95+ Best iPad Stands You Can Use Everyday

Apple iPad is a device that single-handedly changed the entire course of gadgets, to the point that it opened up a whole new niche of gadgets we now know as tablets.


Despite all the competition that inundated the market after the launch of the first iPad, it still stands out and trumps every other tablet effortlessly with its sheer style, elegance, and impeccable functionality.

This is further accentuated by the fact that as soon as Apple rolls out a new iPad, it instantly becomes the device everyone would do anything to have.

If all that adulation was not enough, there are a plethora of Apple iPad Stands and Cases that come to further multiply the value of iPad several folds. This is because these cases are not only subtle and intricately made but also more often than not, add to the overall functionality and ergonomics of your iPad.

And something that builds up on the ergonomic side of the Apple iPad is a unique stand that not only “stands†out but also does so while adding plenty of viewing angles and comfortable single-handed usage to any of your iPad model.

The only problem, however, that arises from having so many iPad Stands options is that there are just so many of them and so it becomes a little more than daunting to pick up the right one for you, especially if you have set some high standards for it.

Some of these standards might require for an iPad to be Unique or even the best iPad stand there is.

On the other side of the spectrum, you might want iPad stands for a home to use them while you are chilling at home and are just feeling too lazy to use both of your hands.

Or sometimes you might want your iPad stand to have a more corporate look so that you can use such iPad stands for the office while you’re in a meeting or just rummaging through a different reading material.

Whatever the case might be, in this post we have collected something for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you want Unique iPad Stands, iPad Stands for Home or iPad Stands for Office, in this post, we have collected the best iPad Stands there are in the market without actually compromising on the overall quality and elegance.

We have divided the post into multiple sections to make it easy for you to find the right iPad stand for your particular need.

Apple iPad Pro Stands

We were all happy with our iPads until Apple dropped in iPad Pro, a device that is humongous by tablet standards but still has all the features and sleek design to help it pass as a tablet.

And boy! It is one hell of a tablet.

Not only because of the 10 inch of its glass laden end-to-end beauty but also because of its powerful specifications that even helped it surpass the MacBook Pro in certain benchmark tests conducted by BareFeats.

We can go on and on about how beautiful and powerful this device is but there is essentially a catch. The catch is that this device is so huge that it is almost impossible to use it for any of the productive or leisure purposes without having a proper support. And that is exactly where stands for Apple iPad Pro and particularly this post comes to rescue.

We scoured the web and after proper research and using a bit of common sense we were able to come up with the best stands for iPad Pro that are functional, ergonomic and most importantly, highly portable.

Yohann Stand

yohann stand for ipad

Whether you use this stand on the couch, table or bedside, it will not only allow you to communicate with your device comfortably but will do so while remaining supremely stylish, so much so that it can easily be mistaken for an art piece. The stand is made from carbon fiber and wood by Swiss designers and it is every bit of elegant as it is protective. The best part though is that the stands is sturdy enough to withstand portability around your home or office.

Twelve South ParcSlope


TwelveSouth has been in the case manufacturing business for long enough and in that time its products have only gone uphill. This stand for iPad Pro is another feather in its cap because of the way it hugs your iPad Pro protectively while maintaining a low profile. The top of the stand has a silicone ridge for your Apple Pencil and the stand is overall built from high-quality anodized aluminum to add sturdiness to your iPad without compromising on the iPad Pro’s original aesthetic appeal.

Cremacaffè KOLIBRI

Cremacaffè KOLIBRI

This case came into limelight when the famous illustrator Robert Generette III mentioned it as a stand of choice for his iPad Pro. And we are glad that it was mentioned because it surely deserved the attention it received after that. The stand is much like Yohanna, low profile and minimalistic but it stands out from the former in a way that it collapses into its multiple parts for easy storage and travel. That very feature makes it a perfect companion, whether you wish to use it on your working table or on a long flight.



If you find yourself using your iPad Pro more as a little replacement for your computer then this case might just be the one for you. The case allows 360-degree rotation so you are able to find just the right viewing angle for typing or entertainment. As for build quality, the case is made from top quality aluminum alloy material with a bead blasted finish. Add to all that an effective cable management system and you have a bang for your buck right there.

Elevation Lab DraftTable

Elevation Labs iPad Stands

Fancy using your iPad as a Cintiq alongside your Mac or just as a standalone device for drawing? Elevation Lab DraftTable won’t disappoint. The stand is made from a dark polymer and steel which, although might not be the most stylish of materials, but it sure is rugged and rock-solid functional. The stand also comes in with a perfectly sized arm rest and silicone pencil stand that keeps your desk tidy and manageable, all while you are able to dive deep into your iPad Pro and harness your creative potential.


MoKo iPad Pro Stand

If you like the already ingenious design of your iPad Pro and want to keep it that way, that is, without adding any unnecessary bulk then this stand might just be the one for you. MoKo stand is very minimalistic, to say the least, and it goes without saying that it is agile and super portable. The stand makes room for both portrait and landscape viewing angles and the rubber skin makes sure your iPad Pro is protected from scratches

Canopy by Studio Neat

canopy stand

This iPad Pro stand is a different beast altogether, we say that because it isn’t a stand per se but a cover that beautifully makes room for your Apple Magic Keyboard or any Bluetooth Keyboard for that matter. For those reasons, and also just for its sheer elegance, this device is best suited for work on the go and it sure will turn some heads while you are at it.

Prop ‘n Go Slim

Prop n Go Stand

Planning on going a movie marathon or binge-watching Game of Thrones on your iPad Pro? One thing that will sure alleviate all those neck cramps and discomfort that comes with that extreme commitment is that you will need to change viewing angles, much too often. And Prop ‘n Go Slim has been meticulously designed for such herculean tasks as it allows 14 different viewing angles through its patented hinge system. The cherry on top is that the case is compatible even with your MacBook Pro or any other eReader.

Techmatte iPad Pro Stand

techmatte pro stand for iPad

With two elegant silver and rose gold finishes, this iPad Pro stand from Techmate is probably the most affordable and in being so, it does not in any way compromise on the elegance and functionality. The stand is uber cool and designed with a one touch button and 270 degrees of rotation that allows for multiple viewing angles so you are able to draw easily on your iPad Pro or even compose emails and watch your TV shows comfortably.

Levo G2

Levo G2 Pro iPad Stand

The last iPad Pro stand in our list is very unique and probably even the best iPad Pro Stand because it allows for multiple viewing positions while you are your spine stays safe on your couch. You can adjust height, angle, and position this stand easily just like the way you want it. And when you are done with it, you can easily stow it in some corner as the case is very lightweight and portable.

Apple iPad Air 1 and Air 2 Unique Case

iPad Air is the name that has been given to the iPad 5 that rolled out back in 2013, despite it being relatively old, it was once considered the fastest and the lightest iPad and hence the name iPad Air.

Although, the device came in with huge revamped specs like a humongous 9.7 inch display, an A7 Cyclone processor with 64 bits of power and an Apple M7 motion coprocessor, an enhanced LTE support, and a bumped up FaceTime and iSight camera, it still managed to inculcate all that into something that is as heavy as iPad Mini.

But, all that doesn’t stop it from being a big device that needs to be taken care of, especially when you are planning to use it one handed.

So, it is no surprise that people go on looking for the best iPad Air stands to hold their device at comfortable viewing angles so that they can easily scroll through their emails, watch movies and even sometimes use it for better typing through a Bluetooth keyboard.

Fortunately, the market has enormous options in terms of iPad Air stands but also, unfortunately, that makes it a bit hard to find the best iPad Air stand in the market, even more so because a lot of them self-proclaim to be the best without actually delivering.

To cater to all those problems, in the next section of this post we have collected 10 Best iPad Air Stands, one of which, we are sure you will find great enough for your precious device.

Thoughtout Stable Coil Pro

stable-coil-pro iPad Stand

A steel constructed iPad Air stand that also manages to be extremely flexible, making it an ideal solution for any type of use, literally anywhere. The stand is basically a smooth flexible coil that can be folded any way you like to give you that perfect viewing angle whether you are using it on table or in bed. The best part is that you can twist is and stow it away in your backpack when you are done.

Belkin Chef Stand


One of the many cool things about iPad Air is that it is super portable and compact which makes it suitable to be used in any surrounding, and that includes your kitchen. The problem though is that while you get all messy in the kitchen you do need a stand to view your favorite recipes on your iPad Air while your both hands are busy giving flavor to your food. Belkin provides a perfect solution to cater to that very need while staying super subtle and literally unbreakable.

Compass 2


Twelve South has always been in the tablet market news, and always for the right reasons. If you need any introduction, Twelve South is one of the best elegant iPad cases and stand makers for Apple devices and whenever they come up with a new stand, it sure makes a mark and this stand minimal stand is another feather in their proverbial cap. The case can be hinged at perfect viewing angles, including a raised stature that makes for perfect drawing and illustration creativity. The best part though is that the stand can be folded for effective portability.

CTA Kitchen Mount Stand

CTA kitchen-mount

Another addition to your Kitchen, this iPad Air stand is unique because it can accommodate all your iPad models, that includes, iPad Air 2, older iPads and even iPad Pro and other 12-17-inch tablets. The multiple flexible joints and a 360-rotating holder make sure you are able to adjust your iPad, just the way you want.

Anker Multi-Angle Stand

anker-multi-angle iPad Stand

A universally compatible stand that works with smartphones, eReaders, iPad and everything with 4-10 inch dimension. The rubber pads and feet protect your device from scratches and sliding which can even be removed to accommodate bigger devices. The stand is able to adjust at 9 different viewing angles that make sure you are able to pick the angle that just works for you.

Mountie Clip


If you are into multitasking and want something that extends your MacBook display while staying minimalistic then this clip might just be the one for you. It is basically a clip with a soft rubber lining that provides a sturdy connection to your MacBook or even a PC Laptop. The device works great with iPad Air and all other versions of iPad, but it might not be equally intuitive for an iPad Pro because of its sheer size that might compromise stability.

Magnus Air

magnus-air ipad stand

This stand from Ten One has been designed keeping in view the already impeccable and subtle design of iPad Air and hence the name. The stand promises to deliver a lot of portability without compromising g on the overall elegance. It has been designed with travelers in mind and also for people who like to keep their desktop uncluttered. There is, however, a catch, the catch is that the stand only works in landscape, if that’s not on top of your list, we definitely recommend you check this out.

Aukey Desk Stand


Here is an iPad Air stand that is suitable for home as well as office use. This simple and elegant stand comes in with a strong 22-inch arm that flexes in all the directions while the ball tip holds the iPad clip in place and allows you to swivel and tilt it for a comfortable viewing angle. The sturdy and anti-slippery silicone also makes sure your iPad sits in place without giving your iPad as much as a scratch.

Tablift Tablet Stand


If you are glued to Netflix in your bed and chilling, you might want something for your iPad Air that stands the test of time and allows you to sit through all those marathons, and this is exactly the type of case you should be adding to your binge-watching arsenal. A Flexible and stable designed stand that is perfect for the bed, the couch, or any uneven surface.

GOGO Pillow


The last one in this section is probably the most chill and comfortable case in this list. This Pillow iPad Air stand is, in essence, a tablet pillow that holds your iPad Air tightly while you watch your favorite TV shows. GOGO has also been gracious enough to include a neck pillow and a travel pillow with it.

Apple iPad Mini Holders and Stands

Apple iPad Mini is a slimmer and more compact variant of iPad series that comes in with all the great specifications to serve almost all of your purposes, be it for home or office use. The thing that is even greater about the iPad Mini is that it is super suave and super slim that allows it to be used almost everywhere. And thus, when you are looking for an iPad Mini Holder or a stand, it is natural that you would want something that is equally sleek and portable.

There are a lot of iPad Mini holders available in the market that promise to deliver that sleek and compact design but it becomes very hard for the end user to sift through all those possibilities and find the best iPad Mini Holder. In the next section of this post, we have tried to eliminate just that by presenting to you a comprehensive list of only 10 Unique and Best iPad Mini Holders and stands that can be easily used around the home or even office settings.

360 GripStand


A simple and elegant iPad Mini holder that uses micro-suction technology to hold your iPad Mini in-place without leaving any residue when you remove it. The case comes in with a rotating leg that seamlessly places your device in portrait or landscape mode while you are able to micro-adjust the viewing angles. The cherry on top is that the stand also works flawlessly with the rest of your gadgets like e-readers, smartphones, and other tablets.



If you are a big fan of minimalism and art, then Facet might just be one of you. The stands make for 3 different viewing angles and the magnets allow your stand to virtually disappear behind your iPad Mini, giving it a few more brownie points in terms of minimalism.

Universal Wave


A sturdy and functional iPad Mini Holder that works best as a tablet stand but is elegant and functional enough to also be used in office, kitchen or living room. The non-stick and non-rubber bottom also means that you can easily use this stand vertically or horizontally without having to worry about slides and scratches.



A relatively costly option for your iPad Mini, but with all its super elegance and functionality, it more than makes up for the price hype. It can be easily carried around with just one hand and tucked under your table when not in use. The best part though is that the stand wireless connects wirelessly to your recipient printer so you can use it as your primary Point-of-Sale tablet stand or as an additional “floating†register in your busy shop.


bookarc-ipad stand

BookArc is more of a functional art piece than just another iPad Mini holder, especially because it almost looks like a standalone art piece when it just sits suavely on your table top. This sturdy iPad elevated your iPad both in terms of elegance as well as positioning that essentially makes it even greater for viewing, charging and hands-free use.



Another accolade from Twelve South with all its ingenuity, ergonomics and functionality. The simple design of this holder allows you to communicate without your iPad Mini effectively, both in landscape and portrait mode.

BlueLounge Design Nest


If you are OCD about organizing, this one stop nest might just be your answer. This simple iPad Mini holder also doubles as a holder for your keys, post-its, and other small objects, in addition to smartphones and plenty of other things you can think about.


Padfoot Stand for iPad

Nothing, I repeat, nothing can beat this iPad Mini Holder/stand when it comes to keeping it to a bare minimum. PadFoot clips to the corner of your iPad and holds it securely in a comfortable viewing position of about 12 degrees backward, in both portrait and landscape mode. It’s great for watching movies and slideshows, for use with a wireless keyboard and for presentations.

JustMobile iPad Stand and Stylus


Here is a little something for people who like to step up their portability game. An iconic Denmark-style stand that provides a solid support for browsing and typing. The stand is made from a high-quality aluminum and blends perfectly with the already ingenious design of your iPad Mini.

Elago P2 Stand


Elago P2 iPad Mini stand is something that has been designed keeping in mind the office setting and its simple design and super sleek elegance speak for itself. The holder is itself made from high quality polished aluminum with subtle holes that allow you to effectively manage your cables while charging and stuff.

Unique iPad KickStands

If you further push your minimalist game, you can never go wrong with a kickstand, that not only does the job of holding your iPad effectively at comfortable angles but also manages to look beautiful and most importantly, portable.

iPad Kickstands are a category of Unique stand on their own, this is especially because they are very easy to carry around and do the job of holding your iPad sturdily in place pretty well. Keeping that in mind, in the next section of this post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 10 Best and Unique iPad Kickstand for Home as well as Office use.

Robotic iPad Kickstand


You can go on for hours at search to find kickstands that are nothing but mundane, but this Kickstand, we can say with authority is something you will never find. Add this to your iPad and see it dance like Optimus Prime. The stand not only holds your iPad at comfortable viewing angles but also does so with such brilliance that anyone around is bound to be awestruck.

iMangoo Kickstand


An extremely small kickstand with folded dimensions of a 3.4×2.2×0.1 inch and with a ridiculous weight of just 10gms. The stand is adjustable to over 9 different angles, so finding the one that works for you is never going to be a problem.

GkGk Multi-Angle Portable Universal Kickstand


A super slim iPad stand that can be carried around in your jeans pocket and can even be used for other gadgets like your smartphone, e-readers and other small devices. The stand gives you access to 7 different viewing angles so you always stay ahead of that comfortable viewing angle game.

PWR Foldable Kickstand


Another super sleek iPad Kickstand that folds so small that it can be easily carried around in your backpack or even your pocket for that matter. The stand has been infused with a non-skidding material that makes sure your tablet doesn’t slip while you are getting into it.



If you don’t want anything fancy for your iPad Mini and also do not want to break the bank, then add this super deal to your cart right away. At just $7.99, Honsky offers a pack of three portable kickstands in three different vibrant colors.

BR Ring Kickstand


This Kickstand promises to deliver a hands-free experience with its ring design that also doubles as an easy car mount hanger hook. The ring rotates 360 degrees so you are able to find the best angle that works for you.



Another subtle iPad Kickstand from iMangoo that not only works great iPad but also for all the gadget of iPad’s dimension and everything below that too. The stand is coated with a non-slipper material that promises to protect your device from scratches and slides.

Torras Magnetic Holder


This might not fit the Kickstand bill but it sure is something that is worth a mention. This magnetic holder is small and works great as a car cradle to hold your iPad for GPS navigation and the swivel system also makes it great for some shotgun seat movie leisure.

iBalson Hybrid Case


A clear case for your iPad that is embedded with a comfortable kickstand making sure your iPad remains protected and functional all the time. The case is made from a shock resistant TPU material and has an overall subtle profile.

Lynktec Multi-Angle Portable Stand


Elegance and functionality are two words that sum it up for this impeccable iPad Kickstand that essentially also works great with all your other device of same or smaller dimensions. The Kickstand rotates 360 degrees making sure you are able to find just the right angle for comfortable viewing and typing on the go.

iPad Stands for Floor

If you have a huge workspace or are curating an art exhibition or something of that sort, you might already be well acquainted with the fact standing things always look much more elegant. If it is not only for the elegance, standing iPad Floor stands also make it easier for you to carry around your iPad.

Keeping all those things in mind, in the next section of this post, we have collected a 10 Best iPad Floor Stands that particularly look great in the office and at home in general too.

CTA Gooseneck Floor Stand


This iPad Floor stand is 15-inch-long and provides ample provision for orientation, position, and angle adjustment. The stand is compatible with all the models of iPad and also works great with all the other major tablets in the market.

Upergo iPad Floor Stand


A super sturdy stand that has been constructed in a way that minimizes annoying bounces while surfing and typing and protects your devices from tipping over. The stand can be adjusted anywhere from 12 inches to about 42 inches while the swing arm design makes it extremely easy for it to be folded and stowed away when not in use.



A perfect floor stands solution for office and home use with its quiet mount and unmounts features that make it great for both of these extremes. The stand has a loading capacity of 1Kg that essentially means that it will handle all iPad Models including most of the other tablets in the market.

idée Adjustable Floor Stand


A weighted floor design of this stand makes it great for any position you wish to use it for, that includes sitting, standing, laying down or even exercising. The 360 Degree gooseneck swivel allows for a multi-directional adjustment.


This floor stand does all the things that were previously mentioned for the rest of the stands, but it does something unique, that is, it has a hollow post that allows for wires to be transferred through it, making sure everything remains decluttered.

Pyle AntiTheft Floor Stand


This stand comes in with Key and Locking mechanism that ensures your iPad Stays safe in Kiosks, even when no one is around. On top of the anti-theft tamper-proof security, this stand provides adjustable swivel to ensure usage at all the comfortable angles.



With an adjustable height that can be elongate to as much as 1.2 meters, this case not only gives you ultimate height freedom but also gives you access to a swivel system to meticulously place your iPad at your favorite viewing angle.



This beauty not only works great for all the iPad models but also works equally flawlessly with the rest of your gadgets with the same dimensions. The great positioning systems that are in place provide perfect intuitive angles while standing, sitting and laying down, saving you from all the neck and spinal pain.



Another beautiful piece of art from MountIT that does not only look great but also gives you enough alacrity and ergonomics to be used at all and every possible viewing angle. The case holds your device securely while the vented design ensures maximum air flow and an enhanced sound delivery.



Stand out with this StandzOut floor iPad stand that comes bundled with a telescoping height adjustment from 36inches to 48 inches. The V shaped base makes it extra stable on any surface and even works great under the mattress.

iPad Music Stands

Apple is not only a great workhorse for office and an entertainment gold for home, but it is probably the most versatile device which essentially makes it good for almost about everything and that includes music.

Apple’s GarageBand single-handedly blows every other music app out of the water and on top of that, there are innumerable accessories available for iPad that particularly add to the musical charm of iPad.

iPad Music Stands are an awesome addition to that very line of iPad accessories and they range right from a simple stand that attaches to your mic stand to something that hugs your iPad with all its impeccable functionality and even adds a few layers of a musical prodigy.

So, keeping all that in mind, in the next section of this post we have collected 10 Best and Unique iPad Music Stands that will up your music game.

Hercules iPad Music Holder


This stand attaches to the mic stand tube to help you read off your music notes or lyrics while you are immersed performing live. The one piece clamp fits 5.8-25.4mm (0.62-1â€) round tubes and 19mm (0.75â€) square tubes, which simply means almost about everything. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes in with a fully detachable table support that makes it an equally great table stand.

Talent iClaw Mic


Another simple iPad Music stand solution that clings to a mic stand and has snap-in claws for all iPads and other tablets with same dimensions. The clamp on is also fully detachable for a direct stand adjustment and the best part is that the stand also makes for a great headrest mount in your car.

LXORY Universal


One of the many great things about this music iPad stand is that it can almost accommodate every type of device, the only catch is that the device has to just weigh one pound. Besides using it as a prompt for performance, this case can be used in bed, couch or on a table.

iZopp 360


A fully customizable stand that can be rotated at 360-degree angles that make sure you are able to attain that perfect viewing nirvana. It is made from high-quality material so you can rest assured that it “stands†the test of time.

Focusrite iTrack


Sleek Focusrite industrial design provides the perfect platform to dock, charge and record music with the new generation of iPad. It not only acts as a musical dock but also does enhances the sound on your iPad with its A-D/D-A conversion with over 105dB dynamic range and the ability to record at up to 24bit, 96kHz sample rates. And did we mention that there is also an input option to record your guitar?

Numark iDJ Pro


Harness the sheer power of your iPad and convert it a DJ control surface with access to all that beautiful iPad touchscreen. The large die-cast aluminum volume knobs make for absolute precision control that works seamlessly with Algoriddim’s award winning dJay iPad app.



A universal stand mount clip that securely attaches to virtually any microphone stand up to 1.2 inches in diameter. The multi-angle and multi-rotational adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing.

Charger City Music Stand


This stand from charger stand can not only fit your regular sized iPads and tablets but is also able to comfortably hold the humongous iPad Pro securely in place. The 360-degree swivel adjustment ball connection allows you to view iPad in both landscapes as well as portrait mode.

Accessory Basics


This iPad Music stand encompasses all the features you would normally expect from a best iPad Music stand, but in addition to all that, it comes with a full manufacturing warranty and even has an unbelievable price tag.

Raking Foldable


The best thing about this stand is that it is foldable and thus ultra-portable which makes it a great accessory to carry around during concerts and music performances.

iPad POS Stand

Despite all the differences we might share we all will have to agree that iPad is probably the most opulent device in the market, not only because of its elegant design but also because of the way it can be subtly integrated into almost any setting.

If you are just a beginner businessman with a retail store or an art gallery, you might already be aware that setting up a POS system in your business can be daunting and expensive, and mostly ugly too.

iPad case designers have come up with a brilliant solution for all of your problems with iPad POS stands that not extend the functionality of your iPad but also look super elegant and rich.

In the next section of this post, we have collected a 7 Beautiful iPad POS Stands that will enhance your public dealing and add in a bit of charm to your business while at it.

Cashbox iPad POS Stand

cashbox ipad pos stand

The first one in our list is probably also the best POS iPad Stand in the market, this is especially true because it was meticulously designed for that very purpose.

It definitely gives a more tradition POS vibe but with enough room for a bunch of other devices like billing machines, keypads and such, this one is sure a pleasing sight, provided you have enough space for this humongous thing.

And, did we mention that it all major card readers including Square, PayPal Here, Intuit GoPayment, iDynamo etc.


The iPad Counter Stand with Tilt & Rotating Bracket is one of the most flexible POS stands for your iPad. The compatibility states iPad 1, 2, 3 and 4th gen.

A swivel-type stand means you can rotate the iPad 360-deg. That’s full flexibility. The stand is minimal too with no extra fittings to bother about.

You can fix a card reader, charging cable etc. With silicone corners on the stand, there are no scratches on the iPad when you prop it up on the stand.



Here is a little something that is one the minimalistic side with a simple design that just gets the job done. The stand comes in with Square swipe system so if you are already a user, all you need is this stand and it can handle all your transactions without asking for a separate swipe machine.



A professional iPad POS stand that kills it in a sleek department with its super simple design on top of a great accessibility. All the ports and buttons have been precisely cut and full provision has been given for most card readers. And the brilliant cable management solution adds to the overall professional vibes of this iPad POS stand.

Bouncepad Flip

bouncepad flip

Although this iPad POS stand might be on the costlier spectrum and may not have the prettiest design on the market, it certainly makes for all of that with its functionality. The base is a prism design which hides the power adaptor and offers robustness and supreme stability.

The stand also features a wide iPad faceplate. Both are made from powder-coated stainless steel and whilst the default colors on offer are black and white, the makers of the Flip can also offer a custom color for an additional cost, prices being given on application. It can be attached to counter top using a 4-screw system, securing it against theft. However, the thing that sets it apart from the rest is its design that allows the iPad to be ‘flipped’ over for easy customer use, and hence the name.

Proper POS Swivel


This stand is so minimalistic that it holds your iPad securely in a way that most people would confuse your iPad for a levitating POS machine. It is made from silver aluminum and comes in with a hollow base that makes room for charger and other cables.

SumUp Table Stand


Created from PEFC certified ecological and ethically sourced wood from the German forests, the ergonomic beech, and oak design is finished with a clear lacquer to give it more resilience to dirt and wear and tear. The iPad can also be mounted and locked to the stand keeping it safe and secure. The only real negative is that your iPad needs to be attached to the mounting plate via an adhesive which is tricky to remove should you need to. However, this ironically makes it compatible with any size and variety of iPad you may have.

iPad Stands for Bed

OK! We have lauded iPad enough about how cool and productive this device is, but for most of us mundane mortals, iPad is more like an extension of our procrastination and a perfect entertainment device.

Be it reading, watching movies or binge-watching Game of Thrones, we all can agree that all those extreme commitments need a comfortable viewing position. And laying down cozily in your bed seems to be the most tireless position but it can get a bit rough if you don’t have a stand that actually supports your fidelity. If all that is on your mind, we have got you covered with 5 best iPad stands for Bed that is ergonomic in particular and functional in general.

Prop ‘n Go


If you want an iPad Stand for Bed that does the job but also stays agile and portable simultaneously then Prop ‘n Go is hands down your best bet. The stand creates a perfect viewing angle and fits every iPad model and then some.



What else can fit the ambiance of a bedroom like a comforting pillow? This pillow iPad stand for bed looks subtle on your bed and has a precise cut out to hold your iPad while the cushioning minimizes vibrations and movements.



Manatee is made from sturdy material and is super customizable that allows you to choose just the right angle for comfy viewing. The steady platform ensures your iPad sits securely in it while the universal design allows it to be used for every iPad model, with or without a case.



A different but equally great design is found in the Tablift. This iPad bed stand keeps your iPad in front of your face, allowing you sit back and use it with ease. It can also be used while standing, due to its different angle positions or, if you like to take photos with your iPad, you can use it as an excellent tripod. Also, it can be folded in such a way that it won’t occupy too much space, so you can carry it with you anywhere.

iPevo Pad Pillow


Another pillow iPad stand for bed with all the goodness of a pillow, but it does have an additional feature of an adjustable stand that allows you to perfectly position your iPad for a better viewing angle in the bed.


iPad Stands for Business

We have already covered a bunch of iPad Stands for business in the rest of the post but if nothing has cut it for you till now, the next section is going to be a treat for you. iPad can be an effective device for any setting and the same hold true for business.

If the huge list of unique iPad stands does not fit your bill then in the next section of this post we have collected a comprehensive list of only the 5 iPad Stands for Business, one of which we are sure you will find great enough to add value to your business.



A highly flexible device that is very subtle and thus will subtly integrate any business setting that is on your mind.

The case is business oriented with two size rubber padded bracket holders that can collectively fit 6″-13.5″ tablets or any gadgets with width or height measurement in the RANGE of 6.6″-9.6″.

This and a bunch of other features make it an ideal docking station stand for restaurant shop point of sale, office home desk, etc.



A weighed swivel base of this iPad stand makes it a perfect solution for any type of business, especially the ones that have a higher public dealing. The durable base of this stand makes it easy to attach and remove your tablet which enhances its functionality several folds.


voizon business stand for ipad

If you are looking forward to adding a more professional look to your business without bulking up with a bulky stand then this iPad stand for business might just be the one for you. It is tough, it is durable, it is functional and above all, it is able to accommodate tablets of any size and form.



The iPad’s small size makes it an easy target for theft. Gravity Flip locks in and raises the tablet 10.25 inches off the tabletop, keeping the device secure while easing eye strain.

Made to order in many configurations, the Flip earns its name from a hinge that flips the tablet from cashier to customer so shoppers can sign for their credit card payments.

Uzibull Flex

If you have a restaurant or something of that sort which demands tough usage throughout the day then Uzibull has you covered. With its silicone skin that protects your iPad from bumps and scratches plus shoulder and hand straps for easy carriage, this stand might just be the best iPad stand for business.

iPad Stands for Car

When you decide to install an iPad holder into your car, you automatically open doors to enjoy quality features like live streaming, Maps Navigation, finding places/restaurants, keep your commute partners entertained with iPad TV apps, check traffic and best suitable routes to reach your office in time and much more.

If all that sounds like a thing you would like to have, then the next section of this post is not going to disappoint. But, since there are a lot of different car holders depending on the type of material used, ergonomics, functionality and subtlety, we have decided to enlist only the 5 Best iPad Stands for Car that are entirely going to the way you interact with your device in your car.

iKross 2-in-1 Adjustable Swing Cup Mount Holder


The first one always has to be the best, and so we present this impeccable iPad stand for a car from iKross that also doubles as a cup holder for those long commutes. The stand is fully rotatable allowing for comfortable viewing angles and the cherry on top is the stands secondary small attachment that also grips your phone securely.

Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Car Mount Holder


Okra goes about things a bit differently, this is because the case grips the air vent gap in your car and also allows for full rotation so you are able to use your iPad in both landscapes as well as portrait mode.

Jarv 360° Adjustable Seat Bolt Car Mount


Another brilliant design iPad stand for a car that fixes directly into the floor or seat of your vehicle using a flexible 18-inch arm. The arm is rigid enough to securely hold your device while allowing enough movement that it can be positioned and maneuvered to just the right spot.

RAM Universal Locking Mount


This universal iPad stand for car holder attaches near the front passenger seat and allows your iPad to sit comfortably in it for complete access to all features and ports. It is made from marine grade aluminum and uses rubber and ball socket system for comfortable installation along the car seat rail. It also protects your iPad from bumps and vibrations with its quality in-built shockers.



The last one in our list is something that is on the relatively cheaper side of the iPad stands for a car and despite that, it gives most of the other costlier cases a run for their money. The case basically mounts on your windscreen glass using a suction thus allowing it to be position at just the position you find most comfortable.

iPad Stand for Kitchen

One of the great things about iPad is that it can be easily used for almost any setting and that includes the messy kitchen. If you like to follow recipes and experiment in the kitchen you might very well be aware of the fact that it becomes a very daunting to keep track of the recipe, especially when you are so deep into kitchen that you just can’t your iPad and the all the deliciousness you are cooking at the same time.

Well! The makers of iPad accessories know what most people go through in kitchen and to alleviate such problem and to accentuate the functionality of your iPad they have come up with a bunch of iPad stands for Kitchen. But our job in the next section of this post is to collect only the 5 best iPad stand for Kitchen that is bound to help you through all those cumbersome recipes.

CTA Digital Adjustable Bamboo Kitchen Stand


Crazy about multitasking? This bamboo iPad stand for Kitchen from CTA digital is here to quench your appetite. Besides being able to hold your iPad at three different viewing angles, this stand is also able to make some room for a bunch of your knives. Add to that an in-built stylus to keep you from messing your iPad screen and you have the best iPad stands for kitchen right there, providing you can shell out some extra money.

Wooden Stand


If you are not a tree hugger you are definitely going to love this one with all its elegant design and super simple built. Each of the stands has been handcrafted which essentially means that you will always have something quite unique in your kitchen. The stand is able to hold your iPad in both landscapes as well as portrait mode and the base is layered with silicone to prevent it from sliding off.

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount


An easy to install iPad accessory that is more of a cabinet mount than an actual stand but will do the job so perfectly that you won’t really mind that is not an “iPad Stand for Kitchen†per se. It can effectively support every iPad model with or without the case.

Cutting Board by The Orange Juice


We all know that chopping and cutting are the most tiring and more often than not the least fulfilling part of any cooking exercise. If you can relate then this cutting board might be the something you should add to your cart, essentially because it can help you catch up with your favorite Netflix show while you are doing that laborious cutting thing.

Universal Expert Wooden Cookbook Stand


It’s great to be able to read food blogs from all over the world, but what if they don’t measure ingredients the same way you do? Reference the conversion chart on the back of this stand and skip looking it up online.

Wooden iPad Stands

If you are not a tree hugger you probably believe that wood is perhaps the most elegant materials to use for any purpose, ranging right from your bedroom windows, wardrobes, study desk to almost everything you can think about.

So, it is no surprise that people also want to add something woody to their already elegant iPad.

Keeping all that in mind, in the next section of this post we have collected a comprehensive list of only the 5 Best iPad Wood Stands, among which we are sure you are going to fall head over heels for at least one.


wooden ipad stand by coburns

Want something woody for your iPad without having killing too many trees on your conscience? This iPad wood stand from Coburns has you covered. This one is basically two pieces of precisely cut wood that holds your iPad at comfortable angles without adding bulk and thus, without compromising portability.



You can choose from Walnut wood or oak, both of which look pretty charming with your device. The stand is minimally designed but can handle new iPad (2017), iPad Air 1&2 and iPad Pro 9.7in effortlessly.

Wooden Desktop Cradle


This Wooden Desktop Cradle for iPad looks like it will serve both of your needs. The block of heavy wood is a simple slab with a pair of slots routed out. One slot will hold the iPad at 45º for typing and desktop use, the other at 18º for use as a photo-frame or movie-stand.



This iPad wood stand not only handles all models of iPad pretty well but it is also able to securely hold all other major tablets in the market. It is made from an eco-friendly bamboo which also essentially makes it super lightweight and portable.

DIY Wooden Stand


If you feel creative, have some time on your hands or just outright don’t have any more greens to shell on an iPad accessory, you might want to hop on to DIY bandwagon. All you will need is a solid piece of wood and the instruction we have linked and you will be on your way to having a functional iPad wooden stand.

iPad Stands for Kiosk

Businesses with a high foot traffic generally want something sleek and functional to handle all the rush and having an iPad Kiosk stand will always give you that extra edge over your competition.  Ned Some of the many things that people usually want from a Kiosk stand include functionality, minimalism, ergonomics, and sturdiness.

The last section of this post contains 5 Best iPad Kiosk Stands that have been collected after careful consideration of all the things that were mentioned. All these stands fit the bill of being the best in business, your job is to pick the one that best suits your personal preferences and kiosk demands.



iPad Kiosks is a dedicated website made exclusively to meet all your expectations. They boast of having thirty years of design experience and promise to deliver a best-in-class three-year warranty on all the enclosures. And, judging by their customer testimonials, they are probably also good for it.



Another niche iPad Kiosk stands with variety being their strongest forte. Ranging right from basic and minimal to opulent and secure stands, LilliTab seems to have their Kiosk game pretty strong.



Designed to be installed as a wall mount iPad stand or desktop tablet mount this one allows you to seamlessly configure this secure iPad kiosk enclosure in any retail, business, or healthcare environment.



Maclocks Rise Freedom Rolling Kiosk is a full featured secure iPad work station perfect for integrating and deploying tablets into a variety of mobile-connected environments. Some of the many places where you can easily integrate this iPad Kiosk stand include hospital and clinic, warehouse or retail work station, POS terminal, temporary office work station or even on mobile podiums for lectures.



Griffin has been in the case and stands market for quite a while and its every product builds positively on its reputation and this iPad Kiosk stand is no exception. Compatible with the original iPad, iPad 2, or iPad (3rd generation), you can easily see this stand kicking butt in commercial, retail or other multi-user settings.

Hope you liked our extensive list of iPad Stands. If you think we mentioned some that are worth mention, feel free to share them in the comments section.