same time.

Price: $77.00 | Targus Leather Folio

6. Urbano iPad Leather Zip Case – Vintage

iPad Urbano Vintage

While the YKK zippers and metal puller make this case easily accessible and easy to operate, there is also luxurious interior made from soft material to protect your iPad from dust, scratches, scuffs and bumps. Add to all this a genuine premium cows hide leather and you have one of the cool iPad cases for yours to take at just the right price.

Price: $78.59 |  Urbano iPad Leather Zip Case – Vintage

7. Vaja Special Edition Mamut Suela Brown Leather Case

Although this iPad case is relatively expensive, it does make up for the over hyped price with its full-grain cowhide leather and fully accessible design. You can access you iPad while in the case as the lid is detachable and you get access to all your ports because of precise cuts.

Price: $200 | Vaja Special Edition 

8. Temple Bags Leather iPad case

If you carry your iPad a lot with you, especially during the travel and would like to protect your iPad while you are travelling, this cool leather iPad case is probably your best bet. Made from classic pure leather this iPad case protects your iPad effectively and at the same time allows you to view and use your iPad both vertically and horizontally.

Price: $250 | Temple Bags Leather iPad case

9. Hard Graft Tilt iPad Case

Lined internally with soft wool this iPad case gives your device a warm protection, while at the same time gives it quality looks with its light weighted style and functionality.

Price: $99 | Hard Graft  Tilt iPad Case

10. Kenton Sorenson Leather iPad Case

This iPad portfolio from Kenton Sorenson is hand made in Wisconsin exclusively from genuine oiled and conditioned  leather. It also as a leather strap closure which combines form and function.

Price: $190.00 | Kenton Sorenson Leather iPad case

11. Dark Coffee Brown iPad Case

This iPad case combines form and functionality under one hood and although it is not as light as you would expect, it does protect your iPad from all angles while in the sleeve. In addition the lid folds back to hold your iPad at comfortable viewing angles while in the case.

Price: $98 | Dark Coffee Brown iPad Case

12. iPad Smart Case – Black and Brown

Who else knows better to protect iPad in style than Apple itself? This Smart case for iPad is made from beautiful, aniline-dyed leather and lined internally with micro-fiber to keep your iPad display clean. It features the wake-up and sleep function when you open and close the lid respectively, a feature that is famous about smart case.

Price: $79 | iPad Smart Case – Black and Brown

13. Sena Vettra Folio Case

Yet another leather goodie from Sena, this time enclosed in a folio style and handcrafted from premium high grade full grain leather. Also features magnetic closure for smart sleep-wake function, precise port cuts and landscape and portrait viewing angles make it a perfect companion for your iPad.

Price: $89.95 | Sena Vettra Folio Case

14. Sena Folio Classic

Because Sena is almost the leader in leather cases, we couldn’t help but squeeze one more leather case into the arsenal before we finished with this section. Made from veg tanned leather this folio case sports multi-purpose slip pockets, card slots and a printed micro-suede lining to add to its overall functionality. It also has sleep-wake function and a Sena logo rivet for an extra dash of elegance.

Price: $119.95 | Sena  Folio Classic

15. The Walden Collection for iPad

Feel free to wrap the cover over for a paperback reading experience, prop it like a tent for unencumbered viewing or get hands-on while immersing yourself in a favorite app. Undoubtedly, the case protects your iPad 2, but more importantly, it personalizes your experience.

Price: $49.99 | The Walden Collection for iPad

Designer iPad Cases

There are many cases designed by famous designer but only some of them are off-beat enough to be listed in this post. So in this section we have collected a list of 10 best designer iPad cases.

1. Oscar de la Renta Clutch

Famous designers exquisite make, this iPad case needs no introduction. It features fashionable looks and compact clutch design to secure your iPad effectively.

Price: $290 | Oscar de la Renta Clutch

2. Burberry Smoked Check iPad cover

Burberry speaks style with its every product and so is the case with this iPad case. Made from smoked check coated canvas and a pinch of leather trim, this iPad case has a compact design and zipper closure for easy accessibility.

Price: $425 | Burberry Smoked Check iPad cover

3. Burberry Stiched Rafia iPad Case

Yet another goodie from Burberry, this time made from soft leather and covered beautifully with Polished metal plaque engraved Burberry Prorsum logo and Rafia ribbons that are individually plated and cross stitched.

Price: $750 | Burberry Stiched Rafia iPad Case

4.  Gucci iPad case

Simplicity seems to be the selling point of this iPad case from Gucci. Made from pure canvas, this iPad case from Gucci sparks confidence, elegance and simplicity.

Price: $250 | Gucci iPad case

5. Louis Vuitton iPad Case

Louis Vuitton is known for its expensive shit! and this case is no different. Available in classic monogram and Damier Graphite with designers initials all over, this iPad case is available at just the price you bought your iPad for, but it is still a bargain considering that it is “Louis Vuittonâ€.

Price: $366 |  Louis Vuitton iPad Case

6. Piel Frama Cinema

For $180 this iPad designer case is a bargain and the cheapest so far among the designer cool iPad cases, but it does not compromise style or protection despite of its relatively low price. The case comes in 10 colors, and seven patterns; put your absolute stamp on the case by mixing and matching from 20 colors, to decorate the case, edge strip, and flap colors just for an extra $20.

Price: $180 |  Piel Frama Cinema

7. Burberry Canvas Check and Leather iPad Case

Chose among tan, black or Emerald, whatever you choose one thing is for sure, you are not going to miss on Burberry style as all of them come with traditional Burberry pattern. Add to this its oversized zipper pull and comfy interior and you have one of the coolest designer iPad case.

Price: $$850 |  Burberry Canvas Check and Leather 

8. Burberry Alligator iPad Case

OK! We know this is excess, but we can’t help but add brilliant iPad cases from Burberry. This one here is made from Luxurious alligator leather and has a nice fold-over snap button closure for secure packing. And yes we admit that the price tag on this one is bonkers.

Price: $7,750 |  Burberry Alligator iPad Case 

9. Versace Couture iPad Sleeve

This is an iPad sleeve rather than a case, but it is so perfectly designed that we couldn’t help but put this in our list. This Italian-made black leather sleeve has an elegant design stitched into the front, and will run you $475.

Price: $475 |  Versace Couture iPad Sleeve 

10. Kate Spade Le Pavilion iPad Origami Case

Enclose your iPad with the freshness that comes in with every product of Kate Spade. This plastic-and-fabric case contorts to provide a full prop-up stand for use both vertically and horizontally. Cherry on top? It is the cheapest designer case available in the market.

Price: $95.00 |  Kate Spade Le Pavilion iPad Origami Case

Silicone iPad Cases

If you want easy and sufficient protection for your iPad without compromising its already ingenious sleek design, then silicon cases are your best bet. And the best part is that they are very cheap, so take a look at some of these and pick a few for your device.

1. Incipio DermaShot

This iPad case is made from high density silicone to protect your iPad effectively and has an organic texture for a natural feel. A coat of anti-static matter makes this phobic towards dust and less sticky. It does have precise cuts to allow access to all the ports and weighs only 7.0Oz thus preventing your iPad from getting extra bulk.

Price: $17.49 |  Incipio DermaShot

2. Luxmo Silicone Skin Cover

This light iPad silicone case is available for all the variants of iPad and features groovy design for added grip. It comes is various colors and wraps around your iPad precisely without compromising access to any port.

Price: $4.87 | Luxmo Silicone Skin Cover

3. Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case

If you are looking for something minimalistic, colorful, customizable and cheap for your iPad, look no further, for this is the best iPad case out there in the right price range and made from the right strong silicone material.

Price: $ 19.95 | Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case

4. CTCstore Crystal TPU Silicone Skin

Compatible with all versions of iPad this case is sturdy, light weight and fits your device precisely. It has a simple design and elegant color variations to wrap your iPad in off-beat design.

Price: $30.95 | CTCstore Crystal TPU Silicone Skin

5.  CyberTech Premium Quality Soft Silicone Skin Case

Wrap your iPad daily in new colored skins with these durable cool iPad silicone cases which come with 1 year warranty.

Price: $7.49 | CyberTech Premium Quality Soft Silicone Skin Case

Rugged/Hard iPad Cases 

If you often run your iPad into bumps and falls, you must be looking for cases that could save your iPad during those miserable journeys. Worry not, for the next section deals with such Rugged/Hard iPad cases, take a look and pick one perfect partner for your iPad.

1. Hard Candy Cases Street Skin iPad Case

Made from rubber, this iPad case equips your device with properties of rubber like better protection, less stretching and better cleaning.

Price: $30.15 | Hard Candy Cases Street Skin iPad Case

2. Vers Natural Wood iPad Case

Lined internally with soft material and made externally from hand crafted solid hard-wood, this iPad case provides a subtle end to end protection.

Price: $62 | Vers Natural Wood iPad Case

3. Kensington Apple PowerBack Battery iPad case

This one comes in with a kick stand for comfortable viewing and adds extra 5 hours of battery to your iPad with its battery pack.

Price: $44.17 | Kensington Apple iPad case

4. Speck Products Apple iPad Fitted Case

Bonding fabric and hard material under one hood, this rugged cool iPad case makes your device look elegant and sturdy at the same time.

Price: $16.73 | Speck Products Apple iPad Fitted Case

5. New Trent Gladius 

Adding water resistance and shock proofing to your iPad this iPad has a hand strap with a swivel to let you use your iPad at any angle or show it to your friends.

Price: $49.95 | New Trent Gladius 

6. DryCASE

The case is actually a flexible, clear waterproof bag that seals in your iPad. Clamp its seal and use the included valve to draw all of the air out of the bag—think vacuum-sealed tablet—and you can bring your iPad near the swells with confidence.

Price: $59.99 | DryCASE

7. Gumdrop Marine & Industry Series

This iPad case combines ruggedness and waterproofing with its double layer protection. Weatherproof clamps shield the tablet from the elements and even a dunk underwater, while plugs shore up all of the tablet’s ports to keep water out.

Price: $59.99 | Gumdrop Marine & Industry Series

8. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox needs no introduction, this giant rugged  case manufacturer is known for its rugged cases for smartphones, tablets and it does the same justice to your iPad. The Defender Series protects against potential damage from drops, bumps, dust, and scratches by absorbing shocks through a multiple-layer design.

Price: $99 | OtterBox Defender Series 

9. The Joy Factory aXtion Edge

This iPad case is thin and sleek, yet it does not compromise the security of your iPad in any way. The military-grade shock protection comprises a silicone cover that helps ward off drops, dings, and scrapes.

Price: $39.95 | The Joy Factory aXtion Edge

10. Thule Gauntlet

Last one in our series of rugged cool iPad cases is this product from well known quality rugged transportation material manufacturer. The Gauntlet is a sturdier version of a tablet cover that opens like a tome and doubles as a stand in portrait mode.

Price: $49.95 | Thule Gauntlet

iPad Keyboard Cases

Some people buy iPad for purposes other than playing Angry birds and for that lot, we have collected cool iPad keyboard cases that will not only protect your iPad but also give you an extra productive edge with fully functional keyboards.

1. CLAMCASE iPad Case with Keyboard

With patented hinge technology and 360 degree movement you can use this iPad case at any viewing angle and also move the case away to obtain the original feel of your iPad. The keyboard itself is pretty swift and satisfactorily functional.

Price: $149 | CLAMCASE iPad Case with Keyboard

2. Logitech Duo-To-Go

This Keyboard cool iPad case is scratch and water resistant and it doubles as a stand while giving you full access to the functional keyboard. The keyboard is detachable to ease your writing in different positions.

Price: $69.99 | Logitech Duo-To-Go

3. Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro

Giving you the option to view your iPad in landscape or portrait mode and allowing free detachability of the keyboard while your iPad tucks in comfortably in the case, this case is probably the best you can have at this price.

Price: $149.99 | Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro

4. Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2 Plus

Kensington is known for their suave products and this Keyboard cool iPad case is another addition to their flagship. With thin form and cool backlit keys this iPad keyboard case features a KeySense Power Channel which can automatically turn the keyboard on/off and a QuickFold design that quickly hides the keyboard for a smoother viewing experience.

Price: $82.78 | Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2 Plus

5. Zagg Slim Book

Sporting four modes of use case, keyboard, book and video, this Keyboard iPad case packs in a decent keyboard with insane battery life. It gives your iPad a clamshell look with a detachable case.

Price: $129.99 | Zagg Slim Book

6. MiniSuit Aluminum Bluetooth iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Featuring in-built wake-up-sleep attribute this iPad case is ultra light-weight and gives you an uninterrupted 55hours of writing powered by its Li-ion battery.

Price: $26.89 | MiniSuit Aluminum Bluetooth iPad 2 Keyboard Case

7. I-Tec Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Folio for iPad

Cushioning and protecting your iPad with its high quality soft silicone material and soft touch keys, this case is thin, light-weight and externally made from synthetic leather with magnetic fastening flaps for an end to end protection.

Price: $37.39 | I-Tec Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Folio

8. CELLMACS Leather iPad2 Keyboard Case

This quality leather iPad case equips your device with style, elegance, protection and maneuverability while all the time giving you access to a fully functional keyboard. The cherry on top? It comes at only $39.99.

Price: $39.99 | CELLMACS Leather iPad2 Keyboard Case

9. Targus Versavu Keyboard iPad Case

Swift scissor keyboard, extrinsic appeal, internal protection and full keyboard functionality are some of the features you take home with this brilliant iPad case from Targus.

Price:  $65.75  | Targus Versavu Keyboard iPad Case

10. iLuv Professional Case

For professional setup and long writing hours, this iPad case from iLuv is your best bet. It features a detachable keyboard with nice battery backup and a quality external leather design.

Price: $62.96 | iLuv Professional Case

Unique and Ridiculous iPad cases

If you pursuit for perfect iPad case hasn’t yet been fulfilled, we present Unique and Ridiculous iPad cases that make you question your sanity. We hope one of them will impress you and motivate you to buy one for your iPad.

1. Incipio Destroyer Overkill

As the name sufficiently suggests, this iPad case is made to tackle a disaster of any kind. Made from silicon, aluminum and military grade nylon called Zytel this iPad is made to take a fall from appreciable heights.

Price: $55.99 |  Incipio Destroyer Overkill

2. Newspaper Case

Go retro with this cheap Newspaper iPad cover that will keep people wondering what you are reading without even turning the page.

Price: $20.99 | Newspaper Case

3. Security Case

Of course it’s way too easy to unlock code on this iPad case, but the sheer look of it makes your iPad more secure and it unfolds as a effective stand and safe case.

Price: $39.95 | Security Case

4. Padova Case

If you think your iPad is expensive, think again! for case line from Padova is more expensive than your device itself. Coming in four variants Black, Mocha, Red or Cognac Ostrich this iPad case has nothing special other than its overly hyped price.

Price: $689 | Padova Case

5. Bacon Case

Love bacon? Wrap your precious device with the beauty of bacon with this effective iPad case, minus the grease and plus the ice breaking properties.

Price: $59 | Bacon Case

6. Tod’s iPad Case

Tod’s is known for expensive shit! and this case made from hand-crafted alligator skin is no exception to their pipeline.

Price: $4,900  | Tod’s iPad Case

7. RibCage

Strengthened with reinforced tough panel, this iPad case feels and looks like a rib cage which is both creepy and sends message that probably your rib cages will crush before your iPad does.

Price: $34.99  | RibCage

8. iMaxi

OK! This case probably wins the “Most ridiculous iPad case†award. Made from durable vinyl outer layer, plush and quilted-cotton sleeve this case keeps your iPad clean and ironically “Dryâ€.

Price: $24.99  | iMaxi

9. Action Treadway Pad Pack

Made exclusively for adventure aficionados, this iPad case slings perfectly along your shoulder and allows usage while hanging.

Price: $98 | Action Treadway Pad Pack

10. Salvator Ferragamo iPad Case

This iPad case comes in two designs: Euro-farmed calfskin leather or beige canvas with a rich brown leather trim and both give a classy, protective envelope look, especially for our female iPad owners.

Price: $290-390 | Salvator Ferragamo iPad Case

Cool iPad Sleeves

iPad Sleeves are made keeping in view the original design of your iPad and thus they are pretty sleek, easy to carry and do not add unnecessary bulk to your iPad.

1. Urbano iPad Leather Sleeve

This premium league iPad sleeve is made from cow leather and thick stitched to make it durable and last for decades. It has a long zipper closure that opens both ways for easy access to your device.

Price: $199 | Urbano iPad Leather Sleevee

2. Cusco iPad Sleeve

The Cusco iPad sleeve is made from hand loomed, naturally grown cotton from Oaxaca Mexico. This iPad sleeve protects your iPad from dents, scratches and has a Velcro closure to ensure the safety of your iPad.

Price: $40.00 | Cusco iPad Sleeve

3. Laptop Slipcase from Altego

This sleeve provides a dual function, it tucks in your 13†or 15†laptop while giving enough room for your iPad too. It comes in two color choices one for more professional look and other for funk.

Price: $33.55 | Laptop Slipcase from Altego

4. Cool Bananas iPad Envelope

Designed to represent the looks of an envelope, this iPad case is made from genuine leather and packs in your iPad securely with its magnetic closure.

Price: $31.73 | Cool Bananas iPad Envelope

5. Incipio Underground iPad Sleeve

This extremely thin iPad sleeve is made from full grain leather with a layer of soft velour to give your iPad elegant looks and protect it effectively at the same time.

Price: $29.99 | Incipio Underground iPad Sleeve

6. Cool Bananas ‘BulletProof’ Hard Cover

Made from quality material like crush resistant EVA hard shell and shock absorbing memory foam, this iPad case gives your device high protection against bumps, scuffs, drops and dust.

Price: $40 | Cool Bananas ‘BulletProof’ Hard Cover

7. Nedrelow Sleeve for iPad

Made of thick German-made wool this case provides natural and sustainable protection. You can choose from top-loading or side-loading, depending on your preference and what style bag your iPad travels in.

Price: $34.00 | Nedrelow Sleeve for iPad

8. Booq Taipan Spacesuit iPad Sleeve

Brick red interior and black exterior plus the resistant material makes this sleeve an ideal secure pocket for your iPad.

Price: $30 | Booq Taipan Spacesuit iPad Sleeve

9. Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

Internally made from soft material to protect and clean your iPad, this sleeve is externally made from burlap for an effective protection and unique elegance.

Price: $60.00 | Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

10. HardGraft Heritage iPad Case

Made for Apple products, this iPad case has comfy interiors and a classy leather pocket to hold your iPhone on the go.

Price: $59 | HardGraft Heritage iPad Case

Cool iPad Carry Cases

iPad is a perfect travel companion so it is no surprise that people keep on looking for effective carrying cases for this pretty device. This next section is about cool iPad carry cases and we hope you will find one suave partner for your iPad.

1. Targus Crave Slipcase

Made externally from water-resistant durable nylon that is light-weight and internally lined with micro-fiber this iPad slipcase provides an end to end protection for your iPad.

Price: $25.23 | Targus Crave Slipcase

2. Freestyle Messenger iPad Carrying Bag

This massive yet light-weight iPad carrying case has enough room to carry all your iPad accessories and then some more. The extra padded sleeve and soft material makes it a perfect travel partner.

Price: $89.00 |  Freestyle Messenger

3. Renee Michelle iPad Attaché

This designer iPad carry Attache provides some real protection and class to your already beautiful iPad.

Price: $24.99 | Renee Michelle iPad Attaché 

4. STM Medium Alley Shoulder Bag

Self-repairing durable zippers, cushioned interiors, extra space for documents and your MacBook and other accessories are some of the prominent features of this handy carry case.

Price: $49.95 | STM Medium Alley Shoulder Bag

5. Booq Boa Push iPad Bag

This push iPad carry case is versatile in the sense that it allows you to carry device in various fashions and doesn’t compromise the security of your iPad while doing so.

Price: $90| Booq Boa Push iPad Bag

6. Booq Taipan Shadow XS iPad Messenger Bag

Keep your iPad close and secure with this iPad messenger bag made for comfortable travel and business and at the same time put in some accessories and documents in it while on the go.

Price: $80 |  Booq Taipan Shadow XS iPad Messenger Bag

7. CaseCrown Vertical Multi Pocket Messenger Bag

This cool iPad carry case has some extra padding to cushion your device and also more space for other essentials.

Price:  $32.19 | CaseCrown Vertical Multi Pocket Messenger Bag

8. Vangoddy Hydei Convenient Carry Case

Detachable shoulder strap and comfortable micro-fiber interiors makes this one of the smartest iPad carry cases, plus the price is unbelievable.

Price: $18.99 | Hydei

9. Speck Carry Sleeve for iPad

Simplicity and functionality defines this sleek iPad sleeve sufficiently. Made from soft reinforced materials this sleeve protects your iPad from scuffs and minor bumps.

Price: $6.99 | Speck

10. Accessory Genie Protective iPad Carrying Case

Made from durable nylon this carry case secures your iPad while staying light-weight and has a shoulder strap plus a separate handle for easy carriage. It also has an extra velcro pocket for things like notebook, folder, book or a Kindle.

Price: 19.99 | Accessory Genie Protective iPad Carrying Case

We hope you liked our extensive list of cool iPad cases and have found atleast one perfect partner for your iPad by now. If you have any suggestions or personal favourites, feel free to mention in the comments section.

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