20 Luxury iPad Cases That Stand Out

Apple iPad in itself is a pretty expensive gadget and flaunts opulence all the way through its every edge and prospect. However, despite its price there still are many people who have managed to get hold of this device, which in-turn makes it harder for our Richie riches to stand out from these mundane sea of competition. There are many cases to choose from that will sure help such people to stand out and so we have collected 20 Luxury iPad Cases particularly for the elite section of iPad owners.

GUCCI iPad Cases- LINK

As the name is a clear indication the Gucci iPad cases are luxury redefined with its trademark designs and flare for high fashion. The leather cases are undoubtedly worth more capital but that isn’t even an issue when it comes to this brand.

Louis Vuitton Cases- LINK

Luxury and leather go hand in hand when Louis Vuitton is mentioned and their iPad cases are no exception to their trademark rule. The cases come in all sorts of statement colors and just having one of them is a statement in itself.

Smythson Zipped Cases- LINK

The Smythson iPad cases are unique not due to their elegant designs but due to the material consumed in bringing about such creations in existence. The luxury cases come in a blend of leather and snake skins or crocodile skins that are a delight to the eyes.

Vajs iVolution Top Crystals-LINK

The Vaja ivolution cases are elegance redefined as they are handmade and take a tedious span of thirty days to be created. The finished work consists of Swarovski Crystals that glitter on the front of the cases and is preferable for those who favor dreams of royalty.

Chanel iPad Cases- LINK

The Chanel iPad Case Emphasizes Chanel’s characteristic quilted stitching and the renowned Chanel logo imprinted on the zip. The case original design was adapted from a brief case and presents an image of success and accomplishment for both men and women.

Fumo Cases- LINK

Alexander Wang exhibited Fumo a classic iPad case with an adequately large size so any type of iPad can fit into it. It is crafted from absolutely authentic lambskin leather and also displays a design of cayenne pebble. A grand appearance joined with safe design is the essence of these cases.

Osacar De La Renta Cases- LINK

Made from python skin these cases are as graceful as the name of the label advocates. It displays a particularly suede lining and an instant closure. Variants in color ranging from red to yellow are available and simply chic in their looks.

Yves Saint Laurent Patent-Leather iPad Case  LINK

The custom made black leather cases of Yves Saint Laurent are embossed with a stitched logo of the design house. The core consists of beige suede and the case also consists of the convenience of snap fasteners.

Tod’s Alligator Skin Cases– LINK

These iPad cases are crafted by hand especially in Italy by the firm Tod’s famous for its luxury goods. The finest available alligator skin is used to create the case. The availability of colors varies from blue to brown and also tan.

Proenza Schouler Cases- LINK

A timeless design that is lovely to gaze upon consists of a leather case. It comes in colors such as black or an extraordinary neon coral color. Compatible for all iPad’s it’s sure  “the deal” for iPad owners.

Burberry Case- LINK

Burberry cases are not just a fashion accessory but are surprisingly durable and provide substantial protection to your iPad. A choice is readily available from a wide variety of cases that showcase different models and designs.

Simplism Shoulder Leather Case- LINK

The Simplism leather cases feature shoulder straps that are also removable and add an extra flair of style. An extra bonus is its safety measure as it prevents iPad from shock through the installation of cushioning plates and a wider back to secure corners.

Mulberry Textured Case- LINK

With a suede lined core the mulberry case displays a bright case that is a powerhouse of funk along with a tab fastening along the front. The brilliant color is a favorite especially for the young at heart.

Mcmanus Leather Case- LINK

The Macmanus iPad case is quite impressionable due to its excruciating good look consisting of khaki and red stripe along with a safety measure consisting of micro fibers inside the case that protect the iPad from shocks.

Casecrown iPad Case- LINK

These iPad cases have a touch of a nice bluish tone and moreover can easily be converted into a stand. Case is created from Faux leather and secures the iPad against scratches and fingerprints.

Nippon Leather Case- LINK

The nippon case is hand crafted from wide bovine leather. The case contains an extraordinary suspension system to protect the iPad from damages due to friction and bumps.

Targus Folio- LINK

Ideal quality grain leather is used to make the Targus cases and the stitching is elegance personified with a sturdy interior.

Dunhill Case- LINK

The Dunhill leather iPad case contains its logo on the front of the entire case and gives a regal side to the design with its unique styled borders.

Salvatore Ferragamo- LINK

It is available in a trademark beige and in a nutshell it provides solid safety and style.

Piel Frama Case- LINK

Each of these cases consists of a custom magnetic snap and there is also enough space to safe keep all the other extra utilities.

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