20 Incredible iPad Mini Cases That Protect Your iDevice

iPad Mini is one of the most impeccable pioneering gadgets that Apple has ever produced, and that is saying a lot.

Before you judge that statement as an overstatement you have to be aware of the fact that this gadget does not only inculcate all the Apple ingenuity but also does all that while keeping everything minimal and ultra-portable.

On top of all that, one more thing that makes Apple iPad Mini all the more exciting is the fact that there are innumerable options available for this device, ranging right from the minimalistic folio cases to the keyboard cases and other such goodies that essentially can be labelled towards the more sophisticated end.

That being said, there is still a huge problem that inevitably comes up with such humongous iPad Mini Cover choices and that problem is the fact that the market is inundated with iPad cover choices that make it equally daunting to pick up the right one for your precious Apple iPad Mini.

That is, until you read this post because in this post we have collected 20 iPad Mini Cases that are the very best in the market and sure are the bang for your buck.

TwelveSouth BookBook Case


If you are into minimalism just for the sake of it or you want to keep everything a little bit furtive, then this Book Case from TwelveSouth might just be the one for you.

Made from premium luxury leather this case not only looks great but also makes your iPad Mini look luxurious and subtle. The case also doubles as a stand that transforms your iPad Mini instantly into a great entertainment device and you can even use it for comfortable FaceTime and effortless swiping through your image gallery.

Moshi iGlaze VersaCover Origami Case


This case is sure to turn some heads with its eye-catching design that not only takes care of your viewing experience but also does the same without compromising on the overall elegance.

The three perfect angles make room for great typing, reading and browsing experience. This iPad Mini Cover is perfectly cut to provide access to all the ports and the cherry on top is the case’s auto wake/sleep functionality.

Knomo iPad Case


This iPad Mini Case is unique for the fact that it is essentially made from 90% Cotton and 5% leather and has enough room for your iPad, a smartphone, passport and cards as well as elasticised cable ties and a pen loop. The cherry on top is the device’s 2-year warranty without all the hassle.

FlipBook Mini


This minimalistic iPad Mini Cover promises to be the most minimalistic without compromising on the functionality.

You can simply lift your iPad and the kickstand will fall into its place to make for a great viewing angle with 10 different viewing angles that are perfect for typing, browsing, watching movies, reading and playing games.

PureGear Universal Tablet Folio


Flexible bands securely hold your iPad mini in place inside the PureGear Universal Tablet Folio, while a magnet holds it closed when it’s not in use.

Inside, you’ll find a stylus holder, as well as document and credit card slots, making this case so much more than mere protection. Plus, you can prop up your tablet for hands-free horizontal viewing.

Otterbox Defender Series


If you want the maximum end to end protection for your iPad without actually compromising on subtlety then this Defender Case from Otterbox might just be the one for you.

The case is equipped with a three-layer protective case that essentially withstands drops, bumps and shocks. The built-in screen guard further adds a layer of protection to the screen, making for an end to end protection.

If that doesn’t cut it for you, the case comes in with a fully comprehensible one year warranty, just in case your case runs into a problem.

XDorio SmartStyle Folio


The unique 3D Patterns of this case surrounds your iPad in a unique style while also protecting it from bumps, scuffs and minor scratches. The case also comes in with a built-in magnetic closure that doubles as a great functionality to allow for auto sleep/wake function.

CaseLogic Snap View 2.0


A polycarbonate shell provides ultra-protection for your iPad externally while the soft microsuede inner lining protects the screen during transport.

On top of it, the durable snap button locking system provides a stable base for optimum viewing and typing. The case also does support auto wake/sleep functionality.

Incipio LGND


Another unique styled iPad Mini Cover that also comes in various vibrant colors and protects your iPad from all the scratches, bumps and scuffs while the rest of it looks absolutely amazing without compromising on the comfortable viewing angles.

The unique folding design makes for a great viewing angle while it looks absolutely amazing to anyone passing by. While doing all that, the cover does give you access to all the ports and buttons.

Joy Factory Denim Case


If you think denim is one of the most versatile material there is, this Cover from Joy Factory might just be the one for you.

The subtle design of this cover will keep everything minimalistic while its cool design gives a unique vibe. On top of it, the case also comes in with a hardshell back, flexible cover and a soft inner lining to keep everything tight and secure.

Logitech Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover


If productivity is top on your list and you always want to get things done, even when you are travelling or have a free moment to spare, then this Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini from Logitech is a case you must try.

The cover is very minimalistic and the built-in Bluetooth Keyboard comes in with a bunch of shortcut keys for a faster and fluidic typing experience.

Hard Candy ShockDrop


If you have buttery fingers and often tend to drop gadgets in particular and everything else in general, then this Hard Candy ShockDrop case might just be the one for you.

Lined with 10mm of shock absorbing silicon at the corners, a semi-rigid screen protector and tear-proof flaps for port covers, this case truly represents end-to-end protection.

Griffin Survivor


Another cool iPad Cover along the lines of the one mentioned above that promises to provide ultra-protection to your iPad Mini. This is established through a four-way protection of your iPad using its foam lined polycarbonate frame and collision absorbing silicone.

Belkin Slim Style Cover


A ultra-thin cover with longevity and strength to protect your iPad Mini from all kinds of damages without compromising on the original minimal and subtle design of the iPad and of course, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

The soft microsuede lining further adds to the overall protection while the cover is also able to double as a stand to allow for multiple comfortable viewing angles.

Kensington Portafolio Me Cover


A great case from Kensington, that not only promises to provide extra cushioning and protection to your iPad, but it is designed in a way that also makes room for papers and business cards.

The hand strap also allows for a single-handed use while the stand can be used for viewing your iPad Mini at comfortable viewing angles for writing or entertainment.

ZeroChroma Folio-Slide Cover

ZeroChroma Folio_ipad_mini

The best part of this iPad Mini Cover from ZeroChroma is its 360-degree rotation that allows you to manoeuvre your iPad at different viewing angles, just the way you want.

The case offers both landscapes as well as portrait mode while the slide cover is both water resistant and removable. Add to all that auto-sleep/wake functionality and slide mount compatibility and you have one of the most versatile iPad Mini cover.

Grovemade Walnut Case


This is probably a unique case in this list, not only because of its looks but also because of the material that has been used to construct it.

This iPad mini case will, however, only suit the people who have some extra cash to spend on a case and also who are not tree huggers. The case has been made from Oregon Claro Walnut and sturdy domestic maple and works as a smart cover and stand.

Apple Smartcase

Nothing can beat Apple when it comes to sheer style and simple functionality and the all famous Smartcases are no exceptions. With a bunch of color variant ranging from bright colors to minimalistic dark colors these smart cases have got your moods and personal statements, all covered.

The best part though is its smart feature, which essentially wake/sleeps your iPad mini 2 as soon as you open and close the case. The cherry on top is the case’s ability to store as a stand with two comfortable viewing angles.

Griffin Zettarino Case


This might not come out as a Cover per se, but it is so beautiful that we couldn’t help but mention it in this post. This sleeve from Griffin covers your iPad Mini subtly without any unnecessary bulk.

The concept is to protect your iPad when it is more prone to damages, that is during carriage and all while also giving you access to its naked ingenious design whenever you feel like it.

The cherry on top is the case’s water-resistant and tear proof material that can withstand water, colors, paints, pencil and almost everything else.

Speck iGuy Protective Case


A little something for your children to adore apart from the iPad itself. This case comes in with a bunch of vibrant, fun colors to keep your children amazed without compromising on the protection aspect, thanks to its lightweight foam protection and kid-friendly personality.


lifeproof_mini iPad

For a slim, lightweight case that also offers unrivalled protection, the oddly named Frē for iPad Mini is unbeatable. The case fully seals your Apple tablet, so there’s no chance of dust or dirt making it through; in fact, you can submerge it in water to a depth of 2 meters for up to an hour.

It also offers military grade protection from drops and bumps.

The touchscreen remains perfectly usable, the case even reduces reflective glare, and it enhances the sound. Spills, falls, and harsh environments – your iPad Mini will survive the lot with one of these.